Disable end of match vote kicking

I got into a match with 3 grouped people all playing vet today named Doran, Vale and Imperius. 2 of them picked up med kits and just carried them entire match. Finally at the last fight area 2 min before opening door to board ship, team was all half dead I asked them to drop one and because of that Doran replies shut up and as I board extraction ship they vote kicked me.

Vote kicks should not be allowed in last 10% of map because of immature players like this who run together and abuse it just because they can. With no report feature there is no way to even report it afaik so they probably repeat this all the time and look for any excuse to pull this on the one poor guy who gets stuck with them so they can use him and then laugh about wasting his time. Doubt logs ever get looked at or any repercussions ever happens to them and instead they get protected by the “dont name and shame” line so they can repeat that behavior indefinitely and people cant even post about them to protect future people from having to waste their time and go through it.

Only time this has ever happened and my block list now consists of those three guys and no one else so thankfully people like that are the minority, but this shouldnt be allowed for obvious reasons. If someone is good enough for the team to not need to kick them before the last 5 minutes or final battle, then all this system does is let the immature people like that do it out of spite instead of necessity.

Just make it so anyone who is idle for more than 1min at end of match gets auto-booted if everyone is already on extraction ship and block vote kicks during final 10-15% of each map.


Agreed. I have been experiencing similar issues. Just yesterday I was vote kicked because I wasn’t going fast enough. Had I know they wanted to be sonic… I could of changed my passives around to accomodate that. Their failure to communicate shouldn’t be blamed on me. And it is a waste of time. I held the horde on my own for 15 mins only for that to happen

One of my family members had a bad experience as well. They were vote kicked just because the other members of the group wanted to make room for their friend

I think vote kicks should be disabled 5 to 10 mins in as it is way too easily abused


Like many things, Vermintide 2 already had this problem solved by doing exactly what you’re asking for. In VT2, near the end of the map you simply couldn’t vote kick people anymore. It’s insane how Fatshark keeps screwing everything up when they’ve already made these same mistakes before lmao


I confused, why didnt you just get into the ship?

Just count group votes as 1.
So if 3 guys vote to kick 1 it will be 1 vs 1 and 2 as not decided.
Cheap and justified imo

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I’ve had the opposite experience:

I joined a random lobby as a solo player and I needed one grim to complete my weeklies. Our group was me as a veteran, two ogrins and one zealot. As I am loading in, I ask if it’s ok if we pick up one book for my weeklies and both ogrins were fine with it but the zealot says: “No heresy books in my missions”

To which I tell him that 3/4 ppl are fine with the book and that it’s for my weeklies so we will pick it up eventhough he doesn’t want it. All he had to say to that: “Not my problem”

You can already tell what kind of individual he is…

Anyways, he is also the kind of zealot that rushes ahead solo and then goes down but we 3 were fast enough to save him. He finds the first grim, pick it up himself and then tosses it. That is just straight up griefing and now I ask the team to vote kick him but one ogrin refuses.

At this point I ask the zealot why he joined a mission with grims when he hates them this much and he has no better reason than “I did quickplay and no heresy books in my mission”

It’s crystal clear now, this guy is a selfish lobotomite and now hes spamming text chat with profanities and just nonsensical dribble so me and one ogrin tell him to shut it.

The zealot proceeds to die a few times but the other ogrin picks him up every single time eventhough me and the other ogrin are trying to tell him to leave him tied up since we couldn’t kick him.

We find the 2nd grim, I was able to pick it up before the other guy and now the zealot loses his sh!t and is now trying to die on purpose and blow bursters up near me to make me lose the grim.

We get to the end event and this asshat has been griefing and insulting us the entire 35min and was also being useless as a player so me and the first ogrin refuse to leave the mission until this asshat was kicked and after a few minutes of this stalemate, the 2nd ogrin finally gave in and we kicked the guy as he was standing in the escape ship.

For this experience alone: NO, do not disable end of match vote kicking. It has it’s place in the game and I’m sorry you had to deal with 3 idiots that would rather kick the one guy that was about to save the mission rather than listen to a teammate.

Oh and as a sidenote: It doesn’t matter when vote-kicking gets disabled, if a group of three want to abuse that power, they will simply do so before you get to the point where they can’t anymore.


The point is that they need to bear the burden of actually completing the mission without you, not getting rid of you after the mission’s already complete.

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I experienced the same shitness in V2 where a person would join as BH and ult others. These 2 guys were very fun of it. They joined in, kill others, and play music lol. Luckily it is so easy in to block them in V2 by bringing up Game Overview (shift tab) and search for recent players. However, I don’t see the same option in DT.

