In game reporting system for offensive name needed

Ran into an offensive name today (third reich name). Checked the social tab, no option to report the name).

There should definitely be an option to report offensive in game names in the social tab, not just the option to block someone and/or their comms.


That’s a very idea and all, but I think having the ability to change our names in the first place would be a bit better of a suggestion?

You can report a player via our support portal here:

We’re also working on beefing up some of our systems in place for inappropriate behavior.


Yes. Plain and simple.

No idea what kind of name can be offensive in the universe where humans routinely burn whole planets with sentient races just because those aren’t very excited to admit that some dude called “Emperor” is god and saviour.


imagine caring about names lmao


I cant imagine getting upset over dumb usernames on the internet.


You guys…this is a troll post…lol

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lmao why did i get flagged? i was providing moral support


eder you were providing moral support but not in the way they wanted you to, you have to be more genuine.

Ok man, let me do better, build better,

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