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Hello. I quit Darktide a long time ago because I was unhappy with the state of the game. When I heard there was a talent tree change, I decided to come back to check things out. There is quite a bit of things that I am still not happy with. I decided to make a post to share all of it

I will start with the vote kicking system. It is too easily abused. I shared some of my experiences in another post. I will let that post carry that conversation so I am not repeating or flooding the forums. Link here

Please put a level cap on when people can change the difficulty. One of my family members plays this game and both of us have been seeing people join Heresy or higher as low as level 16. Ain’t no way we can be bothered to carry that. I understand people want a challenge but it is unfair if said challenge is forcing others to work hard just for you

At the rate this is happening… It is a waste of our time to be continuing leaving lobbies over this. We both work 8 + hours. It is rare we are able to play games as is. That should be respected imo

Crafting system is still a wreck. I think that Vermintide 2 had the best crafting system. Not just because it was easier to understand and you could make high level gear easily… But because it encouraged theory crafting. If you ever came up with an idea for a new build it was never difficult to change your equipment, or create entire new equipment sets to test your theories

While I enjoy the playstyle of the Veteran, I despise the state it is still in. Even with the passive tree change, you still need Scavenger to have a comfortable amount of ammo in thie higher difficulties. The reason for that is because on a numbers level, the Veteran can’t compare to a Zealot in melee. The numbers aren’t in your favor when it comes to range. This design is similar to other games

To fix this, I stand by the suggestion I gave a long time ago. That was to change the ammo consumption of the Las Guns. Or add a Hot Shot Las Gun

With the critical strike on Las Gun passive being a thing at the bottom, it would make sense to add a Las Gun with an Armor Piercing Tag. Something that the Hot Shot was good for according to the lore

Last on my list is something I am not sure if it is a bug or an intentional design but I have noticed certain specials like the Pox Burster follow me even when I engage my stealth skill (veteran). I thought the hole point of it was to avoid enemies. Not sure why it is like that but it should be fixed. I should be able to use it to get away from Bursters and Hounds

That is all I have. Good luck to the devs and people playing this!


Kick system is fine. i’ve only had to use it once and it was a guy that was trolling the party

Crafting could be better but as far as it is now you just farm blessings and configure what you need, not really a lot of options at the moment, you either going bleed or crit.

Level caps right now are appropriate I think. Im on my 7th alt and at 16 is nice to get other 16-20s to kinock down 4-5s. if you need 30s then just go into the Auric levels.

Cant say I share the same with vets, my stealth build out pays the zealots stealth build, and the range domination over all classes is top tier. I can say I have ever had a issue with ammo unless I deliberately refuse to take the ammo point in the skill tree.

Last one is just weird, Iv never seen that, maybe your next teamate was just behind you when you stealthed. but that sounds very situational.

Its not perfect, but its great for what i wanted. I just want to the market to stop rotating and just sell everything that available.

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It sounds like to me you got lucky with your parties then. My family member and I have had our bad experiences with the kick system. So has many other players. That forum I linked where I commented… It is one of many

No I positevly knew my team mates were no where near. For sure I was being followed while in stealth

Yes stagnation is another effect of this crafting system. In Vermintide 2, there was so many options and so many ways to theory craft. It kept me busy until I found the Kruber build that worked for me. Unfortunately, I don’t get that here in Darktide. Perhaps one day they will fix it

I find there far more theory crafting in Darktide, just bc i can focus certainn mobs and blessings add flare to a build ie bleed specific, or avoidance/ghost, crit, fire, brittle builds. Currently my only issue with builds is that things die to fast to real make rev-up builds which would be nice for monstrosities but eh, we’ll see later. VT2 every weapon had the same build. its was crit and power, maybe speed just just a handleful. imo WT@ had the inferior system.

I can agree with more flare but not more theory crafting. If anything, VT 2 had more builds floating around than Darktide. Some were quite silly. I remember the Bulwark Kruber build… Lots of stamina plus a shield

Compare that to Darktide… The last few times I looked up a guide, it was almost always crit strike and damage with some flares as you mentioned

Let us say in theory I am wrong. Then I would say that expanding the passive trees may help encourage theory crafting if the crafting system was improved along side it. I was responding to a post on that matter. That can be found here

If say Veteran had a tree specific to heavy weapons, specific to a Bolter, etc… Then that may open new doors

I’m a bit confused why you’ve linked to my post in that thread. Were you meaning to link to the OP of that thread?

My #1 build leverages no crit at all on zealot. Though i do have several crit builds. Ogryn has a heavy build.

I linked the post as an example that if the passive tree was changed alongside a crafting system change, it could promote more theory crafting

Ogryn does indeed but the Veteran should as well. It has access to the Plasma gun, and bolter for example. If anyone takes my suggestions seriously to add the Hot Shot Las weapons, then that would further add to it

I remember reading that the Karskins have a marksman variant. If that was added with Armour Piercing and Precision tags… That would be nice

An automatic variant with Armour Piercing and High Capacity could be added too

Either way… The original point is that they could do more both on the crafting and skill tree front

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