Votekick needs to change

Title… it should change into the standard “20s time to vote with Y/N” or something.

The current system is pretty bad when some players “mimimi” and spam votekick on the other one while i´m fighting a horde and stuck on an “accept screen” which is killing me.

And yes, it happened already.


Vote kick needs timer and also needs to be blocked when final event starts. Kicking people out of game after final event is as big of a D-move as it gets in gaming.


AFKing and not boarding the extraction ship so the mission wont end is also a d-move

That’s easy to solve. Add what Vermintide 2 had (who would have known THE PREVIOUS GAME HAD FIXES FOR ALL ISSUES!) and when even one person is inside ship there is 20 second cooldown that game will end despite if everyone are there or not. Everyone being there just makes it instant.


I mean, sure that works too but that is two changes we need to be lucky enough to get then. I would settle for vote kicking not being a prompt but instead requiring players to manually go in and start the vote kick each so that you really need to want to vote kick someone instead of just clicking Yes to get rid of the incredibly annoying prompt to kick some random that you keep getting spammed with.