Getting kicked from games immediately

So I’m playing level 25 kruber huntsman, I have over 100 hours on the game, all 300 gear and I’ve beaten the game on legendary on this character (I’m not bad) but I keep getting kicked every time I join a group before even 20 seconds goes by. And then I get put back in the same group and get kicked again. I never got knocked down or even took damage before getting kicked, its just immediate and for no reason. I never even got a chance to show them that I know how to play the game. This is a major problem and honestly I am now discouraged and I don’t even want to to play anymore. I’m bored of champion (because its really easy now) and I should be allowed to the play video game, I’m not hurting the team. Why is it up to them if I’m allowed to play an off meta character or not?

edit: this has happened with about 5 different groups today

If you’re doing Legend, I think it’s because you’re not level 30, so you’re not at 600 hero power (only 550) which may seem stupid, but it makes a big difference in Legend as you won’t be able to kill your targets fast enough, no matter how good you play.
I’d recommend just farm some Champion till you’re 30 :stuck_out_tongue:

(If you want to make this quick, by joining game through the lobby browser instead of quickplay, you lose a bit of loot, but gain a chance of joining a map near the end, making you xp gain faster… Kinda sad cause it skips the fun part of the game, but I can understand being bored)

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Yes, the reason is probably just that: Many people still equate character level and Hero Power with being a good player, even when personal skills matter much more in a game like this. Rest easy in the thought that people who kick others for those kinds of reasons, are probably ones who you don’t know how to play anything other than the “meta” stuff, and ones you don’t want to play with.

I’ve seen griping (at least in Steam forums) that people shouldn’t be allowed on Champion until they’re Level 20, or even 25. Me and my two friends (I don’t play with strangers, for now at least) started clearing Champ when we were lvl 15-16, and gear in under 200 power. VT1 veterans, but not quite in Legend level yet. That’s how big a significance some people put on your level and Hero Power.

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be the host or just level up on champion faster its only 5 levels

Its funny cause i joined legend at average GP of 170 and it didn’t happen to me. Are you playing in the beta? Cause huntsman turns boss fights into very quick sessions now… Maybe thats its

I am on the beta but I’m not abusing any kind of glitch or bug to proceed. I’m new to the series but I’ve played a lot of left 4 dead and I have pretty good aim from fps games. I didn’t have this problem when doing champion at level 14 and previously teams were letting me play legendary around 22. Honestly if i meet the qualifications that fatshark set up, maybe I should be allowed to play. At the very least the kicked player should not be placed back in and kicked again (which can happen over and over).

I would have at least liked to know the reason, at no point was I ever told, only level 30s are allowed to play legendary.

I was already matched with a group who kicked every other new player because they wanted to have one free slot because of a friend who kept loosing connection.

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The damage is literally 5% higher. The difference is actually less than the difference between someone with a good property setup and a bad one. And i can only agree with the OP, champion becomes fairly boring really fast, even in pubs.

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That’s a laughable assertion. At 20+ there’s no reason for anyone to be concerned. 12-19, people might raise eyebrows at face value but a good player would still be fine on most classes and would certainly be superior to a poor or average player at 600.

@InternetMan they either wanted to get a friend in and didn’t know to put their match to private or they’re bad enough to think they need something that can carry them more, in which case be thankful as they probably saved you 20min of your life.

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Keep in mind that sometimes getting kicked has nothing to do with you. There have been a couple times that I got kicked because they were trying to bring a friend into their game. At least the group that kicked me was nice enough to tell me the reason. But this situation may have applied to you aswell.


I have this problem playing Kruber Huntsman at Champ+ too :frowning: Even though I can consistently land headshots and don’t get downed, often killing Chaos Warriors, Specials at distance, and hammering chunks out of the Bosses while in Hunters Prowl. Seems a shame but still.

Turn up with Sword and Shield and some people begin screeching like a pregnant pig with a dental problem.

Then kick you.

They…they didn’t know that they can set the game to private?

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makes no sense, huntsman is top tier.

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I only kick people from legend when they are below 25. The last talent makes a huge difference in many cases.

Not really… Temp health makes a huge difference. The 25 talents are just a bonus. Not to mention a lower level guarantees the player has a higher average item level and therefore more experience.

Sounds like you’re playing with scrubs. 50 power level won’t make a significant difference because of power level damage scales. Playing well will make up for the minor power disadvantage and any good player knows that. I recommend either hosting your own game or something else. I’ve played with many people from 25-30. Their skill was what mattered more than anything. As long as people aren’t joining as less than lvl 20, I don’t really care as long as they play well.


Venting on anything sienna is huge. Picking up teammates with Merc shout is huge. Huntsman power increase. TWICE THE GLORY of BH is so much better than piercing shot+buckshot vs bosses. WS ammo on use, crucial to most builds and vs bosses. Handmaiden 3 seconds invisibility unlocks her full potential and pushes her from useful to amazing. Shade shooting does not break invis adds another way of removing bosses even faster to her. Bardin boss taunt.

All of these and others are great tools that make me feel at ease knowing everybody has access to them. Especially in the unknown territory that is quickplay alone or with one friend. Any of the good 25 talents might be the difference between a guy surviving and going down, or a boss dying quicker in a bad spot, thus avoiding a wipe.

None of those you listed are crucial and in most cases they’re not even the best choice. And the level 30s may very well be at 420 power and you wouldn’t know it.

Ok. Guess it reached the arguing over opinions part. Which never works. Its how I do it, end of conversation from my side.

You were already arguing opinion in that your opinion was:

And that you:

Which is objectively weaksauce. Really no need to kick people like that at all… unless you’re looking to be carried.

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