The harder difficulties need to be level locked

I am sorry, I just don’t like playing with low level players in Champion. I think it’s really starting to become a problem. I get it, players think they can handle it. I won’t even ascribe ulterior motives. But, I know for a fact that after 80+ hours in game. You just can’t compete. Why? because of the incredible amount of damage you take. No matter how ‘gud’ you are. The talents really do make that much of a difference. You can’t survive without those level 20 talents. Some will come in and say teamwork, but most of us play PUGS.


Level 5 characters often do better than level 20 (or even level 30) characters in my champion games. It’s far more about player skill than what talents that characters happen to be using.

But seriously, people complain enough about having issues leveling alts due to people like you kicking them. I’m sure a lot of them would rather quit the game than be forced to play recruit again to level up.


I was hosting a Champion game as level 11 Kerillian last night. Had some 30s join and leave. Had some other 30s join and stay. I had top kills, dmg, and lowest damage taken. It is possible to not get hit at all in the game and still do great dps. The people who left lost out. This happens pretty regularly, and people who think like you miss out grouping with good players building up their alts. It is your loss.

Probably the biggest and only class where level really matters is with Sienna where having temp health from kills helps you vent overcharge without wrecking your health.

But yeah, low levels really can compete. Because ‘gud’ players really can dodge everything. If you have a low level queuing into Champion at all, it is because they’ve already leveled up another character to 30, meaning they are at least at this point more likely to have more experience and understanding and skill at the game than random lvl 30s you come across.

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I support this. There is 1 person that could probably carry the group and gets kicked and then goes on forum to make post about this.
In the same time there are 500 other people who have no idea whats difference between the difficulties, cant play with FF, and are undergeared and underleveled. :zipper_mouth_face:

I cant even say how many times I went random legendary just to kill the time and I had player with level below 30 sometimes even below 25 and yes, they were on the ground 90% of the time, doing no damage, we had to waste all healing items on them. :expressionless:
Its real thing and its problem, if you host or you go with premades in private matchmaking noone cares, legendary runs can be soloed, can be done with 2 people or 3.
But majority of low levels in PUGS is just causing trouble.

Problems are :clipboard::

  • Power level system is trash.
  • Once you unlock Legendary on one character you can use any to get there (same for every diff)
  • When your character is locked you can join as any even though it doesnt meet requirements.
  • Poor description of changes (hp/dmg increase, more waves and specials, friendly fire)
  • You can farm on recruit and get legendary power level (in V1 you had to beat the previous difficulty)

I think forcing people to stay at certain difficulty for a moment would be better. Maybe change the rewards, recruit/vet having bonus XP and champion/legendary having better loot.
You dont need to go champion for 300 level chests when your items are not even 200.
You get much more XP by running free win veterans than trying champs and not completing them.
By forcing even good players to stay at certain level it could help other players, they can learn something or get pulled through by good players.
You can still host champs even without proper level but if you are really good you can get proper level by running few low difficulties.

I think nobody gets hurt and it might actually help a bit.

That doesn’t stop them from being a liability. Having to carry someone who isn’t good teamwork. Your team had to carry you. Because you perform worse. Why? Because you are missing talents that make up some of the gap that the difficulty causes. You just think you are better than the game. It’s really annoying to have to deal with people like you.

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I’m hugging you my friend…

It wont happen so long as Fatshark has this absurdist position regarding quick match benefits…

Most talents are worthless. It’s the hidden hero power that determines how powerful a hero is. If someone has item power 300 and equips all their level 300 equipment on their level 1 hero, they will easily be able to play Champion, even Legend if they can play it on their level 30s. The only talent that makes any real difference is the temp health ones, but even then if you can play the difficulty previously, having a lower hero level won’t change much.

So I’d just say allow other players to view hero power. It would allow players to determine whether they’re strong enough much more accurately, if you want to disregard the players’ skill level, which seems to be the case here.

There is a bug with temp hps and damage taken, so don’t read anything into damage taken for lvl 20+ chars (i.e. temp hps lost, no matter the reason including the temp hp decay, counts as damage taken).


And this.

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Lol. No, I’m not taking least damage and top kills on a team of 30s at level 11 because I am being carried. I am objectively outperforming them in every category, despite lacking talents. Talents do not equal skill, something you lack and must compensate for with talents.

Have you even completed a “Back To Basics” deed? Have you even seen one? The modifier resets your hero power to starting and disables your talents and specials. But hey I can still finish these maps because I’m gud and not dependent on talents to win.

