The Community is toxic

First of all, sorry if the post isn’t easy to read, English ain’t my first language.

As the title says, the community is getting toxic. I’ve been playing Vermintide 2 for a long time now, but since the release of the new DLC, with all the related content i can’t help but notice a sharp increase in kicks and insults thrown around for the stupidest reasons.

Just in the last few days i found myself getting kicked from matches because: i was using the “wrong” talents, classes, guns , for not getting enough headshots, for using a potion instead of giving it to teammate, for being “too good” (i wish i was making this up), for having the legendary FOW picture frame instead of the cataclysm one, and i even got kicked because i took the ammo pouch in the skittergate arena instead of leaving it for the end boss. These are just a few examples, but i could go on and on…

It’s getting to the point where the game is literally becoming stressful to play, no longer you can just relax and play a few matches, which is absurd in a PVE Coop game . The stench of elitism rising from the community is becoming more and more palpable, to the point where im starting to feel ashamed to even be a part of it.


You can’t really blame people or the community rather for pursuing extreme cookiecutting builds and chasing green circles when it is encouraged directly by fatshark. Remember “dominate the competition”?

Its a shame to hear your experience has worsened for sure, but unfortunately it is to be expected with the current state of things.


The design of the game does undoubtedly play a role


Jeez. Sorry to hear all of that Osvi. I see stuff like that sometimes, but that sounds brutal. I don’t know if it’s the influx of new people or people who are frustrated about adapting to the new game or what. The irony is that most of those players aren’t good. Like, taking an ammo pouch for Rasknitt. I understand wanting to leave goodies for that fight, but if they can’t beat him when someone does something like that, then maybe they need to rethink some things.

When I play with people, sometimes they’ll be like “sorry I went down” or “sorry I lost the grim” if those things happen. I appreciate the concern, but most of the time a couple of us will just say “It’s no big deal” or “things happen”. Speaking for myself, I’m just there to have fun and kill rats. No matter where I go in this game, I just want to kill rats. Unless I’m playing Skaven in Total War 2. Then I AM THE RATS! Adapting and overcoming challenges is part of the game. But if someone is taking their day out on someone else, maybe they need to take a break from the game.

I usually like being host because people can’t kick you, so it circumvents that problem. But yeah, it shouldn’t have to come to that. By the way, for not being your first language, your English is very good.


I don’t think I have ever been kicked once since the game came out, and I use almost every class and build. Someone attempted and failed to kick me once (that I know of) for picking up a grim in a champ QP.

Maybe it’s a region thing, maybe I have just been really lucky with matchmaking, maybe it’s you? Now I’m curious if a lot of people get kicked frequently and I’m just an outlier.

I’ve never seen anyone else get kicked in the games I’ve been either (not even the slayer that died 7 times by running off XD lol). Except to make room for someone’s friend if the person didn’t leave when asked.


That’s just the nature of the beast with a team centric game released in this current age. As the teamwork required increases, the toxicity also increases because it’s hard to accept faults within yourself while it’s incredibly easy to blame your shortcomings on your allies, because they have a tangible and realistic impact in your ability to see a run through. It’s kind of the nature of the beast. We’ve got a lot of examples now what with how spicy League and Overwatch can get these days. Though I will say that Rainbow Six: Siege subverts that rule beautifully with people still willing to just coach new players through the game.

I’ve seen a hell of a lot more kicks be initiated for a lot of reasons and rather than just go with them I’ll leave too. Frankly even if somebody is throwing out tons of FF you should try to explain to them that the increased damage of FF makes it a lot more deadly now or some such. I’ve seen kicks for Siennas taking their flamethrower, Siennas that don’t have flag, WW’s without Bane FKs using the greatsword. There were kicks initiated that I also have absolutely no clue why it happened. I joined in and next thing I know a vote kick to dismiss the WHC runs up. There was no voice lines about FF. He was using a good build and had mods so I could see what he was running. I STILL have no clue why they removed him.

I’ve been kicked myself. Which is especially noteworthy because it was my first kick in over a thousand hours with this game. My first kick period. This was this weekend of all things! We get a boss. The host gets mauled, I pick him up and go back to hordge management. We manage the horde. We kill the boss. And I’m removed afterwards. Maybe they were making room for their friend? I’ll never know : P

I should note that people have always been removing other people since forever. I’ve seen lots of kicks based on friendly fire when the game had just come out and a lot more kicks for people ranged deleting hordes. But I’d say that people have certainly gotten more flavorful with their messages to each other.

While my frequency of play has sharply declined and will decline further still in two days, I hope that environment becomes a much more friendly one for you


I’d love host matches but due to my internet connection, the lobbies end up always disbanding, so I’m kinda forced to join other people’s matches. And thanks, I appreciate it

Maybe kicked for bad ping? Not sure if that is a reason to kick, but could be.


Although I list several examples, it stills only happends once every ten matches or so. But whenever you do meet such people, it’s not easy to forget them.

Who knows as to why they do it, I’ll admit sometimes I do play poorly, but never I would kick someone just because they took some ammo, or because they are trying out the board and shield.

