We Need A Report Function

Not just a kick function. A way to report people for hacking or bigotry.

I am always of the mindset that people spewing bile, hate, racism, anti-trans rhetoric, and the other truly VILE things should be reported and, eventually, banned.

You don’t allow these people a platform to be hateful people to others. And losing access to their game is the only way to teach them ‘I get in trouble if I say bad things!’

I’d say a report function should be priority #1 come launch day. I’ve already seen a few nasty things when a run fails.
Like, things that made me think “That guy needs less ‘Pew Pew’ and more ‘Time to lie on the doc’s couch.’”


this deff should be a thing

BUT not like most games do it where if a player get enought reports a bot bans them as this can lead to fualse bans the final repoet should be seen by a human not a bot like most games go

This is call “internet”. A lot of a-hole and troll on internet, just ignore them, if you have to be too sensitive about that, just get off your PC and do something else. There is way more important things to fix in game, beginning with the Dodge system they ruined


While yes; ‘If you get too angry at a game; stop playing for a bit’ is a good take. The rest is wrong.

If people say vile things; they should be punished. It’s called the ‘Consequences of your actions’.
You don’t let them be racist/hateful/transphobic ‘because this is the internet’.

You punish the a-hole and trolls by…punishing them.
You take away their game temporarily and, if they continue, permanently.

I don’t get why people screech over the idea of a report feature. They have been in online games for well over a decade now.


Dude your comment reeks of profound entitlement. No one should have to tolerate bigotry and naked prejudice, let alone in leisure activities.

Human review of reports and permanent bans for TOS violations please.


Yes, edgy teens will shout gamer words, as is their nature. The game has a block feature; the problem is already solved. Devs have real work to do, let them focus on stability.


Go back go CoD or wherever you came from, this community doesn’t need you.

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Because a lot of them are automated and are very frequently abused by the very people they’re intended to be used against.

I don’t agree that people should just be jerks online without any consequence, but faceless, no-touch systems that put all of the power into players’ hands isn’t a good idea either.

Mute and kick are really all we need for the vast majority of cases.


mute button exists, use it and deal with it


To your point, there were several weeks in New World where brigade reporting was the preferred PVP strat. Game barely recovered.


Awww, threatened by the idea of a report system?
With your attitude, I can see why.

No it’s not, because then they go on to continue ruining games by spewing hate.

I have never played a game where the report feature could be abused to that extent.
The same ‘argument’ was brought up when Phasmophobia added a report feature; The game would die. Only innocent people would be reported. No one would play anymore.

None of it happened.

  1. That was PvP
  2. You were on the server with about a hundred other people.

In Darktide; you can get 3 reports, maximum, per match.
On top of that; you get matched at random.
Let’s assume the threshold for your reports being looked at is 15:

What are the odds that all 3 players are going to report you for no reason if you do nothing wrong in 5 different matches in a row?
In a day?
In a week?

Answer: Almost never going to happen.
Yet people act like any report feature can be abused even though…Report features have existed for over a decade and are almost never abused in small-group games.

Also, for everyone saying ‘Automated reporting sucks’. I never said ‘automated’. Report systems should always have a human element.
And punishments for people who abuse it.

But looking at some replies; There are people in this very thread who would get hit with a temp ban, if they act the same way in game.
And they’d deserve it.


While I understand your sentiment and good will, not everyone needs something like that. I simply ignore those people and don’t bother. I neither asked for nor need protection tbh.


Stop being a toxic a-hole and you won’t be reported, mrwhite.
Actions have consequences. And I can see that you would get hit by a report system.

Look at the post directly above yours, and the edit he made.
People like that should not be ruining the game for others. :man_shrugging:

Regardless; I am going to advocate for a report system. IN this thread, and on the Steam forums, you can see allot of people who deserve thier reports.

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All you need is a mute button. If someone is legitimately trolling with their actual gameplay then sure, they should perhaps be punished, but I don’t understand why words on the internet should get someone’s $40 flushed down the drain.
EDIT: Actually screw it, I’m gonna say there shouldn’t be a report button at all. Mute and kick, and if the rest of the team doesn’t want to kick, then that means you’re the one with the problem and you should leave.


Stop trying to censor people lmao you would report me because i said you are a cry baby.
That’s the perfect example of stupid people who will abuse the report system
Thank you


These invariably get abused. Mute and kick, job done.

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If the words are hate speech, racism, threats, and personal attacks; Why should they keep thier game?
It’s no different from a storefront kicking someone out for the exact same offenses.

And you are the perfect example of somebody who would get banned for being toxic.

Examples all around!

The sheer amount of people who seem surprised that their actions could have permanent consequences is astounding.

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If the words are hate speech, racism, threats, and personal attacks; Why should they keep thier game?

Why shouldn’t they? Mute them and kick them. I don’t understand the problem at all.


Because most games say such attacks are against the terms of service?
They are ruining the game for OTHER paying players, and not contributing to a friendly game-space.

By your logic: I could go into McDonalds, buy a burger, start screaming racial epithets, and then tell them “You can’t kick me out! I spent money! People can just ignore me!”

Edit: Anyways; I am done.

  1. The people who are screeching over the idea of being reported would deserve it.
  2. I can understand why some people would worry it would be abused, but that’s not as easy as you think.
  3. And the devs have the final say. I just wanted to bring it their attention that some people are, in game, making threats and racist comments.

They are ruining the game for OTHER paying players, and not contributing to a friendly game-space.

Then mute them and kick them. Your analogies do not work. If you can’t kick them, that’s because the others in the lobby do not have an issue with what is going on, in which case it’s you with the problem and not them or the guy you want to kick. The problem is solved.