Auto Ban function for all <level 1 5 champion players

Everyone is REALLY annoied with your power level requirement. There are tons of selfisch noob player who joins champion difficulty with a level 15 char.

This is so anoying, i love to play but i will quit until you make a level cap instead of this nonsense power level requirement.

A good game with the worst matchmaking in game history


Not really, because people have mains who are level 30 who are just trying to level the other characters. So, their necklaces, charms, and trinkets may be high hero power since all characters can use these. There should be, however, an option to see a players hero power to determine if he’s good or not.


Man these stupid low lvl players are ruining my runs!

Just ask people about their expierience or hero power and don’t judge a book by its cover.

And besides that, lvl 15 is really the level most veteran V1 players will start playing champion because thats the point when you get enough hero power.


Can we at least get a restriction when they “forget” to put on the power level equipment?

I have had players who more or less “forget” as they claim it to put on new trinkets so they go down in 1-2 hits and can’t even fight clanrats.

I am fine with them having low character level if they have at least the equipment for it, but I notice there is zero limitation if they “forget” to equip it.

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The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the lack of any requirements. After you have unlocked a difficulty, you can always access it.

As an example: tonight I successfully entered a legend game with my 15 hero power Kruber. This was possible because I have others toons touching on 600 hero power.

Solution: pubic matchmaking has to have stricter rules, the gear you have equipped must fulfill requirements.

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Had a level 7 yesterday.

Kicked him, he kept rejoining, so we finally just disbanded and started again.

Not going to waste my time with a level 7 in champion games. Go get some friends or play veteran at that level.

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Yep, and what with person that, has 300 lvl items, 30+15 lvl on other character and much more knowledge then you? You are just talking crap, blaming others for your mistakes.


you are soooo noob if you think that level 15 is not viable for champ. the only thing that means in this game is Skill, and at level 15 you obviously have enough power to melt through champion if you are good. while if you are bad you will die on 1st horde even on 30 with 600 power

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I have a counter suggestion, why not autoban everyone 25+ playing champion? :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, level is a very very very bad indicator of someones skill. Just remove the level indicator or add more meaningful stats to balance it.

This would make me happy:

Value Motivation
Hero Level It says something with regards to which talents a toon has available.
Hero Power It says something with regards to how hard a toon will hit. Together with Hero Level it is possible to get a quick overview of the toons gear as well. Although it still requires a quick mind to calculate that 600 Hero Power deals 34% more damage than 400 Hero Power (780 / 580 = 1.3448…).
Games played with career Not 100% sure about this one, but one stat which signifies experience with current career. I would not like a win% or dmg / dmg taken or similar, since those stats are easy to skew in one’s favour by playing a way which could be decremental to your team, i.e. bad incentives. Also, ex post information rather than current info is always problematic. And ex ante would be even worse. What if a player had 120 bad games when learning the game or playing on the wrong difficulty, those would mess up the stats, so better to only look at current information. Compare with engineering and a PID-regulator, both I and D are extremely hard to balance for people, so its better just to measure P in some sense rather than risk showing information which will just lead to trouble.

I started leveling my Saltzpyre on Champ right off the bat at level 1. He had all max level gear and more than sufficient hero power. I not only did fine, but actually did better than some of the level 25s that basically harrassed me over my level. Character level, on its own, is no indicator of whether or not someone is ready for champ.


Lol, I’ve done Champion runs with level 1’s that are better than a lot of level 30 players. Level doesn’t matter, really. Sure, If someone goes in with nothing but starting gear, they’d maybe have an issue. But they don’t, so.
Level means nothing. They could have 4 level 30’s and topped out trinkets, they’d still have to level their last character to level 30 somehow. And going back and playing veteran after doing nothing but champion runs seems stupid.


Same here, been playing my Kruber on Champ since level 10 and had a lot of fun playing with lvl ~20ish people who were afraid to break into Champ themselves. At the same time, loads of lvl 25+ players (mainly Ironbreakers it seems) were complaining and initiating kick votes or leaving when I was hosting.

Hello world,

By a quick look of this comment section I can clearly see who actually knows how to play the game and who does not.
It is obvious that (just like in V1) power lvl means NOTHING. Back in V1 it was an indicator of how mutch time you played the game, not if you were good at it.
It is even more pointless in V2 since your average damage outpout is scaled on your power lvl. This power lvl is a viable indiacator of what a player is cappable of doing theorically. But again it entirely depends on the player skill witch cannot be mesurate buy any number.

My simple suggession is to actually display the power lvl of player (because this at least means something) so you can judge if you feel it sufficiant or not.
It would also solve the problem of hight lvl/geare player switching to a new chararter.

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There is a lot of selfish high level players (15/20+) joining recruit and veteran games too, spoling the fun for eveyone else. I said that as someone with a decent amount of high power characters.

Well, I did not think of it since I mainly do champion because I find the “fun” in higher difficulties. But once again :

This would allow new players to not accept to play with a mutch well geared player. Although I’ve never seen new players complaining about being carried out.

I think hero level should be as requirement. Ignore this in private games or when you are hosting. But for quickplay you should have proper level.

With level you get Talents, Power level, Proper gear.

Power level on its own means nothing, and when you play on secondary character you can join legendary even with power level 10. It simply unlocks once you reach legendary level on one char. You dont even need to equip “twinked” equipment.

My friends are quite regularly pulling me through legendary runs with my low level characters. So it is possible to beat that in 3 people. But you shouldnt be able to bet on this always, and straight out leeching high difficulties with low characters is bad :neutral_face:.

Hosting - OK. :white_check_mark:
Private sessions - OK. :white_check_mark:
Quickplay search - Limit.
Legendary - Level 30.

It sounds ra… :thinking:levelist”? but it would be great QoL change. (+point for proper use of shortcut :+1:)

I’m so sick of ***hats like OP who kick people because they’re not withing the 28-30 range.
People have alts with max gear who probably have more experience and hero power than the fresh 30s. Leveling on veteran is extremely boring because you just faceroll everything.

Ask people about their experience and power level and don’t just assume you know better, because obviously you don’t.


You can beat Champion with lvl 1 heroes though. They may have higher power levels than you depending if is their alt.

Your wipes almost certainly are not due to people being low level, but just bad. .

Bad player with good gear is better than bad player with bad gear. (meaning both power level and no talents) :speak_no_evil:


So what about good players with bad gears ???

In my experience, if you can survive and let better geared players do the dmg then there is absolutly no problem; the run will just be a bit longer.

Btw I agree with totallytim. You’ve not played that long if you think lvl > power.

As Cercei once said “Power is power”…

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