That cannot seriously be the point thought?

So a 3-man that can easely finish any mission just gets to kick people for fun?

Most of the time a group is aware that kicking a person makes the team weaker so in order for them to just kick you, the evaluation is that losing that 4th player will not impact the outcome. And even if it does, it might’ve still been worth kicking that 4th for other reasons.

If the story above happend again, I don’t care that that guy could be the one carrying my ass through the mission, I will kick him regardles.

Another thing against your point here: The OP said that in the last 10% the voting should be disabled which means that they can keep you around for 89% and then kick you anyways. Most missions are won long before the 90% mark…

There is no correct point to disable vote-kicking which is why it shouldn’t exist. If you cannot be kicked after the 90% mark, what stops you from griefing the team after that point? I’m my scenario above, the bad guy got what he deserved. In your case, he would’ve gotten away with it.

  1. This seems like it’s partially a problem with Darktide’s awful mission selection system. If it was just like VT2, this guy wouldn’t be randomly put into missions that he doesn’t want to actually do. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is an asshat and you’re in the right here, but god damn I hate how bad the mission selection in this game is.
  2. The solution here isn’t to make it so you can still kick people at the end of the mission, the solution is to make it so that there’s a timer once you get to the end of mission area (dropship, elevator, etc). Again, this is something that VT2 did. Once someone got to the end of the mission, everyone else had a certain amount of time to also get there or the mission would end regardless.

I’d obviously welcome any and all significant improvements to mission select, no discussion there.

Where I don’t see the first intersect with the second is that if you hate grims so much that it will make you grief others that need them, then why do quickplay? Mind you, at that time, there was no benefit to doing QP. Or why not leave the mission once you notice that there are grims on it and/or the others told you that they will pick them up?
No matter which way you spin it, the guy had all the options to avoid the grims before he needed to resort to griefing. He just chose to be a snowflake about it and got kicked in the end.

As much as I want to say that this will never happen again or that it should never happen in the first place (because who could possibly be that dumb) it did happen and could again. That is reason enough for me to keep the vote-kick on at all times.

If there is a condition under which you can stop being nice and start being an asshat, people will use that protection. I’ve seen it plenty of times in VT2.

I think you misunderstand. It was not the asshat that stayed out of the ship until we kicked him, me and someone else stayed out of the ship until the 3rd agreed to kick the griefer.

That change would allow him to get away with his unacceptable behaviour. If the vote-kick stayed open at all times, then sure I’d welcome a timer.

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Oh, in that case nevermind I have no sympathy for you lmao. Get in the ship. That guy was being petty with the grims, but I’d take that guy over you wasting time any day. Just because you want revenge and to punish “unacceptable behavior” doesn’t mean you get to hold the lobby hostage.


That makes you no better than the guy really. I can understand not wanting people picking up grims as well because they’re useless in this game and you can just swap the weekly out for free anyway, he definitely went about it a really bad way though.

But that is also not even an argument for keeping end of March voting, that is an argument against keeping it because you held the game hostage and forced the last guy to vote kick the dude because he was a smeghead. When you could just yknow finish and block him.

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No you wouldn’t, trust me.

If it’s wasting time you’re worried about, why would I be fine with that guy griefing three random people and having the intention of wasting my time?
That guy had every opportunity to find a game without grims and not make it anyone elses problem but he decided to make it the problem of three others. His reasons were ass backwards and completely illogical.

It was not about revenge. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.
I wasted maybe 2 minutes of the one guy that didn’t want to kick the griefer earlier but he could’ve avoided that if he simply kicked the guy earlier.

That asshat was always going to get kicked no matter what. That it took the 2nd ogrin until the end of the match to figure that out, is not on me, that’s on him.

You can think that. I’d like to think that there are degrees to how shitty a person can be and that some things are absolutely worse than others but that might just be me.

That was a possibility, sure.
But let’s be real here for a sec. I don’t care how “morally correct” anyone can proclaim that they would’ve been in my situation, If you had a racist idiot try to grief you for 30min straight, you also wouldn’t have been happy with never seeing him again. Me and the first ogrin decided to teach him a lesson, eventhough he probably didn’t learn it. At least he wasted 30min of his time being an asshat with nothing to show for it rather than getting carried through a mission which he tried to sabotage at every opportunity while being an asshat.

I find being insulted with racist slurs, being griefed, having my time attempted to be wasted for no logical reason what so ever and having to carry an abnoxious idiot for over 30 minutes way worse of an offense than taking two minutes out of somone elses time to convince them to finally agree to kick the one guy that more than deserved it.

