I want people's real level to show

I think it’s silly that the max level displayed in this game is 30. In Vermintide 1 the actual level of everyone was on display. I would not want to play Cataclysm in V1 with a level 30. Why should it be censored (in the statistical meaning of the term) in V2? It would not be hard to simply display a person’s “true” level instead of this cap. Not all level 30s are the same. I feel like there should be some reward for those who put in a lot of hours into this game.


This is why they’ve probably kept it displayed as 30 , cuz you’d immediately discredit a possibly excellent player based on his level , what if im on a new account and ive only just hit 30 but im a true solo cata player like J_sat ?


Sorry, but statistically, a level 30 would be destroyed by Cata in V1. Let’s be real here. J_sat is well known because he is extremely good and most likely has a high level because he plays a lot. Censoring data is never is a good thing. No one complained about it in V1. I think we can both agree that there is (most likely - we are talking about the statistical average here) a large difference in skill between a “level 30” and a “level 30 + 200.” The game should show this. People who spend time and gain experties should be rewarred for their work.


You actually gaining levels after 30. obraz

So why not the lvl which you see.


I agree. This game should just do the simple arithmetic and add 30 + 19

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i disagree. i don’t want this to be yet another game where people think that levels make the player. somehow people tie player skill to this number, and in my experience this is never the case. i would prefer to take on a level 5 who has top notch awareness and reflexes over a passive lvl 200 sienna who isn’t aggressively slaying things at all.


Well, I’ve asked them and I’ve been told that they plan to eventually implement a paragon level system once they are less busy.

This happens way too much at the moment anyway. I wanted to play a different character, which was level 1and guess what? I got kicked out of 5 public matches on veteran, even if my Hero Power level was probably superior to theirs (250 only with items) until I got in a game with reasonable people. Maybe show Hero Power, too?

And to all the people thinking that levels=skill … it isn’t. It only shows that you’ve played alot and guess what? You could be doing it wrong all the time.

Make it optional

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if only this was the case IRL, everyone would be like super successful and rich at old age. the younger you are, the shittier you will be in your daily life.

You can get proficient at cata by level 30. I think some people even finished all the missions on cata by 40 or something.

Besides this point it’s the SECOND game in the series and skill translates pretty well between the games. No reason a 20 level can’t do what a 200 level can.

Opposite experience yesterday. That lvl 3 Saltz on Veteran told us he is supergood and has high power level due to items, died on every storm vermin pack and boss. Even when he was alive his damage was so low that it took ages to kill a boss if it wasnt me there with a lvl 25 sienna and ~400 power level.

So no, skill is not everything in this game. If you cannot kill things fast enough you run into problems like a horde incoming cause the boss fight takes 10 minutes. I want to avoid that on Vet.

Same in IRL. Levels=experience not levels=skill

If you don’t reflect your experience, you won’t get anything out of it.

Would be immensely useful. It’s the first question you ask non lvl 30 players when they enter the game anyhow. And I’d rather have a well geared lvl 20 than a “just dinged 30” on my team (skill being equal).

(When I first dinged 30 I had average 190 iPower gear, that means an optimally geared lvl 20 has 10 more HeroPower than a 30 first-dinger (200 + 300 > 300 + 190))

Is it possible that your perspective might be a little skewed? Fast is relative and I think Fatshark’s guidelines are the one we should be adhering to (if we are to adhere to anything): 120 hero power is sufficient for vet. I mean with 400 HP and level 25 you are kinda swimming in the kiddie pool if you are playing vet.

yap. i agree. probably should have worded it better

True, I am overgeared for Vet because I am helping a friend who just started playing on Saturday. Still, if there is a lvl 3 with you on Vet it is a massive amount of missing damage or utility. Not only due to power level, passives and stats/traits on weapons also are a pretty big deal.

It was essentially playing with one less. Even a bot would have been better…

damage avoidance is the mark of a good player. clearly, he had no skill lol

It’s also possible he had suboptimal weapons (eg. crossbow) for the boss or that he was out of ammo. I don’t see a clear connection between his level and success at playing.

Seems like Hero Power level is also an indicator of how much you’ve played and not related to skill. Who would’ve guessed. The only things which show at least some skill is"damage taken" and “specials killed”.

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