People kicking because of low hero levels

I’m leveling the Fire Witch, I do not like playing recruit, so I try higher difficulties. But even on Veteran, I keep getting kicked for being low level. I have all orange trinkets, my weapon power for each weapon is over one hundred. I wouldn’t be able to even queue if I was actually new. Please people stop doing this.


can’t say i’m surprised… it was pretty obvious a vote kick function was going to be abused. I’m also willing to bet anyone playing elf gets regularly kicked form games too at this point since people were saying in the beta that they would do exactly that.


Host game.


Tried it, they just leave.

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I don’t think that, in a democratic society, you can oblige people to play with you.

If anything else you may think that it’s a good opportunity for you to brush up your game trying to carry bots.

I myself won’t refuse to play with a lvl1, preferably if I know the person beforehand. Although champion is easier. I feel that bad/uncooperative players didn’t get there yet.


No I cannot. But hopefully people can realize there’s no good reason to do what they’re doing.

Try telling that to them. Nothing else can be done.

Charisma lvlup.

Yea people can be diks sometimes because they see a lower level player. Players like me I see a lower level player in my party I figure he has good gear but still maybe harder regardless I enjoy it. Best way is get friends to help you power level.
Unfortunately people abuse kick systems in many games lol

Abuse-able, but necessary. How many times have you had that one guy that drinks all the health pots while his teammates are black/white? Or the dude that’s played for like an hour that keeps pulling patrols or simply dies constantly? Or how about the guy that thinks a co-op game is a single player game? I don’t abuse the button but i’m certainly glad it’s there.


Lmaoo so true. I’ve ran into a few of those haha.
I had a dude run ahead of everyone and every time he saw a loot box and he would rush there and spam E to pick anything he sees up :joy::joy:

A fun strat when players aren’t helping is to place interactive stuff just in their face.

People don’t want to pick tomes? Just go ahead and swap one for that healing draught.
People are dying but won’t pick draughts? Shove it up.
Let people take the easier grim while saving the jumps for yourself, not always everyone/anyone can do it.

Kerillian seems made for this. All her careers seem designed to help the entire team at the same time.

Can’t tell if that was serious.

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Can someone be serious about a problem of social interaction in an online videogame?

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This is absolutely a problem but it kinda goes both ways. I’m not accusing you of anything, but from personal experience I can not begin to tell you how many champion games I’ve played in the last few days were a level 15 with just barely enough power to qualify for the difficulty has lost us the game by charging ahead blindly and not having the power or talents (as in the mechanic, not skill) to avoid being instantly downed.


If people dont want to play with you for whatever reason they dont have to. Thats what the kick function is for. It sucks for you but you can just host. There are enough people that understand that there is no reason to play below champion if youre nor farming dust, and will stick with your game anyways.

Level really doesnt matter that much on most careers. And that goes both ways. The amount of max level players that are completely braindead Ive encountered is obnoxious.

I suggest finding premade groups on discord. People that know and understand the game wont have an issue with you being lvl1 on Champ when you wanna level another hero.

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What do you mean? There are a number of things that COULD be done. For example player level could be hidden. They could even disable vote kick. I don’t mean they should do any of those things, but saying “nothing can be done” is very unimaginative.

You would think that the votekick was an improvement since trolls (real trolls) made you reform your party every once in a while.
There was no protection from someone just joining up and messing everything. Sometime it feels like - I’m hosting this, why are you rushing ahead AND taking the bots with you?

Your suggestion is fine, but what’s so wrong with finding a team that will willingly have you?

This whole thing is something I would expect from a competitive game like cs. Player x is ruining my game because hes a noob.

if they allow the old quality of life style mod from V1 to be on regular servers you could make it so bots would stick to host and if some random ran off on their own… well… RIP them… then again it had kick without votes etc as well… which would again likely be abused… so… eh… but at least it made the bots smart enough that you had to babysit them a little less and allowed a competent player to do nightmare solo, cata if exceptionally good and brave.

what’s so wrong with finding a team that will willingly have you?

I never argued for or against anything you go on about in your post. I merely pointed out that your comment plainly stating “Nothing else can be done.” is out of place on a feedback forum.

You are right, but don’t take it harshly.
I don’t think this is something that should concern the developers atm.

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