XP Share for Heroes


currently, we have to level each hero on its own. In VT 1 you had one level for all heroes.

I can see why this was changed, because we now have Loot rarity and Skills depending on your level (and career unlocks), aswell as increased Hero power, while in VT 1 level only unlocked additional trinket slots.

But, atleast for me, it’s kinda demotivating to have to level each of the heros, out of multiple reasons:

  1. I “have” to go to lower difficulties, so that the lack of Skills etc. doesn’t become a hinderance, which means I won’t increase my Item power level, nor will I get better weapons for the hero.

  2. in combination with 1) this means, that if I join a game higher than recruit in which my leveled Heros are already taken, I either “can’t join” because of 1) or they are in a Veteran/Champion/Legend round with a level 1 character… and we’ve already seen the threads about “Level 1 players shouldn’t be allowed to join those/I’ve got kicked because of my level” etc.

  3. I, and I guess many others, have a few heros they often play and some they play rather seldomly, be it for no special reason or because their playstyle just isn’t for them or whatever. This means that they have to force themselves to play a hero whom they don’t really like to play just to get him up to the others.
    For example, I’m not much of a Sienna (and also Kerillian) Player.

  4. I think it’s actually kinda demotivating for some. They invest hours to get one or two heroes up to, lets say level 25… and then they can start that again… and again… and again…

So, if fatshark doesn’t want to go back to VT1s level system (a step i consider highly unlikely) I’d suggest, that the other heroes gain 1/2 of the total amount of XP oyu gained during a round.


Levels dont mean a lot. They made it for a reason the way its now. You can run Champ with lvl1 and good gear.

But as it stands now they might just change it as well if enough people complain about it…

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People can do it, but there had been atleast 2, if not more threads that went along the lines of:

“Level 1 players shouldn’t be allowed in Champion”
“I was kicked because I was trying to level my level 1 character!”

Thats just some edgy people complaining. Ofc noobs are gonna noob and there will be these scenarios. In the majority people wont care about it because they know how the game works. You should be fine with something like 150hp for champion.

At least 2 threads out of 44k people playing means nothing. It really doesnt take that long to level characters and its kind of a learning experience for new players to slowly unlock the characters potential. In theory that is.

You should be glad that you dont need to level every single career. :wink: If you dont wanna level heroes you dont like playing then dont do it. You dont need them on lvl 30 if you dont like playing them. Makes no sense.

I don’t like playing them much, but I like playing them from time to time

What Im saying is if you dont like playing them then you wont be taking them to Legend cuz you dont enjoy their playstyle and probably dont excel at it. Anything else doesnt matter.

You dont need max hero power for champion or below. Youre extremely fine in the range on 300 on champion.

But sure I get that you think its a chore for some reason and just want them all to be maxed. And Im sure if enough people bitch about it the devs might cater towards such player mentality. After all youre a paying customer.

I think transfering all extra exp equally split between all non lvl 30 chars will be better. Ofc it should work when your main is lvl 30

also a nice idea

Levels are half of your hero power, your access to traits, and your access to weapons. They are also representative of your experience with the class and weapons you are using. 20 hours experience on an elf =/= 20 hours experience on Bright Wizard. You can legit be good at one and be terrible at the other even if many core gameplay elements are shared.

As such I fundamentally disagree with your assertion that levels do not mean alot. It’s possible for there to be exceptions, but in general levels mean quite alot indeed.

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I actually like leveling characters and it’s going to make me play that game for a longer period of time leveling and trying out other careers/classes. I don’t want to get spoonfed levels

If someone is playing a lvl1 on Champion you could assume his item power is over 200. Afaik the requirement for Champ was 200. So scaling wise you should be fine to play in that difficulty. That is the least important about it anyways.

In general what matters in this game over everything else is skill. Its always been that way and always will be. You can have the best gear and 200h logged and gown down like a idiot because you cant make decisions and are lacking in basic execution of game mechanics.

You are wrong that levels mean a lot. Even from a experience point of view it doenst. General rules of play apply to all characters in all roles. So just because you havnt played a hero doesnt mean you cant be good with him. Same applies here. Player skill will compensate for the lack of experience.

I love how you completely ignored traits, weapons being available, experience using the class, class unlocks, and experience using the weapons. Not to mention the chances you have well rolled traits on your weapons.

And you base everything on the false assumption that the exception to the rule (low level that is experienced and skilled) is somehow representative of how people should treat that situation.

