Reporting System

Yes, I know this has come up.
IF the Social tab actually showed the last people we played with, I would agree there is no need for a reporting system. Since it does not, I cannot block them if all I saw was a character name then they quit or whatever. I would like to see a solution to this. Either a reporting system or a social tab that is accurate.
The offensive names are easy to resolve with reporting.

Social tab is totally bad…
it works with steam names… great, but you can’t see them before the end of a game.
You cannot search for someone…

I do not like it.

Today I wanted to block someone that think I am a child and that he can give order to anybody, but sadly I did not note his name. I hope he blocked me.
(short story: he did not play with the team, did not wait for the others players, wanted to speed run the map, did not ask if someone needed the grim, decided to destroy the grim he had collected and for the second grim, I took, he wanted us to destroy it… even at 1 min of the end of the mission he insisted to destroy the grim… guess what? we finished the mission with the grim.)

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