No report possibility?

I don’t want to do my Karen, but honestly, i see to many offensive usernames, and no possibility to report them, maybe i’m blind, but this “ProudWhiteSSoldier” should not be able to play the game anymore.


Idk. “Gamer” humor can be needlessly edgy. Probably some stupid kid.

At least I hope. Silver lining is regardless of what they actually are is that whenever they are in game they’re not hurting anyone.


ProudWhiteSSoldier. That’s a bit much.

Anyway, you can actually report both, offensive behavior as well as toxic behavior. But you’d need to write an e-mail.

In this case, the player will probably get a warning or a temp ban with an added slap on the wrist and a free, forced rename.

I think the email was Don’t quote me on that, though. Link the screenshot as evidence or it won’t be taken serious due to false claims being a common thing on the internet.

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I would assume they’re doing it ironically, but who can say. Not really my humor if it is.

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we don’t like nazis. if you want to be a nazi, keep it in your shithole borders.

You can open a support ticket with FS with this link, it’s stupid that it’s so isolated and hard to find.

This being the most blatantly offensive character name I’ve seen on this forum yet, I’m disappointed and upset yet again that there’s MFers giving it the benefit of the doubt or just enabling it thinking it’s okay. You shouldn’t allow nazi crap to exist in the community, simple as.

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I straight up thought there was no report system. Doesn’t exist in game, and not found here, at least not easily.

My air of apathy is not me excusing that name. Even tried finding the profile on steam to do some digging (its privated). I simply thought there was nothing to be done since FS generally doesn’t seem to give a sh*t which is a fair assumption considering the digging required to find out how to report someone.

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Yea it’s sad, and even if a report is made there’s no telling what happened to the reported account unless FS explicitly shares it which is rare from what I’ve seen.

It’s just so rampant in online communities in general. I especially hate to see it in games I love.

I get a little sad when I see “K word hater” (paraphrased) when in Tf2, or CS, and then realize that I share an interest with this PoS.

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Yeah, when you realize they are the same people as you. Everybody have a different ideologies. Probably he is simply a teen and he will grow out of it. You can’t help it, people simply romanticized them. Basically nobody would care them but the media always create new content including them.

BTW on Fatsharks end. Their whole social system is so barebones it simply puts a whole skeleton to shame.

It is really single minded opinion from you. You simply assuming I am a nazi from two sentence.

mate, you really have no clue what you’re speaking of. in the developed world, people don’t like fascists, we make movies about killing fascists so no one forgets that we should always kill fascists. There’s this bizarre notion emerging in the developing world that the West is somehow full of emotional weaklings becasue we embrace diversity for the most part… it’s baffling… why do you think we’re NOT the developing world?

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Of course I have a clue. Embraced/forced diverstity easily can lead to racism which is already there. A healthy nacionalism is needed for the countries same as patriotism. But if you marry those two you get fascism. And yes, the most romanticized army is the WWII German army.
You could simply ask basic questions why he felt the need to name himself like that.

There is a bigger chane that people are going to encounter these type of people here. Basically you are on forum of game which is based on “space fascism”. And in the game we are part of that group.

The only problem with his name is that there is an extra “S” in it.

I looooooooong ago learned that this is almost never the case, it’s a fiction we tell ourselves to dismiss our own discomfort at being around such players. They’re not being subtle about who they are, and the 17 year olds who are doing it ironically tend to get bored with it insanely quickly before investing tons of time into something.


I love how the forum has double standards. My post got removed because it was offensive to somebody.
It is offensive to say “each person has a different treshold on these kind of things and people from the west is less tolerant(snowflakes)”.
But it is not really offensive if somebody calls you a nazi and call your country a shithole.

So basically my deleted post is way more relevant than ever.

Bit edgy. But… is it worth a report? Nah.

you’re describing that paradox of tolerance, which is honestly a concept long resolved(by us snowflakes). This is why i stated you really have no clue of what you speak; your commentary is painfully reductive, and frankly smacks of an education steeped in propaganda.

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Most people don’t even know what facism is.

Actually it is. If nothing happened, nobody bothered to flag the post.
The forums have an automatic flagging system. If more than X people flag a post, it is automatically hidden - No moderation needed.

If we talk the actual intellectual definition of it, you’re right.
Same would be true for many other commonly misused terms, such as Socialism, Free Market Capitalism, Communism, etc.

But that’s what narratives are meant to do. They detach words from their actual concepts and make people associate terms with an emotion.
Once emotion and term are married, the definition as per Oxford no longer matters as emotions aren’t rational and people react to trigger words.

That’s Pavlovian Conditioning in Action.

Think about it like this…

Is the report worth a button being added? Is the name of another player causing you such distress you cannot go on with life or the game? Is the situation bad enough that you cannot function with it in your view?

Is it bad enough for you to write to fatshark about it?

If it is not, then it’s not worth any more energy. A report button would just backlog their development process because that means they would have to create a whole new division just for player reports. This is a PvE Coop game, not PvP. There is NO NEED for a report button at all unless you feel the need to report someone for GRIEFING or being disruptive to the game session. That is why there is a LEAVE SESSION button and KICK FROM SESSION button.