Blocking of Players


Sounds like you have a problem.

On a serious note, does blocking of players prevents you from match making with them?

In game names are not unique, so you couldn’t block with those alone…

… but, yes, things like the Social tab should also include information like character names and details like which mission/time you played with them, because what I know is that it’s “Havelock” the sharpshooter who I just played with at the Enforcer station, and I can use that to find out they’re called “CrumpMyOnions84”.


As much your issues is a total edge case, I think its worth pointing how the whole “Social” area of the game features isn’t’t that functional and bug free.

Supposedly yes.

Because as noted its literally irrelevant information, there could be 20 different harken psykers running around so you ban based on steam id.
If you really need to keep “track of” of someone after blocking then you have bigger issues.


And he could literally have 5 characters with different in game names. I really don’t understand what you gain from such an information. Just block the asshat and move on to next game.

And yeah if your idea is not immune to even small amount of scrutiny and poking then it probably was an bad idea in the first place.
Whatever I’m misdirecting this thread which was not my point.