Punish system for toxic players?


ist there a punish system for toxic players?

Just now someone joined, flamed and friendly fired us. We could kick him, but it won’t change anything. He will find a new group to torture.

Just now he came to the group a second time!

Maybe it’s worth for him to kill the other to get fast ep or something, who knows?

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Yep had one of those last night. He tried to kill me but I finished him off and soloed the incoming horde which made him leave in shame. We continued and finished the map.

Yeah this is one solution :smiley: You can kill him and never pick him up, but still these players can be annoying.

yea this was discussed several times in many threads, it’s really hard to handle toxic players in a game like this.

i remember the best option that was brought out imo, is to let the host have complete control of kicking people. that way people can stick with a trusted host, and just leave if the host is a troll.

Add a Block option so we never have to get matched with them again.

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block or report option wouls help a lot :smiley:


An “avoid player” and “prefer player” option would be great.

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the problem is when the host is the toxic player…got one right now who didnt get in the teleporter in the end and when we killed him so we could finish the lvl he left and we had to start over again… cant wait for the servers to come

ah and dont play with someone named supertinewu…your welcome

I was kicked the other day on legend for clearing a chaos horde faster than the beam staff sienna with IB and the reason for this is because the guy told me I am making his GF the sienna look bad…

I dont know if you could call my experience “Toxic” but it was annoying non the less

I one of my Matches we had an player who always rushed forward and pulled the bigger groups together even in Horde moments and when one of us died carrying a Tome, we wanted that the “Troll” take it, at least until the other player can take over again. The only response from that Player was “No, not interested” and he continued to pull more groups towards us.

So yea, a “Not play again” or “prefered to play with” option for players would be nice


LOL one of the best kick reasons so far

Call The Bully Hunters.

I’ve only encountered a few characters that actively griefed. I think many of these players never get past the recruit setting. Between Vermintide 1 & 2, I think I’ve encountered 3-5 matches where a person was deliberately friendly firing people (out of ~500 games ). Somewhat more frequently, I encounter players who are verbally abusive – but again, these generally aren’t good players, so I don’t encounter them on champion or legend runs.

Some of what’s being described above strikes me “bad” players as opposed to “toxic” players, and I would be a little worried that the “toxic” tag might get used as retaliation against “bad” players. Maybe this wouldn’t be the case – but you can understand my worry.

This is why i wasnt sure if Toxic player was the right description for these.

My definition of Toxic is aswell people that start insult, threaten players etc. Pulling more Groups or try to flip the group over is more in the annoying category in my book ^^

I never played Vermintide 1 so i cant say how it was there, but its possible only a time thing, people get this game to annoy the people in it and move to the next in a few weeks.

What really grinds my gears is a player who has decided for all of us that he’s the leader/pro of the group and gives you some very unwelcome advice, then goes and dies in the first 5 minutes…

Like sure you can give me little tidbits to help us out, but when you start dictating to me what my entire equipment loadout should be, or telling the three of us where we’re allowed to be during a horde… I kinda want to just sacrifice you to nurgle.

Edit: it’s very rare that I wish as many assassin rats and leechers as humanely possible upon you… That’s probably one of the most common causes.

I think the concern is still valid, it’s just one of those problems where some solutions could have the potential to do more harm than the problem itself.

Let’s say there was a “report abuse” button. If you first performed a check on the user submitting the claim (i.e. have they submitted more than one of these claims in the past week or two, if so – reduced the weight of their claim) and then checked against the accused (i.e. has this person received multiple claims against them in recent history, was it for the same behavior). I imagine they could establish some system whereby users could get temporary tags based on what they were doing (e.g. intentional friendly fire, verbal abuse, etc). This would at least give other players a warning.

I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced a situation where I knew I was matched with the same jerk twice. I can appreciate a personal desire to blacklist players; there was a Quality of Life mod in V1 that allowed you to do that – and it did give a minor feeling of vindication.

On the total flip side, I’ve had matches where I was trying to get experience with a low level character, and my team was taking more grims than they could handle, and I have certainly tossed one in those instances. I have a friend who actively dislikes the time wasted getting jumping puzzle books, so he refuses to get tomes some times. In these instances, sometimes the various players are just playing “different” but still valid games. Part of me thinks that allowing players to add optional tags to a quick play (e.g. full book) might allow players to voluntarily sort themselves better – avoiding this sort of issue.

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