[Suggestion] Raise the blocked players limit

The current social gameplay system has a limitation of 50 concurrently blocked players, after blocking 50 players, the block button will be greyed out, like this:

The suggestion is to raise the limitation of concurrently blocked players to; unlimited.


5000 average players, and you blocked 1% of them. What did they do to deserve being blocked? I blocked like 2 people. One wasn’t even so toxic, just made me really angry.

But you are right, limit should be higher.

I have blocked 0 people so i wouldn’t know. But a limit does seem strange.

Not rally a reason or anything, I was trying to figure out if it’s possible to have solo play by blocking everyone and casually found out about this limit, so turns out it’s not possible.

By the time I wrote this I already unblocked everyone but I can still see that this limitation might be too low for some.

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I see, if I am right, blocking someone does not throw them out of the squad, right?

No, it prevents the matchmaking to set up a game with them.

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Social features feel like placeholders anyway.

  • No way to NOT disband a striketeam that clicked after a mission. (we had a badly-implemented option during beta)
  • No way to end up in the same hub.
  • “Previous Missions” tab doesn’t display the players you played the last mission with.
  • Chat in the Mourningstar is mostly useless and largely ignored.
  • Matchmaking options are non-existent (team composition choices, filtering, etc.).
  • Etc.

And btw my blocked list has reached the maximum allowed number of players and it’s only 17.
No idea why.
But I want to block people that are obviously not making any effort into teamwork and just bare friendly/efficient behavior.
(Note that you can still block people on Steam via account name - no idea if it will prevent matchmaking with them)

Due to low playerbase, you CAN end up with the same people. It wouldn’t be an issue if we had more people.
I’m stuck on Asian servers due to my geographical location and no choice unless I want to suffer from additional latency and use a VPN.
And the population can be low there. Many missions in Damnation and Heresy are filled with 1 or 2 bots for most of the mission duration.

Despite all these caveats, I still have a great time playing 99% Quickplay missions ^^


I wonder if it adds what you have blocked in general. I have blocked people in the xbox social gui and my limit “in-game” was 28. Very annoying.

You again?!

This is still an issue, and an awful issue. A low limit on blocked players is essentially the same as saying “We don’t care about your fun. We outright want you to have a bad experience.”

Let’s just say I block one person per 15 hours played because they are assholes/don’t give a damn about cooperative play/whatever. That means that in 450 hours (which isn’t an unreasonable amount of hours for a player playing the game a fair bit, but not absurdly much) that’s 30 players blocked. Just that is above the limit, and every hour after that means no chance to avoid repeat missions with the same awful players.

Increase the limit to at least 500 per player. Then it shouldn’t be a problem. With the amount of players it’ll have a minimal effect on matchmaking anyway, and CPU-wise on the server to find matches it’s just a fraction of a second of calculations to put a team together anyway. It also would only increase the player profile data size measured in a few kilobytes at most, so it wouldn’t even be noticed in the amount of extra space required. Without any technical limitations/excuses whatsoever, why don’t we have a higher limit?

The limit is 50 usually (at least on my game), but the social screen is a slow, unreliable mess of a subsystem that seems to give a lower upper limit the more a player blocks someone (I only have one person blocked in about 1000 hours).

Judging by this thread on Reddit it seems like it’s a bug in the (awful) Social-page, which can be remedied by opening it and letting it load. Dunno what the max limit of blocked people is, and I haven’t had a reason to try it yet, but maybe it works


That this is a frequently requested feature tells me all I need to know about you guys.

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