Hero level

can we show our actual level :D?

so for example victor is lvl 35+10, then under his portrait, it shows 45

plz do it :O!


There is a mod which does this, but it has not been sanctioned for use in the Official Realm. I imagine Fatshark might not want this as part of the base game, however, because you could see others’ total levels in the first Vermintide game and I’ve heard it led to some people being rather judgy or elitist about it.


What for? No please

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it was v1 and it was a good feature so i want it in v2. that is the reason :3

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Do you want it as a bragging right, or because it would allow you to find an easier justification to instantly kick an undesired, less skilled player?

Because, sadly, the second part would be much more prominent and problematic. Even if you yourself do not have any evil intend behind it.


uhm… wat?

hang on under what situation would some1 be kicked that the current level display system wouldn’t?

for example: say if some1 gets kicked in legend becuz hes lvl 20 (or any other non level 35) hes gonna get kicked right now because his level is 20. (and his level is also 20 with my suggestion)

or are u saying in my suggested display system, you can get kicked as a level 35 because you’re not level 36 (due to some hypothetical ruling that unless your level 100 you get kicked) ?

what are we talking about exactly that is creating opportunities to get people kicked that is not currently present in the current level display system?

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I only started playing VT1 a few years after its release and on higher difficulties like nightmare and cataclysm, I’d sometimes get kicked, just because I was only like lvl 50-100 instead of 300+

In this game at least, you only have to reach lvl 30 - 35, until you won’t be kicked immediately anymore with the common excuse “yOu’rE NoT LvL 35 bRuH”.

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Yes. In the current system you need 35 levels to blend in with all the rest of the player base in appearance, whereas in your proposed (and V1) system, you had to level up whatever arbitrary number of times that host who has no job or girlfriend and plays like 10h a day wants you to.

You were probably lucky in the community you were playing in, but people used to take tremendous amounts of hate just for being low level. Hell, I had like 700h+ in VT2 when I decided to play Kruber, you wouldn’t believe how much trouble it got me into.

That’s not a real reason. At least not to anyone but you, sorry.

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