You can keep kicking people like me and leaving games I host. You will be worse off for it because you won’t learn anything and I won’t be carrying you.


I’ve literally had several games now with ZERO damage taken. Most games are double digits. Rarely I get 100s or 200s. This has nothing to do with temp health bugs. Talents do not prevent you from getting hit or increase your aim. skill does.

Someone really needs to layoff the over self-aggrandizement and derailing the topic for personal sake… Last I checked this topic is about level lock suggestions and not titled “be regaled by uncle “krazykruber,” silly ass anecdotes!”

Like I stated, Fatshark probs won’t have this unless there is a dramatic change of position. Which I doubt will happen cause this gets them more sells from the kiddos.

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Then the OP might want to amend their original post then because

You just can’t compete. Why? because of the incredible amount of damage you take. No matter how ‘gud’ you are. The talents really do make that much of a difference. You can’t survive without those level 20 talents.

… can be anecdotally shown to be false. Which in turn means that OP based his suggestion on a false premise or at least failed to list the right ones.

Besides what difference does the “kill boss get X health” talent do in your average match? Not much IMO. If you want everyone to have “bloodlust” talent, then level requirements is not the thing you want: You want “must have bloodlust picked” check for champion, not “must be level 20” to enter.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. Your team had to carry you. You are not as effective at 5 as you are at 25. Talents, cooldowns, traits and abilities all lead you to perform better. Your teammates had to make up for that. You didn’t notice because you were probably too busy satisfying your ego at the score you had. Forgetting, it required the team to perform that well.

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Stat boosts help you to perform better. A good players performs much better than a bad player despite not having all the stat boosts the bad player has. This point is not arguable within the current reality.

You telling him “he didn’t notice that he was carried” is bullshit. It might be true in this case (which I kind of doubt), but you are calling that situation unfathomable, which to anyone good at the game can tell you is utter nonsense.

No it’s not, all things considered. It’s a fact that the talents and higher stats mean all things given one performs better than the other. The talents make help to make up the difference for the difficulty. It’s a team focused game which is designed to punish solo indiscretion. He doesn’t perform as well if his teammates are not helping him. No player is magically better in a vacuum.

Just because you all think you are better than the game, doesn’t mean that skill trumps every time. If that was true he would just be able to play with bots. Because apparently he is so good. Underleveled, and without the talents necessary to make up that gap. Which is exactly why a team full of underleveled players don’t succeed in the higher difficulty.

You are very wrong with this post, it doesn’t need to be level locked at all, it’s already power level capped so why add a level lock on top of that? You’re not enabling those playing on alternative characters who let’s face it may have a higher power level than you do!

Also talents mean nothing, if you have an iron breaker dwarf who is level 8 but a power level that similar to yours… My bet is on the dwarf surviving longer than you.

Except that completely ignores the fact that the talents have on play. Considering that everyone has a health talent at 20. This is what is most important. You take damage in champion no matter what. There are fewer healing items. So by extension the talent makes up for the lack of healing items. You can survive much longer by managing your temporary health than you can without it. And for a moment, let us consider the idea that being at the minimum power level. Does not in fact mean you are ready to run champion.

If you are playing on an alt character you are not going to get any more out of a champion run then running the lower difficulties. It also allows you a chance to be a good member of the community and help out the newer players. That’s what I did with my second character. By leading to through the maps and showing them the book locations. By forcing others to carry you in a higher difficulty because you are not prepared for it is just selfish and self serving.

Gear and level is everything. It determines whether you can actually cleave and stun hordes and specials/elites or not. Plus you do really bad damage to bosses if your hero power is too low.

I’d say that level 15 is more than enough for Champion.

At high level play which any VT1 veteran most likely achieved, level 20 talents only matter for heat weapons (and you can manage easily without them). Level 25 are often really powerful, but only truly make it or break it on Legend. Honestly, if you’re playing level 25 on Champion, it’s fine as it is the new nightmare, but saying that you’re “carrying” anyone by having a couple more talents is misguided. If one has a level 30 main and is leveling alts, that person has access to high-power loot and the ability to craft it, hence making most of the difference negligible.

I’m not saying this is universally true and every low-level alt-leveler is going to be good enough. I’m just saying: look at it by a case-by-case basis. I’ve met dozens of lvl 30 players who had no idea FF was in the game or how to block-revive, just as I met sub-level-fives who could hold their own on Champion.

Bottom line: kick based on on-game performance if at all so inclined to, not on levels.

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