Weapon Refining

why are we not able to select the upgraded versions of blessings/perks on weapons that we already own, without it costing a mod slot.

For example I have surgical level 1 on my revolver 50% rendering. better version of it is 80% rendering. Why am I not just able to upgrade the weapon blessing I already have to the better version without costing one of my two modification slots. The blessing is already on the damn gun. I think modifications should only apply to completely different blessings or perks. How it is now kinda just takes the p*** out of players. You have to use one of your very limited 2 modification slots to upgrade a perk you already own. I know someone will say ‘Well it is a modification’. Yes it is, but so is consecrating the weapon if you want to take it that way, you are upgrading it with each level giving it new stats. So each level of consecration would class as a modification

Just my opinion on the matter. I would like to see what other people think on how the system works.


Darktide’s itemization and crafting are awkward half-way adaptations of Gacha gambling mechanics from arcade/mobile game monetizations.

RNG aquisition, RNG availability, RNG stats, RNG perks, RNG blessings, RNG levels of each, etc. It’s all designed to feed a gambling tick that drives interest and engagement while supplying enough frustration that people pay to bypass it with enormous amounts of in-game resources or actual cash.

In Darktide however, it actively discourages interest and engagement by making trying new things difficult and tedious, while genuinely useful rewards are inconsistent and rare. Very specific numbers or upgrades may be required for certain weapons to perform well, and any other results may be garbage, the system generates a lot of frustration, but offers only minimal ways to partially bypass that frustration or continue progression. None of the XP generated past 30 does anything, there’s no options to upgrade or change the base stats of a weapon, the locks are extremely restrictive and limit how many in-game resources you can throw at a thing, nor is there a premium cash option for whales to buy themselves through.

There’s a lot of mis-matched design concepts and unfinished implementations here with items and crafting that add a ton of complexity and hassle without actually serving a purpose, there doesn’t seem to be a clear design goal or intent with the current implementation, and that results in anger and ill-will that undercuts all other content for this game.


Welcome #440.

They did promise combining lower level blessings to make new ones.

And they did promise less RNG.

People have asked for at LEAST being able to upgrade the tiers of locked perks and blessings (not the type).

But nothing so far. Only the comment that Fatshark isn’t done with their crafting changes. So who knows when or what that will be.

Well I hope they can follow through with their promises. Who knows what the finished product might look like

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