If someone is going to be picky about who joins their game, they should seriously just make it a private game.

But that being said, if you really feel that strongly about playing on a lower difficulty or getting kicked based on level, just play some solo games at the difficulty of your choice to gain a few levels. The bots wont judge you and the loot you get can be broken down for crafting and raising item level.

You ignore the basics of the game! Traits are not as important as you think, neither are stats on your weapons, you have access to all weapons at any time from drops, and most importantly these things have nothing to do with your hero level. You also dont need to have any special experience with a class if you can play the game. The combat works exactly the same on any class. If youre a good player on one class youre a good player on another. Ive started leveling 3 heroes on Champion with level 1. Levels and talents are irrelevant mostly. Sure the temp hp helps a lot, but you dont need it. And some classes get really useful lvl25 talents. But they are not a deciding factor whether you can play on Champ or not.

Ive played this game and the first one a lot, and I can tell you every experienced player will agree with me that levels mean nothing.

Lets get back to where this discussion came from. We dont need shared exp on classes to make them playable in higher difficulties. It would just be a feature so that poeple would need to invest less time into maxing their heroes, aka catering to the casuals. But you dont need a maxed hero (600 hero power) if youre a casual because youre not gonna run Legend a lot. So even if youre a pretty casual player that at some point is maxed and want to try Legend you will probably wanna do it with your favourite character and dont need the others to level along side him.

so that in VT 1 you could play ANY Character yet would level all of them (which means, for level 30, all 3 trinket slots unlocked), was for the “Casuals”?

I can prove you wrong with hero power alone: You deal significantly more damage and get greater penetration. From 173 Hero Power to 357 Hero power on Huntsman Longbow results in your damage going from 14.25 to 21.5. That’s about 50% more damage. You can’t tell me 50% damage is not important, that’s not a defensible position :D.

Can you win without that? Absolutely. Are your chances of winning much higher with these things? Yes. You could win an entire level without a single item drop too. Doesn’t mean item drops are not important.

This is absolutely not true. Core mechanics transfer over but the classes perform very differently and often even have different roles. Elf plays massively different than Bright Wizard. She’s very mobile and spam happy with great melee options and quick ranged options, but has an issue vs armored enemies with nearly all of her options. Bright Wizard however is far less mobile and much more reliant on precision and charged attacks. Her ranged options have the additional consideration of an overheat meter and the behavior of the staves vary drastically and all behave far different from any elf bow. Bright Wizard is capable of taking out both hordes and armor, but only with good overheat management.

I can’t help but feel your are intentionally being disingenuous because you know you are wrong. Provably factually by the very math of the game wrong.

Nah dude you have no clue what youre talking about. Sure hero power scales certain things. But the quote youre replying to is talking about traits and properties. You also dont seem to understand that this thread is about leveling characteres, not items. Youre fine over 200hp on Champion, period.

And yes it is absolutely true that a good player will be good on any class, simply cuz he can make the right dicisions, has good awareness, manages his stamina and uses dodges effectively.

The way youre viewing things is throwing a new player into champion with 15 hero power and 3 bots. Yeah sure that guy will go down on trash. But this thread is about the need to manually level characters after youre starting to hit max with your favorite. Two of ops reasons he wants them to share xp are simply not true.

Let me tell you again, that doesnt matter to a good player. I have 3 times taken lvl 1 into Champ and leveled them there on fullbook runs. You catch up insanely quickly due to 200% xp gained, and so has everybody around me. Why would we ever not play Champ. Maybe ops opinion is that it sucks that he needs to play Champion with his lvl1s instead of being able to try them out in Legend, but it doesnt seem so. And even then Legend is Legend, and thats that.

I know the context of the quote because I made the original comment you replied to which included the things you are still trying to ignore. I encourage anyone reading to read the context themselves. I’ve got nothing to hide, the text that is already there shows exactly what’s been said.

Keep being dishonest though.

You just dont get it. If youve reached 200 ITEM LEVEL and there for cannot play Veteran anymore, you are now meeting the minimum requirements for Champion. The system is designed like that for a reason. There is literally no difference to when you took your first char to Champion other than that you have way more powerful trinkets that have properties and traits.

Sorry but this is wrong , in my case at least , i came from VT1 and i can play all the classes well enough for champion as long as i have the gear at least because i have an already defined mechanics perception and better developed skill .( i suppose this is only in the experienced V1 players category )

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