Block list limit? Srsly?

If there is no rating or normal matchmaking, or some sort of “Social Score” can you at least don’t limit players block list?

I use it for special, inadequate/non teamplay/egoistic/trolling players, as game has no other functions to make a border from such people, and as their NO moderation or rating at all, as I see in game (if it is, it works too bad) and 50 players limit was full for 3 weeks of play. Now I have to remember whom I blocked and for what, choosing between evil and less evil in fact.

It’s just strange and make bad feelings from gameplay, especially when you get in team with same ruiners for 3 times in a row, because your block list is full.

May we have some reputation system, at least shadow one, or can you remove this limitation please?


50 blocks in 3 weeks? Damn, here I am with 0…


I dont have a lot this problem cause i often play with friends, but when you are alone, or maybe 2 players, you get your game experience really degraded by many players yes.
And i can understand you want remove the limite cause if you play a lot alone you can cross the way of many players you dont want to play 1 more time with.
But try to not finish alone :disguised_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I guess, you are lucky with teammates, or more patient, then I am)

Yeah, playing with friends solves the problem, but even having 9 playing friends there is always a situation. when some of them are busy. And even 1 random player can trigger a lot, especially on high difficulty.

Finishing alone is impossible, at it’s like 50/50 of normal and bad players (IMHO), or, at least 30/70 what is still pretty a lot. But still too many live “One man army” players and rage quiters. Maybe my own unlucky experience :confused:

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First thing a done on the prerelease of the game, building a good little community of hard players, and now we play a lot together, yeah that solve many problems.
It happens we leave a game when we cant discuss with an other player playing solo, stealing all ammo, etc …
Try to add good players as friend too ! It’s a way :slight_smile:

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So far i’ve felt like blocking maybe 1-2 people and i definitely don’t play constantly in full premades. 50 blocks sounds excessive but maybe its a regional issue?

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Doesn’t Steam blocking work in DT (like it does in VT2)?

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As I saw, there is a separate block list, and there were no blocked users from Steam, so, I think, There is no such integration, but it would be good, if they add it

I think it’s about time played and periods. 50 blocks for 120 hours of gameplay, not because players were awful, just not to be in a team with them ever again (blocks not allow players to be in your team or even hub), so, I used it as my personal blacklist, and it was great, until in get full.

And it’s not a regional issue, as most of players are foreign to me (easy to understand by automatic “need ammo/healing” or “thanks” chat messages, they are always the same language, as a game of a player)

Only had to block 2 people in 250 hours of playing so far… at those numbers I’d start wondering if it may be something with my own behaviour lol


I would rather say not a “behaviour” but patience and readiness to tolerate some aspects of others behaviour.

As I mentioned, no charges to players, it’s all about personal comfort. I have nothing against half of people, whom I blocked, I just not ready to play with them anymore, so, having an ability to save my and their comfort by the tool (block list itself) will not harm anyone and save comfort both for me and them. At least, It is the way I think.

A good solution, really

But still, it would be good to remove this limitation anyway. I don’t see the reason for it and only positive impact.

Sounds like you are blocking someone on average every two hours.


I’ve had one blockworthy guy so far. Pretty funny guy. Heresy game. He was on voice chat, pretty miffed from the start.

Then we got to a Daemonhost, we mark it and start going around it. It was in the torrent, in the small hab-space before you drop down to the bridge.

As we stand at the ledge, we can see the guy walk into the marked Daemonhost, immediately aggroing him. Then a horde arrives as well.

He drops down and dies to the host, which then targets me, while we’re dealing with the horde.
I go down, the last two don’t manage to recover from this and after some more struggling we fail the emperor. Zealot tried to free us in the end, but he had no grenades or forgot about them.

After the guy died he yelled “WHY DIDN’T YOU RUN AWAY FROM THE HOST, I KITED HIM HALFWAY ACROSS THE MAP, WORST PLAYERS EVER” by which he meant dropping down ten feet.
When the last guy standing didn’t throw his grenade to get breathing room: “USE YOUR FLESH, USE. FLESH! USE FLESH!”
he meant flash-grenade, but he had a thick accent. Quite comical.


Well i have over 200 hours already so i doubt its that either. Nearly 70% of those hours are done in damnation and rest on even split between 4-2 when i was levelling my 4 toons up or aiming for a random weekly.

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50 limit is probably even too much.
In Overwatch, you can avoid only 3 people, and only for a week.
Probably the main reason for not having more is that it could disrupt the match-making system where it could struggle to fill a team.
Imagine if we all blocked 50 players. No one would be able to find a match because if just one person in the team blocked you or you blocked any one in a potential team - there is no match.
And it will only get worse as population naturally goes down.

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Now that I think of it I usually turn off voice chat asap in team games when it comes to pugs.
I can’t handle random people with varying quality of mics and volumes blasting my ears randomly. Hearing them eat, breathe, fiddle around you name it.

Maybe that’s why I have 0.

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Sounds fun enough, but quite common to me (yeah-yeah, my luck), as 2/3 of games where we meet DH - somebody agrs it. 1 time it was a guy, who for the whole game was about a half of location from us, and managed to agr a DH, whom we left behind. It was fun until DH killed him and appeared in front of me.

Every 10 games there is a barrel-lover player. Yeah, it is fun to explode your teammates, playing with friends, but when a random player blew you up with every met barrel, and you lost, as 3 team member were blowed away from a map… It happened 5 times for the all time, with different players. I already call it a boom sindrome.

Lots of people, who see a team dying, and still saving needed medkit or ammo case, what could be a save of a game. People who are stalling the time on purpose, write bad things into chat, afk 99% of a game, people who don’t rescue you on purpose (I literally have to stay at rescue point until the end of the game for 15 minutes one time, as I get to a team of 3 friends who thought, that not allowing someone to play - is funny, especially when you die fom blown up barrel and flew away from the map).

I am kinda think that I am in a shadow ban, as so many people write that they had 2-3 block reasons for the whole playing time :slight_smile:

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Sometimes it were “Troll teams”, but it’s about 1 player per 10-15 games now.