Players grief kicking towards end of game, just like in Vermintide 2

Look, I can see how toxic players can get, which is why its great to have a mute option and simply play along with these people towards the end of the game.

I also understand that sometimes it may be necessary to kick an afk member, or simply a low lvl person that isn’t carrying their own weight (situational of course)

But as I and many others have experienced in Vermintide 2, and now Darktide, players in duo or even singular players are now initiating kicks towards the tail end of matches simply to grief, again. or kicking right after the boss, just to make sure they dont get rewards.

I truly love this game, and I hope Fatshark devs realize that many players would not look down on them, for implementing similar safe guards and other GREAT features that vermintide 2 made for their quality of life.

Also, Psyker needs rework…


In my opinion, with all the problems the game had/has…Its like its the first game this Dev team has ever made.

Toxic vote kick feature

No cross play on pc

Terrible balance between Veteran and Psyker

TERRIBLE performance

Friendly AI is terrible

Delayed crafting system

Grimoires are useless to pick up (Not worth the time, health gimp or rewards)

There is plenty more. Every year that goes by, games get more expensive, yet the devs get more incompetent and less skilled at what they do.

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The kick-at-the-end shenanigans was the main reason I stopped joining public games in Vermintide 2. I started hosting all my games myself because I knew I would not be unfairly kicking players at the end of rounds to rob them of rewards.


I have never experienced this, neither in Darktide nor Vermintide 2 (after 700+ hours).

I only play within Europeans. Dunno if it’s a region thing?


Think I only saw it once or twice, but it still bothered me. I did see other abuse of the kick function though.

My vote is that games everywhere standardized this: If someone is kicked, the game is saved, and they end up alone at the same point in the mission, with the same stuff, and bots.

As if everyone else just left. Then they finish with bots, or other people can join if it’s open.

That way you can get away from someone you don’t like, but you can’t wreck their time as easy.

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It must be because of the scoreboard…OH WAIT there is no scoreboard and people are still toxic!!! Well thats strange i guess that theory didnt hold up.


I have not experienced the “grief kick at the end of matches” in Darktide or Vermintide 2. Sorry you’re experiencing this. V2 had friendly fire and player can act wayyy more abusive towards each other.

What are you doing to get kicked? And what’s your solution to the issue?

I think the system is fine the way it is, although I would like a mute chat option (for the times where you just want to vibe and solo) along with the mute voice.


I occasionally see people complain about being troll kicked, but I have +1000 hours in V2, +100 in darktide, +2000 in left 4 dead 2 (3/4 of time spent in VS), and have never once been kicked out of a game. Maybe, just maybe, if you repeatedly get “troll kicked” you are the problem?

I take that back, I have been kicked once out of V2 once. When a zealot kept standing next to me and intentionally taking damage on a damage share level in the wastes then I talked smack about him and he kicked me.

In L4D2 people would occasionally ask me to leave because they were waiting for a friend. They would have kicked me, but I always left. That’s definitely not a troll kick though.


Because there can only be one source of toxicity.

This would indeed be awesome!

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Sitting at 235 hrs playred. Never been kicked, and only voted to kick once when a player went afk at the start of the match and didn’t move for 10 minutes. Veteran I assume. So no, I don’t believe we have a toxic community here, nor that grief kicking is as rampant as you would have us believe.

Considering most groups dont even kick for extremely bad play, such as going down 6+ times a match, it is far more likely that something else happened throughout the course of the match that ended in that result.

If you did something to get kicked, it wouldn’t be a form of griefing. I think in all my years of gaming it happened maybe twice, but I’ve seen it happen to others about a dozen times, and my abstain didn’t save them. Some have seen it more.

i did not know there was a kick vote never seen it used