Getting kicked unfairly. :(

Well, the title says it all really. The community, at least in AU, is very small and getting into a Legend run that you need (I am hunting for the outfits) can be very hard sometimes. It really doesn’t help when Legend runs have people grouped and being toxic. In a few of my games so far, I’ve encountered people grouping into 2s or 3s being… uncooperative. In my very recent run I ran into a group of 2 which kicked me after I told one of them not to run ahead of the group. The guy got downed after being too far from the rest of the team and started shooting me after being told that. Calling me a pleb and kicking me afterwards was… well, very off-putting. I couldn’t do anything about it either, his partner didn’t care I was right, he just agreed to kick me. I understand I could host 24/7 and I wouldn’t be able to get kicked but this is an issue that needs addressing regardless. It’s toxic and nowadays every time I look for a Legend run I hesitate to join. What if another team decides they don’t like me and I get the boot, it has happened to me a few times so far, even just before the portal. I know I could make my own team but unfortunately this game isn’t super popular and most of my friends have things they enjoy playing more. (It doesn’t help that there isn’t much to do but roll the RNG dice) The player base is sort of tiny already and this sort of behavior doesn’t help in the slightest. Suggestions?

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There is no adressing this. There will always be griefers and toxic people that abuse kick systems for the slightest reason. From what i know, this also isnt considered an offense by fatshark, so they cant punish people that abuse the kick system.
The only way I found to deal with it is to just not talk or write anything, try to do nothing wrong while playing when someone else is the host. I know it sucks, but in the end, not getting kicked and wasting anywhere from 5-30 minutes of time is worth it to me. Your best bet is to be host. Which still doesnt fully protect you from griefers, but it atleast guarantees you stay in the run.

The final hope for me is that they eventually sanction the better bots mod, but I doubt it, seeing as they refuse to improve the AI on their own because they want you to play with other people.


Would be nice if the Host could write a description of the run he/her has put up.

Something like, " No Books-Run, just going for completion. Champion difficulty. Stick to Host (Bardin) or write/say if you for some reason can’t stick to the rest of the team."

So when people mouse-over on your game in the Lobby the description comes up, and you then know what your are signing up for.

the party cannot kick a player when you are nearing the end of the map. pretty much that means from roughly the middle portion till the end portal, you cannot be kicked, it’s to prevent some griefing at least

But I have been kicked literally at the portal before. I joined and the run was almost finished, the map with the monolith, I spawned when the team was leaving through the tunnels. I walked with them and just before I dropped down to the portal area I got kicked. I know it was a kick because I got the message about being removed from the game. I suppose they didn’t want to give me a free run but still, it has happened.

Either that was in Beta, before they changed this, or you encountered a bug, or a hacker.
That should not be possible AFAIK.
You should have immediately quit the game, saved the log for that match (which is in %AppData%\FatShark\Vermintide 2\console logs) and uploaded it to the bugs section of the forums.

i suppose they are just dicks, I can’t say there are a lot of people who do such things on legendary, but i saw some. Also, there are hosts who are trying to blackmail others, like “If you don’t do or do something I’ll leave and this run will end for all of you, idiots!”.

But in fact I expirienced it after this feature introduction, dunno was it a bug or a cheat but it’s still possible.

Sometimes you can still kick at the end. It’s definitely a bug. No idea how to recreate but i vaguely remember having the option to votekick somebody as a client while the host could not.

The exact same thing happened to me, I messaged ‘wtf I was getting ammo’. They invited me to party and said ‘we kicked you cause you’re bad’. Then booted me from the party before I could say anything.

Then we continued to insult each other via message. I was playing as Kerillion. Trying to get her out the way.

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