And I hope you won’t lol

Strangely enough no, I’ve never been kicked for having bad ping. When that happens, I’m usually the first one to leave

I would understand this kind of behavior those types of games, due to their competitive nature, that’s why I usually prefer coop games, although it seems to really be unavoidable

I haven’t played either of those in a long time, but I remember them always being pretty bad games for toxicity. It’s true though what you say.

I would love to see this in more games. The games that do this are really nice. I feel like more skilled or veteran players should have a sense of duty to set a positive example for less skilled or newer players. Maybe throw out some pointers but don’t tell someone else how to play. Let them experience the game and learn. See what works for them and what doesn’t. If they ask questions, answer them. If they want to learn things, teach them. It should be a relaxed and enjoyable time. Plus, new and more players is just a positive thing in the end. More people to play with. More income and rating for the game/company which should hopefully equate to more stuff for the players.

I really enjoy teaching but I never force myself on anyone else or usually say much because I don’t want to be that nag that tells someone else how to play. If someone asks though I usually oblige.

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I have no idea when you last played Siege, but the community hasn’t been that way for years. In fact Siege is probably the single most toxic fps community right now in terms of how unfriendly it is to new/casual players.

I do wish fatshark would allow private quick play for groups of 2-3 people. I frequently kick people when queueing with friends, because you cant make the lobby private until after you get into the game. Even when 4 queueing, if someone disconnects, you have to set it to private, in case matchmaking decides to fill the spot in the next 30 seconds. I dont kick people for any other reason though. I don’t do non-private cata runs and I can’t see a situation where I’d have to kick someone from a legend game.


There’s a lot more frustration involved in playing the game these days, mostly due to the numerous bugs. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I go to special effort to clear a corner of foes before turning my back on it, and immediately get stabbed in the back anyway, it’s a very anger inducing experience.

That anger builds up while you play, and it has to go somewhere. One of many reasons the game just isn’t fun to play anymore.


I could see this warrant not wanting to play with you. I don’t know full circumstances, but it’s kinda wasteful to take that in quite few situations.


We were fighting a chaos spawn in twitch mode when a Rat ogre joined due to the random selection. I was playing huntsman and managed to kill the chaos spawn, but got low on ammo, so to help my team, (since I was also on low on health, and I couldn’t go melee without possibly getting murdered) I decided to grab the pouch and kill the ogre.

After that the host started to “kindly” tell me that I was “stupid” and a “Noob” for having took the sack, even though it was mainly thanks to my efforts that we managed to kill both bosses, and proceeded to vote me out.

Still, getting kicked from a match in a coop pve game because you took a sack of ammo when you actually needed it, and the fact that you personally find it enough of a reason to avoid playing the game with someone , brought me to confirm my suspicion regarding the current state of this community. A community in which this elitist behavior, is not only toxic, but also extremely out of place.


Yeah, your first statement didn’t imply that you were in twitch mode.

Yes, because there are situations where I wouldn’t want to play a coop game with someone who takes stuff from that area before going through the gate.


Aye, and over an ammo pouch no less. I actually just had a game tonight where we had a dwarf join our group as Ranger Veteran. He said “Ranger Vet is too squish let me change” and proceeds to change to Slayer. He then proceeds to be one of the first to die each time and run off by himself. Eventually he starts bad mouthing the elf and we all thought he was joking at first, because he had died first. Eventually we realize he was serious.

Saying things like:
Elf player brings nothing to the team.
Only sh** people play elf.
F*** elf players.
No good player would play elf.
Says elves always play host so they can’t be kicked.

And it’s like, he died first often. Ran off by himself. His logic of Slayer being less “squishy” than Ranger Vet is most questionable, and then he talks trash and leaves. Like, where does this behavior even come from? It was so unbelievable that we were like “Wait, he was serious?”. It’s like I was telling Osvi earlier. These bad players are so quick to talk smack and then leave after doing so.

The elf was literally a total chad and pulling the most weight.

If you think one ammo pouch is so detrimental that you wouldn’t play with someone over it, especially in the situation Osvi described, then I suppose that speaks a lot of your character.

The most gobsmacking thing is people can’t just talk like civil human beings. Like, there is a real life person on the other end of the internet. Would you want someone to treat you so toxicly over something so inane?


I understand the frustration due to bugs, trust me, I do, but that’s not what caused the community to turn into an elitist nest. I never got kicked by someone because he was mad to a bug, usually when I encounter or when I see someone else encountering a bug/glitch they other leave the match, or just vent a little in chat, but they never start kicking people.

I did get kicked because I was using a “subpar” weapon, or because, I didn’t get enough headshots however, and the motive behind these kicks is definitely not a bug.

If you are about to get killed by the last boss, it won’t be a sack of ammo that’s going to save ya


i’ve been kicked too, and in majority when the ost was the elf. Once an elf host kick me because i pick up bardin ammo bag instead leave it for her. Another time an elf kick me because i pick up a tome instead of one of the bot. But i’m rancourus just like a good Dwarf. Usually i came back in the party by the lobby list (you know there is only kick not ban) and mess up all the game and then leave… no one kick me for no reason…NO ONE

p.s. damn elf users. Yes am looking you Smoker :heart_decoration: