About vote kick

    Some players do friendly fire on purpose or join legend misson with a very low level characters. After being kicked, they can join back soon by searching the host's name. The only way to prevent they rejoin is to change the room to privite. 

    I suggest that players kicked by voting should not be able to rejoin the same room for a time. Maybe about 15min or somthing.  So that the host wont be haunted by those players.

Strange way to format the body of the post, but I approve.


100% agree with @LordRhinark on both halves of his statement.

It’s been an issue for some while where people just loom over games. Not a big one, but it’d be nice to be able to feel a peace of mind when a troll gets kicked.


Opening post’s text copied from Reddit or Steam forums, maybe? Nevertheless, it almost caused me to skip the thread altogether, so it really should be put into a more sensible format.

While constant and purposeful friendly fire is clearly griefing and should be stopped through some method, low levels joining Legend doesn’t mean much. They have reached the necessary Hero Power on at least one character, so the players are not inexperienced, and might well be leveling their secondary, tertiary or later character - or they may just be people who just reached the Legend threshold and are trying it out. While Hero Power and Talents certainly do make a difference, player skills are far more important. For this reason, I don’t support extra actions against them.

People immediately rejoining a game they were removed from (through leaving or getting kicked, doesn’t matter) is something that should be prevented. It could reduce these instances (and certainly would reduce repeated trolling and griefing), but would also reduce frustration on both sides.

I know it’s probably a translation thing, but I love the use of ‘haunted’. Like they’re a ghost. Or a scooby doo villain.

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