Stop doing Champ runs when you are level 10 with no useful talents

Or let the host set a limit on minimum level character to join match.

That is all.

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You’re absolutely welcome to join my games even if you’re level 1. If you’re failing on champion you should be looking at yourself not blaming the random low level because it’s convenient for you.


Why would I not play champ on level 10? It is a snorefest anyways. Actually on second thought, I wish I could just to rub it in your face and prove that levels don’t mean anything till you reach legend and what primarily matters there is the level 25 temp HP talent and little else.


You can do champion solo with 1 bot just for disablers so easily it’s pretty hilarious that you think any extra +2 heroes be they lvl1 or just another bot won’t make the task EVEN easier. Like really, people kicking others (especially considering that most veterans level up alts and are actually CARRYING YOUR ASS on their lvl1s) for their lvls is both funny and sad in the same time.

If you want to be snarky towards someone who obviously finds champion challenging the least you can do is to be correct. It’s the level 20 talents.

An obvious point is raised here, players are not equal. How should that be handled? One way would be to let the host decide, so if the host thinks that high level is the best quality metric he can set a level limit. Another host might think that not playing elf is the best quality metric. Another one might think that success rate in Legend is what matters.


Np i started Legend when i reached Level 10.

The game is about block and dodge, not some talents.

Btw i got a back to the roots deed on legend. Interested? No talents and no hero power , legend difficulty on righteous stand.

I mean… noone can/should control other players. If they feel comfortable with lvl 10 champion, let them play or leave the lobby. There are some ppl who’ll outplay you on every lvl.

Been doing champs from lvl 1 with my kruber alt. Didnt feel any change at all after switching from my WHC(200h in legend). So if you are not total noob and have 300 power items you should be fine.

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So If I’m level 10, with no useful talents, but I have full red weapons and trinkets I’m not allowed in? What if I have been a top level WHC who wtfpwns legend and swap to a more forgiving class like Ironbreaker?

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Wrote that when I was tired. It doesn’t matter that I made an obvious typo as I elaborated further and you were able to correct me. I ave a good reason to be snarky because this is a community game, and there is no reason for people to shove each other away for the sheer audacity for playing the game they paid for, because of trivial reasons such as levels.

And there already happens to be a metric if you hadn’t notice, you cannot join champion without X amount of points, same goes for all other difficulity levels. It may not be a high bar but it is still there. I don’t see a reason as to why you must block people from playing the game when they have achieved the required hero power and obviously have thus played a fair few games. If they are bad, then they are bad. They will learn, and they will not learn if you don’t give them the chance to play the game. That is that.


I’m going to add that the jump from Veteran to Champion for people brand new to the franchise is quite stiff, but it’s the only way to learn how to get better - get walloped a lot and figure out how to avoid it.


Its only there until you pass it once.

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as others have said, levels don’t really mean anything until legend, that’s were you really need the extra hero power. A good player could probably do a champ run at lv 1.

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And do you find it problematic that once people have gone through that bar, that they oughta be blocked access through other means? I quite frankly just find that not only bad for the community of the game but as well just an overall detriment for the stability and future of the game.

I recently, during the 2x exp event, finally got around to lvling Salty boy. He’s the only character I never spent any time on due to the fact it’s the only character my wife plays. And we normally play together. I was top of nearly everything, kills, damage dealt and so on, in pretty much all my champion games. Levels and talents mean very little below Legend. And if you can’t carry on Champion, that speaks more to your skill level.

Hey there! If you’re a low level or what not please ignore this sad excuse of a player! Not all of the community is this toxic so feel free to continue playing champ when your pwr reaches the correct number for it :slight_smile:

Happy for nubs to join as i can solo through a map as a speedrun if necessary and boost them through the nonsensical front loaded grind fat shark intends for everyone to wade through. They also get to learn new things and how to break the game. I regularly do zero damage taken legend speed runs with bots. Not everyone is into that though.

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