IDEA: dbl/triple resource gather for new weapon patches

a lil something something. new patch comes w/ weapons and things, give us some extra plasteel for em while we play. good idea?


VT 2 did double XP weekends. Would loce to see Darktide have like a double resources week or weekend. It’s the 1 year anniversary!

If not I guess it’s realistic that we’ll all be in the gutters doing hard drugs while scrounging around for money.

I think this would work very well and should be implemented…

As the base going forward.

Seriously if you’re gonna make crafting a slot machine, you need more than what you’re giving for opportunities to spin that wheel.

There was a period over the summer where spent crafting materials would glitch out and you’d be refunded a substantial portion of the crafting materials. I’d guess it was the equivalent to at least a 4-fold increase in crafting materials.

It was AMAZING. Granted, I still want locks removed, but just being able to upgrade lots of items all at once and fish for things you wanted felt substantially better.

Ideally, get rid of the locks, and triple the crafting resource gains.

I have no idea how people that can’t play damnation (and earn more crafting materials per run) and possibly manage. Crafting materials from difficulty 3-5 should just be all the same.

I have no sympathy for players who want to craft 10 times just to maximize the stupid bars and metagame. Craft ONE weapon up to orange and stop whining. Crafting is meaningless and I hate that FatShark invites these people to whine on the forums by having these stupid mechanics in the first place. I wish weapons didn’t have any stats on them at all because I am so tired of people moaning about having to collect cratfing mats so that they can craft the same weapon 100 times until they roll high numbers on them.

Some of my weapons are 57% Damage rating. It’s all meaningless. I play on Damnation just fine. The numbers and perks make no damn difference. Stop whinging and whining. Craft ONE weapon and shut up, dude. If you can’t finish a mission that’s SKILL ISSUE not that your weapon isn’t crafted properly.

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