A Problem With The Social Tab. (and also weird, toxic players)

Just played with a guy going by the name of ‘Fatgum’.

They ran far, far ahead of the team, getting into trouble on and off, then running off ahead of the team again. At one point, I asked why he was running like that, to which someone replied on voice, ‘Maybe he’s trying to speedrun the level. It’s called speedrunning.’ not sure if it was him or not.

After the match, I commented that it’s fine if you want to speedrun, but you can’t do it alone; maybe let everyone know so we can work together, to which he replied, ‘Carried’. and then ‘suck my @$$.’ and disconnected.

…how am I supposed to respond to this, and what am I supposed to think of people like this?

And the glitch I’ve noticed: I’m not able to find and block this person. I have had a few people I’d rather not play with again, and when I go to social to try to locate them and just block them by name, their name is nowhere to be found; the person is unable to be blocked, and so there’s a chance I might be matched with them again. I can’t even see them as being online, and they would have to still be online as I just got out of a game with them.

I understand people enjoy the tension of the various moments in the game, but I don’t think this kind of tension is what people are after. And if it IS what some people are after, I’d very much like to keep myself away from those people.

What it seems to need to do is list ALL players in previous matches from at least that day in order to allow for these kinds of things. I have one person I played with previously, but they have a different name and their character image is a different class.

I’ve had a few people with stupid wannabe racist names like ‘NickHerr’ that I wanted to block, but again, not showing as online, or if they were, it was showing some other character of theirs.

Yeah, same applies if you want to add somebody as a friend.
It’s sometimes impossible to find the people you played with.
I don’t know if it’s bugged or kinda intended but it would be better seeing the previous mates with the character/name they used in the match and if they were still shown with that name, no matter if they are online or not.

It’s my favorite when these idiots run far and away from the squad, die, and then cuss out everyone for being worthless before leaving the game.

They’re absolutely clueless.