My wishes for complete crafting and more rewarding progression loop

First of all: complete crafting like it was planned!
Just add earn- and re-blessing asap.
Not sure what the planned costs will be, but dont overstress it.
People with lets say a smaller amount of time per week should be able to make the weapon they want in a comprehensible amount time and not going through a chore of a grind.

Let us buy the perks we want for ressources.
You have the metrics to find the sweet spot.

Make Melks offers more worth the currency and the weekly contracts.
Like 350 base rating and T3 blessings at minimum is imho all it needs if you consider the following.

Make us level weapons modifiers and for 1000 enemies killed with a weapon give us +1% of base rating modifiers that we can distribute at will or make it random, but then…

Add re-distributing of base rate modidiers to crafting for Ordo Dockets, so we can distribute the 380% like we want for Ordo Dockets after we leveld it to max of 380.

This way we still have some RNG, but we can work on weapons and overcome the RNG with some effort and rework the weapons to a version we want.
Even the worst weapon from the hourly shop can be upgraded to a BiS item, but the more lucky you are the less effort you have to put in.
So it doesnt become obsolete at least for the first time.

But thinking about releasing new weapons or find weapons with higher tier blessings the shop RNG and Melk would be still worth checking for a long time until you really have the T4 blessings on you weapons.

quick thoughts, maybe flawed, but something to start working from and with the priorizations from the community letter mabye they can start to deliver first steps in a few weeks from now.


But, RasMoti, don’t you realize how difficult making a not-sh!t crafting system is ??? They’ve been at it for 3 months ! And they’ve just asked for several more in the open letter ! Clearly, we’re reaching unprecedented levels of complexity in game design over there. After all, everybody knows there has never been a good crafting system in the history of video games ever. There is zero inspiration to draw from other successful games, at all. And, obviously, this is Fatshark’s first ever game. We need to be lenient !!! /s

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I’d like no sarcasm and more negativity bias in my threads and i can only beg for respecting my wish.
Thank you Sir.

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Why do we need this?

I dont need it, but i can see FS use it to create player retention and have some sort of longevity playing the game. If you can grind your weapons in few hours it would be fine for many and also me and would not make me stop playing the game, but we all know there are tons of people who need a carrot on a stick to play further.
To me this would be a compromise for FS trying to have player retention by giving people something to hope for and work on.

The time for compromises is way past. We need a system that works with the player, not one that works against player agency.

And i’m a player and i want this sort of compromise.

Make us level weapons modifiers and for 1000 enemies killed with a weapon give us +1% of base rating modifiers that we can distribute at will…

^^^ This. Love it, I originally was thinking most of the same thoughts as you, but please not the at random bit.

I had an alternate Idea for ‘Remodify’: you’d be able to pour 10 diamantine per 1% that you redistribute the bars. Letting you siphon any modifier from one (or multiple) to another with a minimums of 1% and a maximum of 150%.
Example: making a MK8 Braced Autogun feel like an LMG- Siphon stability and Mobility into Damage and Ammo. I personally would siphon stopping power into those. So after much deliberate grind, it’s stats would be something like 150% |60%| 30%| 120%|40% for Dam|Sta|Mob|Amm|Sto Respectively. But getting those results from a 380 would cost thousands of diamantine

However, I think that rather than just diamantine, a kill tracker as you mention in OP is fantastic. Or better BOTH. I think that the base weapons we get form gifts and shops being random is great but if a goal now is to please the community and give control- then the refinement systems should have as little RNG as possible. I certainly agree with the sentiment of taking the wonkiest Kark pipe and Deliberatelymolding it over time into a weapon worthy of defending the Throne!

Later if rumored ‘red’ weapons become a drop, they could have a modifier cap of 120 max base rating of 600. Which would make for less need to Siphon modifiers.

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And I think this idea belongs in the garbage bin.