Increase number of blocked ppl you can have

There is a limit to how many you can block. This needs to be increased since there are so many players that needs blocking for not being team players or are just doing generally stupid things, things so dumb you know they are beyond learning to be good players for any team.

I only block the 5% of the worst I encounter but I hit the limit a few weeks ago and just now I could have used a couple of more blocks.


Interesting. So far I haven’t blocked anyone, and I would rather do it for being obnoxious than being a bad player, but to each his own.

I do think that you should be able to block the entire gaming community if that’s what you decide to do.


I am miles away from reaching the block limit, but going a bit into quality of life aspects here I would kinly appreciate if Fatshark would :

  • Remove or increase block limit.
  • Have a “last strike team” section in the social tab of the Mourningstar, mentioning usernames actually used in game for easy add or block.
  • Have the Kick vote option more accessible in game (as in VT : tab - right click - vote to kick)
  • Have the ongoing Kick vote in a corner of the screen, letting you play (and alleviate Kick vote spamming from the most petulent players)
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I have had some many games with ppl on damnation where:

  • They don’t give a damn about the team at all, take all the ammo even though they are white when every1 else is dark orange or red. Dropping meds when everyone is OK but they are missing half a bar, same with ammo crate.

  • Run off on their own and die constantly even though every1 else is gathering up, when getting hit with hords for example. It’s fine if it happens and I’ll try to help (use voice and give directions).
    But if you keep doing same stupid stuff w/o learning and keep putting the team in bad spots because of it, that person is a lost cause if you ask me.

It’s ok if someone isn’t the best player, I know I’m not, but some things really make me not want to play with some ppl again, so I block them.

Then there are the obnoxious and toxic players that 100% gets a block. But those have been few and far apart thankfully.


I’ve only needed to block 4 people in 300 hours, but there really shouldn’t be a limit.

It would be nice if there were 2 block options, a permanent and a temporary. The guy making racists remarks, perma ban. The idiot who didn’t know how to play yet and takes the ammo, or runs off, or whatever not major issue, maybe they’ll be better in 2 weeks.


I wish there were an auto-block option for ragequits. The ragequitter automatically blocks you, and you automatically block the ragequitter.

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Now that I could get behind. Its rather annoying to be merrily progressing through a mission, have my bot buddies poof mid-fight, only to find that not only are these “meta heads” less capable, but prone to dropping the moment the see I’m collecting grimories or not speed-running. Usually doing so after aggroing the biggest bunch of mobs they can find.

Personally I would love to be able to have one of the perks for being max level be the ability to lock a sedition-level run to just myself. Bots might not be the smartest but at least they aren’t living violations of survival of the fittest.

I haven’t block anyone in 500 hours. I just strap my vet carry pants and carry assess off players, that do stupid stuff and roll face all over keyboard.

I honestly think that if you are running out of block slots, there might be an issue somewhere else. If everybody is always at fault, you are at fault in team based game I hate to say.

Now I haven’t play with you so take this with grain of salt, might be you are just unlucky, but it seems to me that this is systemic issue as you state thus you might have too high expectations on random people on the internet.

Are you driver? Have you seen how poorly and nonsensically general population is driving? These are your random teammates, and you should expect to have to work it out even with then around.

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How do you differentiate this between a server crash? I usually never blame anyone because I cannot be sure why he left the team. I play with a friend a lot so I know all the time he crashes out he’ll be back, but for people I don’t know I cannot tell.

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Sounds like a you problem to me. Use the block to ignore the obnoxious, not simply because a a player went left when you wanted them to go right.


Yeah I feel the same, I’ve only blocked one person for a loud open mic after a few warnings.

Also only vote kicked once because the guy was suddenly afk in a T4 high intensity after a hoard clear. We couldnt advance through the elevator. Lol

Please Fatshark, give this man the option to block himself to all other players, thanks! :smiley:


We could just all block him instead as a clever workaround!


Yes, let’s see how a game with 2K peak players per region does when people massively block each other.
I guess then it will be FS’s fault for long queues.

They already removed the score board, how is it even possible to be toxic in this game now?! People are just the worse!

If you are blocking that many people then

then that probably is a problem with how you interact with others

It is indeed strange. Without a score board there is no reason to be toxic. Scoreboard is the same as toxicity. We all know this… I’m sure there is an irony flag here somewhere, but I left it in my other pants.

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How do you guys find these people? The only guy i tought about blocking was this person who was adamant that holding in the absolute open against 2 million different ranged enemies was a good idea and somehow blamed the rest of the team after he was obviously shot to pieces.

You are also going to run out of people to play with fast if you block anyone who runs ahead.

On the one hand I’m all for not having a block limit in theory, on the other hand: How are you even blocking that many? If somebody is just doing something stupid or what have you I’m not going to block them over that, that’s super petty. They could be having a bad day, they could just be new, they could improve, they could have just flat out made a mistake, etc. Limiting my player pool over things like that seems… unwise. Now if somebody is actively hostile (AKA being an ass/hostile in general, even with no interactions) then I might think about it, but I don’t think I’ve run across anybody I cared enough to block in Darktide.

I mean it’s hard to find anyone who is even willing to talk let alone someone who is actively being toxic. Unless they are instigating it or just blocking someone whenever them or anyone on the team goes down I don’t see how they can fill the block list up.

I don’t even know if there are that many people playing the game!