Kicked for too much health

After 350 hours of play, I have never experienced any of the more toxic practices within the quickplay community, until last night. After joining a match in the keep, I was told: “too much health Bardin, change level 5 talent” and was promptly kicked when i refused.

Admittedly, I could have responded with a justification as to why I had chosen the 20% health boost over the increase to push block angle or the additional stamina shield; however, I was so taken aback by the request that I could only respond with: “too much micromanagement Salty, please change outlook”.

My question to the community is what, if any, situations/unjustified requests have gotten you kicked in the past?

Additionally, I would like to compile a list of potential requests that can be made to such hosts who believe their preferred way of playing is the only way.

Suggestion - “Change glowing weapon skin to regular, enemy can see you coming a mile away”.


You got kicked for being too tanky?!

What is this world coming to?..

I was playing Markus Kruber, Mercenary Extraordinaire, when I missed a handgun shot on a Pack-Master who had grabbed a quick-player. Once the fight was over and there were only 2 people left alive, we tuckered on until we saved the other two and a message popped up, “you suck at aiming.” I got kicked promptly thereafter :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, though, people are just weird. It might’ve been that they were just sending you a random message reason before kicking you so they could bring in a friend or maybe it was because they just didn’t want to see that career? Who knows?


Kicked once because “No one can aim Kruber Longbow properly. Swap to some other gun n00b.”



What surprised me most was the willingness of the other 2 quickplayers to kick me instantly. I like to think if I was an observer of this situation, I would put of some resistance to the opinionated fool.

Wait wut? Why would anyone take either of the other two talents??? Your ULT lets you ress regardless of how many stamina shields you have or what angle you’re being hit from. Moar HP = Moar mistakes that you can survive…

LoNG bOW kRuBeR iS sO wEaK, NeEdS A bUfF tO bE As gOoD aS wAyStAlKeR…

I mean… You can only one shot kill SV in their toes on Legend, elbows work as well though. He needs a serious buff so the bow can kill even if it misses. Like a tank shell flying past infantry, doesn’t need to hit them, the concussive wave of air should do it.


I believe most of the people are just sheeps, they follow the input

That sucks, but at least it’s not a regular occurrence. Anyone who has played enough Payday 2 can tell you about how much things like that would happen.


Bahahahaha! I love it.

I think a lot of people are a little titchy about it because they don’t have quite the attack speed of Waystalker-Longbow, but I’m confused as to why they need it… the Huntsman Longbow sends shivers down your spine when you drop a critical headshot on a boss. The healthbar drops so fast my GPU can’t keep up!

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I don’t know the exact numbers… But, you can fire it nearly on par with the WS longbow, with the added bonus of not needing to hit Head Shot breakpoints. Check out the video I posted, you don’t need to fully draw back the bow to do break point damage, there are different levels of charge for it.

But, back on the topic. I was kicked once for not hiding in the house where the first grim is on Against the Grain. They piled up at the door and waited for the horde while I went to get the key for the barn door. Solo’d the horde and waited at the barn door. Asked them if they were coming, got kicked. GG.


That’s a lot of arrows to the knee!


My only really bad experience was when I was put in with a trio who wouldn’t communicate, wouldn’t leave any supplies, and kept running off and leaving me. When I died in the finale on Athel Yenlui, because they dropped off the platform while leaving me surrounded by Stormvermin, they started literally screaming obscenities into their mics.

This was in the beta, btw, one of the early ones that didn’t even carry over . . . So there was no point to loot yet, lol.


I once got kicked because I took the grim on Empire in Flames.
I played Witch Hunter Captain before he got buffed and I watched Kruber trying to get the second grim. After his 7th or 8th failed attempt I jumped up there like a squirrel and took the grim so we could finally go on.
‘Noob! You are too squishy to carry the grim!’

You can believe me, if I would have taken too much damage I would not have taken the grim…


Omg this is hilarious , keep em coming!!

I got kicked once for opening the right door first on Convocation (because apparently, it is not common knowledge that just blindly hammering the switches isn’t the fastest way to go). I even rejoined just to explain to them why I did it and educate them on the topic and they let me stay. Since I am a spiteful gobbo, I picked up the grim, threw it away and then left :slight_smile:


I don’t recall a time where I was kicked, however, there was this one time where I queued up for Legend Quick Play as a level 16 Ironbreaker.

The host promptly told me that “this won’t work”, however, rather than kick me, he just left.

I’m unsure if he even knew there was a kick option.


Ah I’m glad I’m not the only one who encountered this kind of player x’D

I joined a game with my HM, was prompted by a “F*ck off Kerillian”
“Nobody wants and elf in their team”
And I got kicked, didn’t even had time to pick Kruber (cause yeah they were already three, waiting for their lord and savious Kruber).

Tho I’m glad most of the community are really chill and cool people, even more than VT1 imo.
In VT1 I got kicked multiple times because they had a friend coming, here I’m simply told they have a friend coming, and politely asked if I can leave. Luv u guys <3


Fooking Elves :grin:

Elf master race


I don’t recall times where i have been kicked, but few times i have witnessed where someone gets so butthurt they just keep spamming kick option through the whole map because someone made a mistake.

If that were to happen again i would just promptly jump into the abyss with grim/tome and find a new game.

You should’ve taken a screenshot/video of that conversation and post it either here or on the reddit so the others could “blacklist” those idiots. I’m sick of those people and they should be publicly called out or shamed.
I had a folder full with recordings but unfortunately I’ve deleted it by mistake when I was deleting some Warhammer Online videos.
One of the best “encounters” I have had was with some guy who went into rage mode because I haven’t been using halberd on FK Kruber. He started with incoherent screaming and ended up with “Get the fuc.k out of here you champion piece of shi.t” (we were playing on legend) and then he kicked me out.

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