Report players in game?

Just met a player named “Jew”

Couldn’t report his name.


Similar thing last night, saw a guy named “JewHammer”

Similarly, womanhater, wifeabuser and masterrace.

I don’t understand the problem here.

At the moment (as far as I know) there isn’t a feature. What I would do in the meantime is to collect screenshots, video, and player info (Social tab in game menu) to store while also bringing the issue up until a feature in implemented. Hope that helps.

No really, what’s the problem? I’m not joking, I don’t understand. His name is Jew. How is this something worthy of a report? Would it also be a problem if his name was Goldstein? I understand perhaps if he was named Jew and was also behaving inappropriately, but I fail to understand how the name alone is a problem.

Oh and whether such feature comes out is up to Fatshark. We’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

I would have to agree…if it’s JUST the name and not any kind of actions taken by that player then just leave well enough alone and move on with your life. What one person may find offensive others may not…such as this. Now if this person named “Jew” was in the main chat spouting hate speech that would be something entirely different.

And FYI it may be his actual name…I grew up with a kid whose name was actually Jew (and yes his family was Jewish, they thought it was clever)

There is a guy in the group I play with a lot who is very religious and doesn’t care for lewd/trashy (as he calls them) names. He just blocks them in the social tab and moves on with his life.

Context matters for sure which is why, if it is important to you, to collect relevent information that is important for your case. It’s a tough undertaking and glad we the players don’t have to deal with these sorts decision makings.

Wonderful product Fatshark has created and I don’t envy their position in this matter. In the end it will be up to Fatshark on how to proceed.

I saw a guy called “blackbabylyncher” :confused:
please ban people like that fatshark