Kicking players near end game

Well, I’ve experienced the most upsetting part of what can go wrong in Vermintide 2. You can kick players before the game is over and you will NOT earn any rewards. Yes… Please fix this. This is worst than randoms grabbing grimoires, before fights.

My suggestion:

  1. Add a effort system to be rewarded for your progression, so kicking won’t be such a hindrance on gaining EXP. Something to compensate player’s efforts.
  2. Transfer current progression to single player mode (person who got kicked). Personally I think this one might be better, because there won’t have to be any revamping of EXP or anything.

we definitely need an option to not be placed in games with pre mades if they are going to allow hosts to kick or vote kicking.


You can at any point get kicked from a mission and thats just fair in most cases. There is no way you shouldnt at least get exp for failing tho.

What you might not know is that youve been kicked for a reason. Since release ive initiated at least 10 vote kicks in my games (not premade, pure pub) because people were hurting the group purposely by bad behavior or being straight out toxic about something. In all those cases the two other random people agreed and commented positively on it after the guy got kicked.

I never talked about anything before or mentioned anything, I just intiated a vote, and everybody was happier afterwards. Just be a good teammate, and people will not kick you in 90% of the cases.

If you really wanna make sure you dont get votekicked, host yourself. Easy TIL, host specific mission, wait til it fills with players cancle the matchmaking and host quickplay, ure the host now, enjoy.

We need vote kick in this game its just a fact you would have learned if you played the previous one for hundreds of hours.

I am curious , i have 68 hours in the release and i haven’t seen a single case where someone needs to be kicked or in a game where anyone initiated a kick.

i have to wonder if your over using it , or if its a regional thing ? does the difficulty make a difference to the toxic levels?

what does someone have to do for you to call a votekick?

I got people who go into the game and just stay AFK more than twice on the pre-beta, i couldn’t do anything and it sucks.
Now seems like you can kick that players but theres no control like you say. In my opinion its necessary anyway so…
Try to talk with them, and make them know that you are going to be a good person (in case that you are with a premade of 3) but they can’t just don’t allow you to kick players during the game.

There has to be a way to deal with toxic players - which includes both people who are trigger happy to kick others and the trolls getting kicked.

Personally I would suggest sending the kicked player a loot box via mail or something - if the group finishes the map without them. This way the kicked player will stop bothering the group, or if they were kicked falsly they would still get “rewarded” and it would suck less.

To avoid abuse it should require certain amount of progression 25% / 33%/50% of map etc. and maybe even have a daily limit or something like that.

This system could also be reused for people who crashed - which is similarly frustrating.

I can say that it was definitely a troll kick. My sad story is we almost finished a match next to the portal they waited a minute to kick me. I did join a pre-made group, so that will never happen again. Sucks, but this kind of event happening is stressful knowing you made no progress for your effort. There is no compensation there. I get it if a player was not cooperating kick option is necessary, but to intentionally be a douche means killing off player base.

It does suck mate. It just happened to me about 10 minutes ago and it was annoying. We were probably 85-90% through a map. I’m level 12 and there was a group of three friends (6, 2, 2). I said hi on voip to them and they seemed pretty chill guys no issues there. Literally the only reason i can think of for being kicked would be that i was killing a bit too much stuff. I was playing Iron breaker though, but before i got kicked i ran out (with the group) and drakefired about 8 small rats. 2 of the players were terrible so i have a feeling one whined that i was ruining the game? I mean i didn’t even use a health potion and i always stayed with the group so no idea.

I do know what its like when a high level player hogs the game because its happened to me before but i really wasn’t doing anything much. Shitty players just get salty, i know because a friend of mine is like this.

Agreed though it does make you a bit salty, lifes to short to play 20 minutes, contribute probably the most then have someone remove that reward. I’ll never play a lobby game again thats for sure.


I would suggest the solution that do not allow teams of 3 to get a random player (since they are the most likely culprit), or start tracking the vote to kick and successful kicks. Find the bad eggs and deal with them that way. I’ve yet to see such a system because every developer seems to think the vote to kick is some magical solution. Except the room for abuse is huge. I know, because I am one of the abusers from game to game (not in Vermintide though).

It could be a case of trolling, obviously people love trolling anywhere on the internet. There’s probably not much to be done about that case, but there are a couple of other options too. Something may have upset them to the point where they wanted to punish you (whether justified or not), or possibly another friend logged on and they decide to vote-kick you so he can join in and grab the last loot slot.

If that were the case, then having to complete some portion of the map to get a loot box would help. In the other cases, you never really know. In a similar vein (and much worse I think) nobody gets any loot or xp if the host crashes.

I just got out of a game. I was an ironbreaker so i wasnt even a character that would be considered a non-team player. We were in usingen, and we were in the wine cellar. we got to the end, me taking the lead obviously, when i get hooked by a rat and pulled out of the end of the cellar right at the start of a hoard. the elf shot the hookrat and i got free, but the hoard blocked me from going back in. so i sat there and single-handedly held off the entire wave, and survived. when it was over, our host, the pyromancer, said simply “stupid dwarf, going ahead” and then i was vote kicked off the game. No reason given. No rewards for my effort. How is that fair? Why is that a thing people can do? I mean i guess if someone is afk or is tking or something else thats purposefully being a general d***, but that? I’d like to see the kick system redone in some way to prevent people like that from doing stuff like this.

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That’s awful. Lets hope the devs do something about this, and try to avoid joining games aside from quick match.

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