The Community is toxic

It’s important that people recognize that it’s the player and not the character. Otherwise that prejudice spreads and people end up spreading hate and toxicity for no reason and against undeserving people. I’ve had a lot more Bardins shotgun/handgun/tomahawk me or Saltzpyre/Kruber crossbow/blunderbuss me than I have Kerillians shoot me. Plus, what’s a little bit of damage from something like hagbane/flamethrower if it saves you? The silliest moments are when someone walks into your line of fire constantly. The good players will say “Oh my bad for walking in front of you” and the bad players will say “Watch your FF”.


Obviosly i was joking only for trigger Smoker. I use elf too and i met a lot of good elf.

But unfortunetely i’m saying the truth, the majority of time is by elf’s host. Maybe is just only a coincidence.


That is not so easy.

I usually ignore FF. I dont really care about the 2 or 3 hp i lost for an ally

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The Skittergate thing I kinda understand. Especially if you were playing on legend and above. It can be pretty brutal to play a 30 minute game only to wipe to the boss because you didnʻt have enough items/ammo.

All the other stuff is negligible, meaning someone shouldʻve just made mention of it and then left it at that. Pots usually go to shade, BH, Zealot, Footknight, or in rare cases Slayer. Still if youʻre playing with good players those things arenʻt necessary.

Truth be told, the only time Iʻve been kicked recently has been for friendly firing at this dwarf who got me down to 3/4ths health in the first minute with throwing axes. That one was on me. I think either youʻre getting really unlucky or your region is toxic in general, because none of my recent games have had toxic players.

And my experiences.

It would make encounter easier.

Just to be clear, I do not think you did something unjustified in your situation.

I’ve run in multiple situations where people take that ammo at 90% in that room, with others even needing it more and leaving it there for final fight. Why would you want to make it harder for everyone to finish that long map just to top up your ammo? The amount of RVs and non ranged classes taking it in my games is 10 too many.

You know what would also help with the final boss? Getting to it.

But it’s not just the ammo thing, it’s the fact that the simple act of picking up an item that you needed, causes you to get instantly kicked from the game because you didn’t follow the “best” possible strategy.

You are not playing a pvp game at a pro level, your life is not on the line, and those twenty extra bullets won’t make enough of a difference on the end boss to warrent a kick.

I would have been completely fine if the player simply told me that I shouldn’t have picked it up, but that didn’t happend. It was the sheer hostility and the snobbish behavior that arose from it, and the fact the it seems to be getting more and more common, that actually brought me to write this post.

Kicking someone because they aren’t min-maxing their build/strategy in a coop pve game is not indicative of a healthy and friendly community.


It’s been like this since release. You’re gonna get toxic people… I haven’t noticed an increase, but I have been getting a few guys who try and “help” me. Tell me what I’m doing wrong, complain about me while they’re dead and I’m carrying. Then type something at the score screen like, “if it wasn’t for the IB, you would have died to normal horde”. While I’m sitting there at 25k damage and 800 kills, least damage taken. Thanks for the advice :joy:

As for the ammo bag thing, that always ticks me off when I see people grab the Hp pot, purple pot or ammo from the boss room. I’ve never kicked anyone for it, I normally just type something like, please don’t take items from this room in the future.

None the less, if a WS or Shade is complaining about ammo or needs to loot Bardin ammo, they’re bad.

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To paraphrase: if you’re about to be killed on the road to the boss, that sack of ammo won’t save you.

No indeed, it’s not a simple sack, it’s the sack from your future. It’s quite philosophical, you’re at a choice to steal from future to get to it making future itself more uncertain.

And all items in that room are that way.

For more clarification, not wanting to play is more about future games. I’m not about to kick you for that alone, you’d need to be intentionally or unintentionally actively sabotaging the game for that. I just would go into another mission with you.

And please stop using either of us as targets for your frustration venting

My experience is roughly opposite. All bad people stayed in legend and cata plays is mostly full of stress proof people. Actually, I am the one feeling butthurt more then my teammates. Not so long ago I played with guy having 120 weaves frame and he was stupid enough to not revive teammates with E + F as slayer.

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The only one that seems frustrated here is you, I’m just sharing my opinion in the most polite way possible, but it seems that someone is always bound to miss interpret it.

Nothing that needs to be paraphrased here, I was referring to this very specific situation.


As I said, it has almost nothing to do with the sack, it’s the rage and hostility it caused that matters. Also I’m sorry if I offended you somehow, trust me, it wasn’t my intent.


I’ve been playing since the beta, and it’s true, there have always been some people like that, but since the release of the more challenging content like cata and the weaves, I’ve noticed that especially older players have started to act more and more in a toxic way


Well, that’s usually what happens when difficulty in a game/certain gamemode increases.

Especially when it is marketed as something competitive. It’s bound to happen.


I disagree, what if you and your dps are the only people alive and the dps is being chased by 6 storm vermin. That happened to me one game, and the other guy didnʻt have any ammo. Those 20 bullets, arrows, or bolts wouldʻve made a huge difference in that scenario (yes we lost that run if you were wondering).

Sure, itʻs not a PVP game, thereʻs no monetary reward for winning, and most people (myself included) are playing for fun. However nobody likes losing runs to the end boss, and just because itʻs PVE doesnʻt mean you canʻt be competitive. In fact with the recent changes, cookie cutter builds/strats are encouraged even more at higher difficulties.

To each his own.

This is the “correct” way to deal with that situation. However if youʻve experienced that over and over again you might just opt for option B: kicking the person in frustration. I can understand that.

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Maybe, or maybe he would been killed while shooting like it usually happends.

Ultimately things like this can happend, but no one can predict the future, and in a situation like mine however, grabbing the ammo was the logical solution.

Still, I think people are focusing way too much on this simple example, i used it and many others to make a point about the community , not to discuss Skittergate strats

Being competitive and being toxic are two completely different things


I’m neither frustrated nor offended. Neither do I believe you did anything wrong in any situations you described.


Yeah I have the same feeling as well. Higher Difficulty especially on QP means more time “wasted” which of course leads to higher frustration of (ambitious) players that are in it for the grind (which means playing Legend). So yeah the changes FS made to appease the highend players are now hurting the majority of the community now… Although I would still argue that difficutly has nothing to do with the new mechanics but rather by the bullsh*t spawn and AI Director mechanics.

about 1% of USA violent criminals are responsible for roughly 70% of ALL violent crimes in the USA. in other words most victims of violent crimes are victims because society refused to do anything long term about that 1%.

id bet that % holds true with toxic gamers and toxic behavior. i also suggest that the reason most of us encounter toxic players is because game companies refuse to ban or remove them.

i suggested this on steam forums (itself somewhat toxic) and got all sorts of spicy replies but I’ll repeat it here - - - >

fs should REFUND the games for the top toxic players and then ban them for LIFE from playing or buying the game to whatever extent technology allows them to do so.


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Luckily it does, although it seems to be getting more common, it still only happends once every 5 to 10 matches.

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