Kick system

So I’ve been playing this game for roughly 3 hours now, and managed to get kicked from 2 seperate groups of 3. Is this really how you intended this to work? 3 man groups join up, have a guy boost you through, and then just kick him right before the ending bubble?

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What common factor do we have between the two groups?

A similar discussion already happened (today even) and a dev replied to it.

Please check:

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I am new to the game and i am wondering why do they kick people at the end? what’s in it for them? O.o

Like all multiplayer games, there are griefers.

But we heard from the devs they are working on more tools to deal with them.


either griefing or they can invite a friend and give him free loot…

I have a kruber 18, 30 elf/dwarf/saltz/sienna. Never been kicked yet, when people say stuff like OP i’m always skeptical without a vod of the match.

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yeah at the moment its still pretty rare, the thing is in my experience this behavior escalates fast , someone gets kicked starts abusing the system to , and it just spreads , it is more where this behavior leads than where we are today that bother s me , ive started to see people being kicked for being low level , its taken a while for people to realise you can and then to start doing it.
wont be long before the knowledge and idea spreads that “i don’t need to play the game i just need to know 1 or two people that are near the end of a game and its such a grind to get to 30/300 so why not? besides it happened to me so…”
just seen where it goes soo many times now i just fail to understand how devs can still think its a sensible idea maybe they only play in pre mades with each other.

But its not really hard to to do something about. If developers even see this as a problem…

And to you people implying that i have been toxic and may have deserved the kick. I can asure you I have not even written a single word to these 2 groups. I asume its because of my desire to be the one who has the most kills all the time, so the other players may be bored when i go in front and kill everything…

I only started a kick vote once and it was succesful. The one kicked was an elf player who was always far ahead from the rest of us. She died twice in the same map because of her own fault and when we rescued her for the second time she was afk or something… she doesn’t move. I think she deserved the kick (we tried to speak to her during game saying not to go alone and wait for the rest of the team).

I don’t know if that is what you did but reading your post saying “I asume its because of my desire to be the one who has the most kills all the time, so the other players may be bored when i go in front and kill everything” I remembered my kick vote.

A tip, getting the most kills give you nothing at all, it’s a coop game where everybody wins or everybody loses. You should stick to your team always. And, as I see you are new to the game… do you know what tomes and grimoires are? They give you bonus at the end of the map and getting them is usually hard meaning the team has to stop running ahead for a moment and grab that tome or grimoire. I wanted to explain you this because I’m trying to imagine what did you do to deserve the kick (apart for being just a troll kick of course). If the 3 of your teammates where together helping each other or trying to get some tome or grimoire and you just run away trying to get more kills, that’s not good at all.

I don’t defend kick system or hate it, sometimes it’s deserved and sometimes it’s abused. Trolls will exist always. We need to find a good way to balance it.

There’s routine kicking of players for level and being percevied as too low in skill.

There’s always one twanger who has the ‘never been kicked once’ line.

Typically they have played intensely since beta and levelled with everyone else and developed their skills at the same rate.

They’ve also struck a bit of dumb luck and aren’t even aware of it. People get kicked all the time for all sorts of reasons, many of them poor ones.

Also plenty of rude players. Had one guy blame me for losing a boss fight for not covering him enough.

One thing poorly understood by people in general and juvenile gaming communities even more so is that there’s no I in team.

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