About sexist and rude peoples

Hello (my apologies for wrong typo english is not my native language)

I want complain about the impossibility to flag / report rude and toxic players in the game :confused:

i don’t get any problemes with players until the last 2 weeks, but now i regularly meet sexist peoples in this game, i thinking that was impossible in 2018, but apparently… idiots from stone age still exist -.-

This happened 4 time for now, one time (and the most frustrating so far) they telling me alot of sexist things every time i used the vocal chat for call danger and special enemies, and just beffore the end ( 30/40 meters beffer the portal) they kiked me and saying " cya sl**" in the text-box chat

today that happen again,

and i decide to take a screen shoot, and post here, hoping maybe the dev team do something for ad an in-game report systeme.

And for me, hide my gender is not an option, i like this game, i want play in legend with cool peoples and be able to communicate with the vocal chat without feeling i’m an inferior thing.


Sorry this happened to you. I dont think we really need any report feature of sorts though. Them kicking you for being a girl is no different from any random group kicking someone for their name or their class or for miniscule friendly fire or whatever else. Its an a$$hole move, yes, no question about it. It can be avoided by playing with friends or hosting your own games though. Last time I checked, the host couldnt be kicked from their own game. Outside of getting kicked, you always have the option to leave yourself if someone is annoying(which, believe it or not, also happens to guys). If you dont wanna leave, Id like to point you to the option of playing with friends again. Turn the tables on the annoying person and kick them yourself.

Plenty of ways to deal with bullies and degenerates in this game already. No need to bother the devs with them and make this another safe space.


So toxic.

Seems like a continuation of trolling from this topic.


It might cheer you up that some people might be especially kind to you because youre a woman.

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Now that’s some made up stuff. It’s well known, that you can’t kick players at the end of the mission. So that is a lie for sure.

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Try yourself, this happen at “empire in flames” just after the last tome and before leaving the ruine of the city.

This sucks that this happens.

Here is a suggestion just for the interm until a reporting feature is added - you can purchase some of those voice changer devices so that at least you will not have to deal with the headache of it.

I usually get downvoted for this type of post - keep in mind, I am not saying it is ok that this happens. I am just saying that because it does happen, here is an option to avoid the headache of it.

Try being purely businesslike. Don’t use emoticons, don’t say hi or be friendly. Don’t react to any mention of your gender. Anything you say should be relevant to the game at hand only. If you’re queuing with friends, then you can do whatever you want since no one should be able to kick you.

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You can report them on Steam but hopefully Fatshark escalates this.

This is why i am disable my voice chat. We all well known how hysterical can be some peoples. No matter what is their gender but that voice spammers makes my ears bleed.

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I guess we can expect a privilege check before starting the game in the future.

Oh I didnt know that, interesting.

I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not, so I will just post a couple of links just in case: link1, link2.

Sorry you had to deal with that. In my experience it is the exception, not the rule. Just leave as soon as possible next time someone starts abusing you - it is just not worth it imo. Also, like someone else said, you can report them on steam.

Befriend all the nice people so you have some normal people to play with. Don’t have much free time lately, but feel free to pm me, my group is a wonderful bunch.

On a side note, its funny how many girls I’ve come across while pubing Legend and all of them were good. The fact they were using voice makes me optimistic most people don’t abuse them.

Sometimes you feel like your favorite game should be more known.
And when it get known, you’re sad cause half of the new people are ruining the community.

I had 0 problem in my whole playtime of VT1. And I’m realyl sad to see such stupid people in the VT2 community now (from “If u don’t do dis dev, I quit” to “Lol git gud legend is izi u suck”)
I mean it went from spamming “HOLY SIGMAR” in twitch chat to kicking people because you don’t like them.

Anyway, I hope (and it started to happen) that these player will effectively leave the game. A lot of them already started doing it, and my games have been better recently.
In any case, we need a report option I guess.

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call the bullyhunters. oh wait…


Can you post a video when this happens next time. Maybe will give clarity to why this happens.

I think i said everything i wanted to those guys in the Thread @NikKotovski linked ^^

But yea, i hope we get at least an ingame block/friend-list like in other games - but for now, just ignore this people, i dont lose much sleep over this jerks in the end of the day. Or try to get one of your friends to play with you, so when they start to kick you over this BS you are at least on the save side

I think its just jerks - you know, the 12 year old that buy games because of the hype and start insulting and kicking people - cause the 'innernet


Currently the best way to deal with this is a regulated ‘‘honor’’ system where players can give a positive or negative mark.

Then an algorithm will divide the players of given statistics.

This is’nt perfect but it has proven effective in games with toxic attitude problems. I just fear that currently moral policing is somewhat of a big mouthful.

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I don’t get what the suspicion is here among some of the comments. Everyone knows there’s a lot of sexism among elements of the gaming community. Someone came to vent about it and had a screenshot? Most women I know who game won’t even do multiplayer because of behaviour like this.

Most people have had ‘that’ match where people are rude and kick them or troll them, at least a couple of times. It happens to women gamers more, probably. Sorry that happened, I wish there was some way to root out this kind of nasty behaviour.


I’ve never been a dikk about it, but my prejudice that women are performing worse in competetive games, i’ve very rarely been proven wrong, that said i’ve played with some great female players that are proving the stigma wrong. But from my experience they’re more the exception to the rule than anything else. I think it’s more rooted in the fact that theres just less of a competetive interest from said group : s then again people can be asholes and it’s more prevalent with anonymity sadly.

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