Repeated Votekicking

Can a cooldown timer or something be added to stop matchmaker from putting me back in the same game I was vote kicked out of? I matched up in a game only to be kicked within seconds, and this happened about 10 times, wasting my time and probably theirs as well, since they obviously didn’t like me being in their game.


Great suggestion, but did they not give a reason for kicking? I got kicked once, and they said their friend dced. Just wondering if the people were straight up assholes. Irrelevant to your post, I know.

I was vote kicked once. The first time I played champion - I was drunk at the time and I was nervious about champion. So I get on the mic and ask “is 200 power level for items enough for champion?”. But, I know I was probably slurring my words and they were probably able to tell that I was drunk. They did not say anything - just a kick.

Funny thing is, I got annoyed at that so I made it my duty to get through champion. So immediately after that, I was able to successfully run 3 champ runs with other groups in a row. (I made sure to have my mic off during those three runs)

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Haha! Never kick an imbiber unsubstantiated. Sometimes I’m a beast even 6 drinks deep!

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No reason, and even the first time (still in the keep) I was booted within maybe 10 - 15 seconds. Subsequent times were during quickplay in progress. It was Legend, and I was playing Lvl. 30 Handmaiden. I figured it was just because I was elf and “elf is bad”

But then today I ran into the same guy playing my Lvl 14 Kruber trying to level up in champion runs. I didn’t get insta-kicked the first time, I joined mid-game this time, only to have the party die after maybe 5 mins? They had two lvl 20’s and a very low level dwarf, like Lvl 5 or something. After the defeat I was kicked, and then matchmaker put me in their next game twice I think, again started kicking within a few seconds of joining.

Nothing was said to me at all, today or yesterday. I think I made some comment about them being salty at one point, but no response.

For real though, this is one of the only games that I seem to do better at when under the influence of… well, we’ll just say “substances” .

It’s like the various character Voice lines that go something like “christ, I need another drink for this s***.”


And to respond More on topic I agree we need something in place so the kicked person can’t rejoin the same game. It sucks for someone in the OP position and it sucks for other people who kick a troll and then the troll comes right back

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Ye had a guy that over 2 games had to be kicked about 15 times, we stopped playing public games after that to avoid him.

I don’t think anyone wants people to be able to rejoin a game they are kicked from (other than very rare cercomstances). If you kick a troll you don’t want them back and if a troll group kicks you why would you want to play with them?

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