Some points of feedback, i.e. crafting, penances, weapon variations

Hello all,

I am Grey, Its been a while since I’ve last posted on forums. I just wanted to give some of my feedback on the game Darktide. It’s worth noting I only have 65 hours so far in Darktide, so this is just an early game feedback. Also, I am just posting my own opinions, feel free to agree or disagree.

I actually enjoy it so far, it seems worth the fun to play up to 30 levels. Although, there are some points I’d like to comment on.

Firstly, I really enjoy the gameplay in general so far. It’s a fun variation of Vermintide. I am really happy the game wasn’t essentially copy pasted from Vermintide in terms of disablers or specials for example since they function differently. I also find that it’s not just another mindless hack and slash, since with higher difficulties, the game also requires a bit more co-ordination. Rather, it requires more situational awareness of enemies and teammate locations.

Secondly, something that I am happy about is that crafting became a thing in Darktide. I intentionally avoided the game at first since I knew there would be tweaking and fixes, but I did start playing a bit after crafting was introduced. Generally, I find crafting too RNG heavy. This is due to the fact, that there’s a chance to obtain a desired weapon. Then there is a chance to obtain the right weapon with the right perks. Then there is a chance to obtain the right weapon, with right perks, with right blessings. To get a perfect weapon, or at least a very desirable weapon doesn’t seem like an appealing grind since the RNG just multiplies and doesn’t actually offer a feeling of progression unless you “get lucky”.

Furthermore, I think what would have made the grind more appealing, or more fun is an actual feeling of progression. For example, let’s say you can buy a weapon blueprint, and complete some specific objectives to obtain a desirable weapon. Sure, some RNG can be involved as a reason to grind the same weapon blueprint over and over, for example specific stats of the weapon. I’m not saying remove RNG completely, some RNG is a lot more fun, but there should be a feeling of progression especially with gear progression. Being able to roll for specific blessings and perks is a good feature to the game, I won’t comment on locking the other perk or blessing though.

Long story short, I think players would find the game more appealing if it wasn’t just gear progression in terms of RNG, but limited or some RNG with an actual progression line. It’s a more solid reason to grind the game.

Thirdly, which is kind of part of supporting the second point, I find that how penances and weeklies work is pretty good. It’s an example of actual feeling of progression in the game. I noticed in the Darktide discord server for example, at least currently, second to LFG damnation would be players looking to complete either weeklies or penances. I believe this is because as stated in my second point, it offers a feeling of progression. These are specific tasks to be completed to attain a specific reward. Also, there is some RNG for example, slaying a specific amount of monsters for weeklies which is what makes it a bit more grindable.

Fourthly, something I find very positive are the different weapon types. For example there is Mk 1-etc. and it allows players to use desirable weapons with varying combat styles. It allows players to play the weapons they like by choosing the attacks chains they like for example. I think this was a very positive variation for the game.

To come to and end before it gets too long, I am glad Darktide game out as a game. To summarize, It’s fun to play a 40k game that isn’t copy pasted from Vermintide but similar. The crafting could have some improvements, but my main point about crafting which I find more significant is giving players a feeling of progression. For example, acquiring weapons through blueprints with some RNG to keep it grindable to a more fun extent. Such as penances or weeklies for example. Lastly, the weapon variations I find are pretty sweet.

Thanks for reading until here. Again, it’s just some feedback and my own opinion about the game. Agreements or disagreements are both welcome.



Its nice to read someone’s feedback from early in the game. Thanks for taking the time.


Brunt’s shop is already that, just that you get Grey only instead of how VT2 did

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Thanks for pointing that out Heretical_Cactus. I haven’t thought about it, however I still find it’s very RNG heavy to get right the stats, blessings, perks, etc…

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