I will never play another game, poor design

Editing down posts, as promised below, the game has a poor design choice I disagree with and wish no longer to be apart of the community, or to support these developers.

Erm what?

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Vote to kick at the bridge of shadows

But from every single game? I’m sorry trying to understood but I just refuse to believe that…Don’t know maybe there was a reason to that? I’m not saying that they had reason, but it is just hard to understand why.

Specially if that was on portal. OK I can imagine some trolls doing that. But all of them?

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Editing down posts and promised, choosing different avenue of action

I don’t think I’ve even seen a vote kick happen in VT2 yet. Sorry to hear you keep running into bad players.
Have you tried hosting a game instead and letting people quick play in to you?


I think you are overreacting a bit. I dont know what you did in those games, or how many times did it occur to you, but you cant blame it to the game that some a$$holes kicking you out at the end.I have over 80 hours of gameplay atm, and never been kicked. Also QoL patches are coming soon, and im sure they will address these kick abuse issues too,in some form, since Ive seen many feedbacks about it in the last few days.

They will without a doubt address the issue of toxicity in the community. It might not be this week, or this month, but it’s absolutely a priority. Have no fear.

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Editing down posts, see previous edits

Let this inspire some hope:

I have been playing almost every day and have never seen a vote kick during a game. I don’t think you should let this isolated experience stop you from enjoying the game.


Let this inspire some hope:

The rise of toxic players?1
It’s something I am pursuing as a pet project, so to speak, but I’ve no concrete details at this time.

Thank you, that is a decent start.

To stop this is rly simple. As many of us can say it. We barely see kick vote for our selfs. To prevent this from happening you can just add a cooldown on initiate vote kick. For example 1 day or 2 days. It will not be abused as you will think twice that maybe actually you would have reason to kick someone and you don’t want use it just to troll someone.

Cooldown would be activated on initiation of vote kick no matter if vote kick pass or not, and also on voting to kick someone.

This sounds awfully like blackmail.

Certainly griefing is really bad, and I hope many mechanisms are employed to deal with it. But we should also strive to keep things in a fair manner even when under duress.


Yes, let’s be better than Yelp reviewers.


Editing down posts, see previous

If you get your reimbursement, do update us.

You need to edit your original post… through clarification, you stated that it has only happened in a total of 2 games.


I don’t think your reaction is warranted at all and ends up being very hyperbolic.
I’ve not seen it happen once personally. … but maybe you should start hosting games yourself if you feel you’re being singled out (even if it was only a total of 2 games).


I think saying it is literally unplayable is going a bit too far.

Maybe sounding a bit like defamation now?

you should find some friends to play with so that it doesn’t happen (add me if ya need one and you can play with me and my friends)… steam name is my user name

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Perhaps you are right, I do not want to be unfair or hyperalitive, I’ll edit down my posts. And I suppose I’ll part ways from the community and let my negative reviews stand and that’s just how life is sometimes.

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