In general: If you don’t contribute to the success of a mission, it’s up to the team to decide if you deserve that win / carry. If you’re being the biggest assh*le imaginable and you need to be carried through, you get kicked. I find it very hard to disagree to this stance.

Being that big of an assh*le still heavely outweights the two minutes I “held the game hostage” for.

Back to the topic and the actual points that I am making for keeping the end of match vote-kicking in:
No arbitrary %ige of mission completion fixes the problem of people griefing you after that %ige was passed.
People should be able to be kicked for appropriate reasons at any point during the mission.
Obviously there will be those that will abuse the power to vote-kick and use it when it is not appropriate but that is the price some unfortunate souls pay in order to have the vote-kick system exist at all.
I personally think that having the vote-kicking in game is a net positive and it forces people to play nice and be respectful. Giving anyone a reason to not have to adhere to that principle is a bad idea.

You will find it way more annoying to not be able to kick a guy when he really deserves it then being kicked from a match for a silly reason. I find the 2nd way easier to walk off than the first.

Just to carify: the only times I have ever been kicked myself was in VT2 for playing a class the host didn’t like anyone else playing. I have never been kicked in DT in 800 hours on DT.

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The votekick is a triky situation unfortunately.
At the end of an assassination mission we were in 3 with books, there was a med in the crate near the medicae, third player did not see ot at first or he ignored it but all 3 of us politely asked him to pick it up.
That probably annoyed him since he proceeded to deploy it right away wasting it.
He probably thought that we wouldn’t risk kicking him before the final event but he was wrong.
Unfortunately A**holes are everywhere. Something that could be implemented cold be to show who is already in a group so you can choose to leave the match beforehand.

That’s not an excuse though. If you go in a grim match be prepared for people wanting to pick grims, if you play QP you get bonus rewards because the randomness increase the challenge. So really you should abide by the rules of the majority.
When I’m in grim games i always ask if it’s fine to pick them up.


I’m not excusing it I’m just saying I understand. Because I’ve been in games where people pick up the grims, and then get carried to just die near the end anyway making the entire thing pointless. I had someone die at end event and they dc’d because of it. Like we’re a few minutes away from finishing. So I am hesitant to see people pick them up with what I’ve experienced. I wish the reward for grabbing them was a bit better so you had actual incentive to take them.

Absolutely, that seems like a very important feature to add.

I also understand not wanting to pick up a grims. They give you extra XP and gold, neither of which you really need after level 30 and even if you need the gold, for the average solos group, it’s probably not worth the hassle.

If I ask if it’s fine to pick up grims and two people both tell me that they don’t want it or a single person brings up a good argument as to why we shouldn’t, that’s fine by me.

What I take issue with is when it’s only one guy that’s against grims and he chose to play a mission with grims anyways. Don’t like grims? Then maybe make sure you don’t play missions with them, instead of being an assh*le about it.

Me too man, me too. I’ve played VT2 for over 1500 hours and I’ve never had a guy get this upset at me wanting to take grims ever.

Probably because picking up books gives you better loot and they are on every map. Nobody will complain about better loot, especially if they don’t have to carry the “risky” book themselves.

A better insentive for picking up grims also makes people less salty when you “lose a mission to the grim” because it was worth the risk. Grims in VT2 also only curse you to a flat amount that never changes while the curse keeps getting worse in DT and not rewarding you as much.

I love the idea of a trust system for teammates. Some examples I can think of are certain fighting games that show you how likely your opponent is to quit a match before it finishes and if the rating is too low, you can skip them. It’s not a perfect system though as it puts labels on people and we all know how you get judged too easely by those labels…

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I was late to notice the new replies. I want to try and offer a compromise here because the harder people disagree with something, the less likely things are to be fixed. And lets face it… At this rate the player base will decline if something is not done

Abuse of the vote kicking system isn’t discussed just here… It is discussed in multiple forums. This includes Steam, various Warhammer specific created communities and a few other places I can list. So…

Start a reporting system that will allow us to point out the a-holes. Increase lobby readiness time to 5 minutes or something. Then disable vote kicking 5-10 mins in

This gives players an opportunity to be warned ahead of time if that person is a problem. They can choose to not play with that person from that point on

To prevent abuse of the report system as well, ask for volunteers. Plenty of games have used volunteers to sort out balance issues as well as player issues

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Why not making that if someone wants to kick a player, the player kicked is added on a list that cannot be modified and would forbid the two players to play again together (so an ignore list that is hardcoded).
Like that you know that you can kick someone but with consequences.

This would make these players find less players to annoy them, and would still let you kick someone that refuses to get into the valkyrie.