Reporting Players

So, after submitting a ticket on the website, is there no way to report other players for racial slurs, sexual harassment, or inappropriate online behavior?

I even have screenshots and Steam information, but is that all pointless if nothing can be done about it?

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define “inappropriate online behavior”

but seriously i have 160 hours in beta and release version together and i havent seen it once but you apparently seen multiple examples to the point where it became too much hassle to get onto site to report ppl.

You may be able to report that behavior on Steam

“after submitting a ticket on the website”

Also, it’s not that it happened multiple times with many people. It happened with a select group of people who were using slurs against me when I never once used chat or vox to reply to it.

Then it happened once and it was just slurs.

Report them, or better yet mute them and go on instead of putting requests for dev team to put a system to easily report ppl cause that was never abused…

It’s not appropriate behavior for anyone in an online community. This should be no exception. If you have nothing more to add to the thread about if reporting by submitting a ticket is effective, or if anything is done with the evidence against the person, I would suggest you move along to another thread.

Problem is that it wasn’t conducted on steam, but rather in match. I doubt the steam report would be valid.

Its not appropriate in official meeting, but online or even during your daily life it might not be polite, but thats the worst i can put on it.

Quick report doesnt allow for evidence, it would require even more work to be done with someone reviewing every report.
Reporting ppl should not be frivilous and online reporting with evidence ensures it will be like that.

I have the screenshots and steam_IDs of the people in question. It’s not just one slur that I “so happened” to screenshot, it was the entire match before I found another match at Legend.

The point is to ask if submitting a ticket will allow me to show that material to a moderator, or support user. If not, then there isn’t a point and those same people cause another incident for someone else.

People shouldn’t have to just accept that people can be allowed to act like this in the community, in public matches at difficulties that allow for so few lobbies in the first place, and nothing will ever be done about it?

Yes its one instance of it happening.
Also since youre mentioning entire match i wonder if you hadnt done something to provoke that.

But finally theres something done about it already
tab>right click>mute button

I have a little over 100 now between the two and I’ve had an issue twice that I can remember. One of them i reported via Steam, even if nothing happens I’ll feel better about it. I don’t think a system that let’s you black list people is bad at all, but I don’t think it’s a rampant issue.

I never said anything. I never used Vox or used chat against them. Maybe they didn’t like my gameplay? How would I know, they never said anything about, just the harassment.

Also, I never said anything to them other than asking, “Two grims or one?” Which they never responded.

I wont guess i havent heard their side of the story.

But why didnt you mute them then?

I understand that sometimes reporting systems can be abused. Especially if I were to get a bunch of people to gang up on one person, but it’s not fair to the people who don’t abuse it.

Bro whats your problem? If someone is calling someone racial slurs during a match why are you defending them? One instance or several instances doesn’t matter, all OP is asking for is a better way to report people for times when there is a valid reason to do so. Why are you against that? Nobody wants to join a game to hear some 12 year old screaming “ni$^er ni(&er f!ck motherf#$er b#tch” so if he recieves enough reports he should be silenced or something.

If you had some valid reason to be against it then thats one thing, but you haven’t given one and I sure as hell can’t think of one. Even if you can mute someone thats not a reason for not having the ability to report him.


Im not defending them.
Im rather vary of ppl exaggerating claims like sexual harassment and asking for easy report which is so easily abusable that it aint even funny.

Also sorry for me being skeptical since i hardly exchange 2 sentences during an hour and unless i do sh***y thing like causing a wipe nobody got a problem with me

I did mute them. But there’s chat as well. Not to mention how people act when they purposely hit you on higher difficulty because you ignore them in chat/vox.

Well then instead of saying " no don’t let us report people" why don’t you discuss how we can have a report system that can’t be easily abused? In Heroes of the Storm, for example, you need to receive a certain amount of reports within a certain time limit for the automated system to do anything about it. The odds of you meeting like 8 people that want to abuse the system to “get you” within a 3 hour period are astronomically low unless you actually are being toxic in some way. And on the off chance this does happen, you contact customer support and they review what was said and then either keep the penalty on you because you deserve it or they reverse it within like 10 minutes.

Or at the very least allow us to blacklist a player so you just never have to deal with them again.

I said it? no, now you lie.

I said go to the site and take your time to report ppl instead of clicking ingame button and throw accusations throwing extra load on devs to verify every menial report and i point out to the lol tradition of 9 reports just in case.

Finally im intimately familiar with blizzard automated ban since i got 2 weeks ban in wow after someone decided to call his friends and report me since i didnt want to give my drop to them…there was no quick button for me, it was 4 days of slog to get through to blizzard and ask for review of this ban…

Slurs have no consequences, you might feel offended, but getting banned got actual consequences.

I have 130 h in V2, 70 in beta, never seen people argue or insulting in game, you must be realy unlucky, or you are writing here after first time someone called you in some kind of inproper way.

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