I want people's real level to show

I agree. He went ahead with his lvl 3 Saltz and died alot, then said “sorry I was rushing ahead”. Before that he said he is a very good player and his lvl wont be a problem. Turned out it was. Watched him hitting a Troll Boss, his hits did meaningless damage.

Imo Vet should be allowed earliest at lvl 5 or even 10 for the character. Passives and some good weapons buff damage output alot.

I am 100% sure that there is some correlation between the amount of time someone devotes to a subject (this is indicated by their level in this specific case) and their skill. Let me qualify this, of course there are outliers but in general, the more you prcatice, the better you get.

It was not his level that was the problem, but his attitude to rush forward (aka bad teamplay).

Veteran is allowed at 120 Hero Power, which means you can play Veteran with a level 12 character and having no equipment at all. No cap will ever save you from these people.

Hero power also has a cap. It does not indicate that amount of time someone has devoted to this game beyound a certain point.

Time devoted doesn’t mean you get good with something. It just means you spend time on something (aka experience).

already seeing a steady increase in overleveled people kicking perfectly correctly level people from games in the lower difficulties we really don’t want to give those people who confuse time spent with ability the tools to discriminate blindly.

Ok, on average (think about this statistically) do you think a surgeon that has done an operation 3 times is better or worse than one that has done the surgery 300 times? Let’s assume neigther has made a single mistake.

But hero level is a very poor measure for this. It does not take into account skill translated from other games (other FPS games, Vermintide 1, etc.) It does not take into account the amount of experience the player has with other characters. It does not take into account how fast people learn (there are big differences). It does not take into account how they gained their levesl: did they farm vet till they were 300 or did they jump into legend at 25? Grinding easy difficulties increases your level but does not really increase your skill, because you are not really tested.

people tend to think that the one with 300 is better. as he did nothing wrong 300 times and the other one only did nothing wrong 3 times.

playing the lottery: does your chances increase to win it the more often you play?

Even grinding will improve your reflexes over time. You will get more muscel memory.


No, this is the gambler’s fallacy.

You are right but my example and this game apply to the case non-independent events. The surgeon is not rolling a dice everytime does a surgary. He is building on previous expience. I did miss read you question. The total probability of winning a game will increase as you play more. Eventually you will win the lottery if you play it enough times.

You can dodge on point as long as you want, but you won’t kill a higher HP boss in a reasonable time with your lvl 3 doing that. Certain DPS and traits / passives are essential to kill bosses and specials in a reasonable amount of time so you don’t run into situations with a quadruple amount of threats on screen.

You don’t get the point. Only because you do something repeatedly doesn’t mean you have to get good at it.

Chances of winning are always the same, because it is completely random.

either way your making a guess based on assumptions so its bad decision making either way.

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What is reasonable time? I’ve seen people take on a boss solo and winning the game for the team. I even did it myself. Yes it takes some time, but it is possible. Nothing is so essential in this game as being good at it. Equipment means nothing, it only makes it easier/faster.

Let me rephrase: “Grinding makes you a better player at a significantly slower speed than actually challenging yourself. Also it does not teach you the skills you need (eg. damage avoidance).”

Does not change my point, though: character level is a poor indicator.

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  1. Are you arguing that there is no point to practicing an instrument? Let me give you a personal example, as I have coded more, I’ve gotten better.

  2. Are you saying that if you participate in 100 billion different lotteries, the probability of winning one of them is zero? That is not the case.

Every number is a poor indicator, as they cannot truthfully represent the reality.

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