Banning inappropriate names

Hi Fatshark, is there a way to report inappropriate names please? there was a player using the name of a mass murderer, and I don’t think that those sorts of names should be used and perpetuated.
Thanks in advance.


Lol, Let him the name. Mass Murderer in Warhammer Horde Dite game. Let me think, what you do in the game, oh well you kill 1000’s of people, zombies, mutants, xenos. Somehow fitting that someone makes such a name for himself.
If you want to collect flowers, unicorns and pink lovely names, Warhammer is the wrong place for you. I don’t care about the names of the games, the main thing is to play smart and you don’t belong to that, if you only focus on names. Put your focus on what is happening in the game and not on names.


so far the only waht to report a player is to go to the discored and report them there to a mod
(i think anyway) they may be working on a report but they have not bin saying if there are or not >_<

no. I dont require that I look at pink and fluffy names in game. Its a computer game that involves killing make believe things, and I enjoy the game. The fact that you cannot see a problem in someone emulating and promoting the name of a mass murderer actually says a lot about you.



Yeah I saw a player with the name of a child molester and was not impressed.

Additionally, if people actually liked this game, and this setting, then they’d make characters with setting appropriate names. I loath playing with people with stupid names that don’t fit the tone of the game. As the obviously intensely, magnificently intelligent and well spoken Flafi said it’s Warhammer, and if Flafi doesn’t like Warhammer enough to accept that a serial killer’s name doesn’t fit the lore…well, maybe Warhammer is the wrong place for them.


If you can’t differentiate actual people dying from killing fictional zombies and chaos cultists, you may be more special than you realize :wink:

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People who want to be edgy on the internet will be regardless of whatever countermeasures are put in place. Its a silly arms race to engage in.

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You know a lot of mass murderers, cult leaders and such get actual fanmail after being put in prison? People will take inspiration from them and tbh, I see no problem with naming you character after one of them.

…the zealot i ran into named PopePoopoo on the other hand…

Well, I wasn’t allowed to name my character “Lasastard” (which I have used for many years in all kinds of games) - I assume because of the “tard” ending… But yeah, ChildMolester2000 seems to be OK for some reason…^^

he just made a mistake. Should surely mean Shildmonster2000. Cough cough

I had a “Hitler” in one of my games.


I’ve run into more than one Nazi reference and a guy that kept spamming “88” in chat so a reporting system would be good.

40K attracts actual fash.

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