I want to be able to block more than 50 people

I have reached the maximum of blocking 50 People.
Today I had some special boys, who refused to pick up Scriptures, called me names and than refused to go into the dropship. I just waited until they all died. So I don’t want to play with people like that and there seems to be a lot of them. But I could not block them because I reached the limit.
Is there a possibility to raise that limit? Why is it even limited to 50 people?
Thanks for your answers.

He just wants to block all players online to “unlock” solo play.


I don’t think I’ve come across more than 5 people I’d even consider blocking, let alone 50. Maybe the problem here isn’t the other people.


I mean, it’s buddy’s right to choose who they do and don’t want to play with, and having an arbitrary block limit is weird.


Technically though, that would mean allowing them to block everyone would solve the problems of many, many people, not just OP.

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You could just set your games to private.

I do enjoy a lot of games with others, most games are fun. But i immediately block those who do annyoing stuff like I mentioned.

If i could i would 100% do this :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:.

If i block absolutely everyone i can fineally play alone with bots

Nah. I’m with the other guy, you’re aiming for bot only games. Someone else has tried that in a thread on here too.

I’ve a block list of three after 650 hours, and two of them were making racist comments on the mourningstar, and the other raging non stop in a game and I just thought, enough.

To get to 50? Hmm. You’re better off trying to find 3 friends rather than lock out 1500 players.


Sure. But really Fatshark just needs to implement proper solo play and make the bots not total trash.

I agree. Almost like they said they were going to do that within a couple weeks of release. So that should basically be done by now, right?


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You only need one “friend” for private party.

nah, i hate playing with bots.

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