[Player Toxicity] Votekicking & FF Revivals

Good day lads. Other day I had the most oddity of a game with a human who, well. Certainly left much to be desired with his manners. However, his exploits did open up a few things to my eyes that I both hadn’t noticed or even thought of after even playing six-hundred hours of the game.

PROBLEM#1 - Votekick System.

Issue with the vote kick system that a player displaying toxic behaviour can actually cleverly avoid being kicked at all the entire match. How you ask? By insistently trying to kick other players of course. During a votekick, another player cannot be votekicked out of the game. Translating thus that a player who does not wish to be votekicked, and as well is displaying abusive behaviour can in fact have immunity from being kicked within a match, so long as he keeps the votekick of another player up.


Votekicks should only be able to be issued once by a player in a set time period, and votekicks would instead come by queues. If a votekick is in process, you can answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and still enter tab to get the player list and initiate a vote kick of your own. Next votekick option will follow the queue. Not sure as to how technical this may be as I am no programmer but, that is my solution to it. Fatshark can scratch their heads about it.

PROBLEM#2 - FF & Revivals

Whenever a person is reviving a friend, even the slightest FF will cancel the revival. Now, I hadn’t actually noticed this much when this was accidental, even if it is annoying - but when someone is purposefully trying to stop you from reviving a team member, well. It gets rather tiresome, real fast. A single shot from a ranged weapon will cancel a revival, and therefore revival is impossible. This is at least the case on Legend.


Just don’t take FF into the account of blocking revivals. Not sure how complicated that will be but again, I am a mere player.

Thanks for reading.


I 100% agree that there is an issue with the vote-kick system and that there isn’t a ton to do to get around it right now. My thought would be that each player has a 20 second cooldown on kicking if their kick doesn’t go through.

It’s a change that doesn’t affect any of the friendly players adversely and can only help to alleviate the vote-kick issue.

For the friendly fire I think it’s sorta cool that your team needs to be careful around you while reviving someone but you are correct in saying that the system can be abused. I think you’ve mentioned the only way of preventing it.


FF happens, I downed an elf 3 times in one game with barrels. I should just leave those things alone… Wasn’t expecting a Waystalker with hagbane to rush into the horde. At the end of the game, near the bubble I chucked a bomb at him just to mess about, he was not impressed. Even though we finished with a full run, all tomes and both books.


But yea, FF can stop revives, I’ve seen it happen many times with hagbane fire. One or two hagbane shots to knock the horde back so you can revive is fine. But don’t keep spamming it when you see the person picking him up. And as the thread points out, it can be used to troll a lot and kill people.

I didn’t know about the vote kick thing tho, couldn’t someone just vote no and then be ready to click when his vote fails?

It is easy to predict when the queue raises up again, and when one person is commited of making your game horrid, and you are trying to both play the game on Legend and get rid of him, you are at a massive disadvantage of ‘winning the kick war’.


Was kiked at bubble by three [place not allowed word here]. Luckily it was the only case of griffing I encountered.
Vote kick should be impossible after some moment in this game (some checkpoint, after killing Bosses).

Edit: Forgive me, I think I came off as aggressive. Rephrased!

Absolutely not and allow me to try to explain why:

Let’s say our Grimiore-Bearer drops 50 feet from the bubble and we have just cleared Bubblespunk Hogshale and the troll from Tosspot’s game doesn’t let us pick them up? They are just shooting us repeatedly as Sienna. We can’t wait out her ammo supply because she doesn’t have one… so we just lose a grim? Seems like I should be able to kick them.

I agree with you 100% that they are ork-gitz for intentionally griefing you after a successful run, but preventing a kick is not the solution.

I’ll try to come up with something as a counter suggestion, but for now I’ve got nothing that’s better than the generic ‘Vote-Kick’ system.


A few days ago we had an elf who was lackluster, but I thought they were just new. After saving them multiple times and finishing the skittergate boss they proceeded to empty every arrow they had into our sienna (who had been knocked down already) while escaping.
Oddly the vote kick option was gone, but if I had been able to I would have kicked them.

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Does this actually happen a lot? Not saying this isn’t a problem or that we shouldn’t fix it but in 900 hours I’ve only been kicked twice.

The first time was my very first game as sienna and I didn’t fully understand how the overcharge system worked, as a result I kept exploding which was no doubt very irritating for the rest of the party. But even then they booted me in the lobby after we successfully completed the map, not during the mission.

The second time I quickplayed into a lobby that only had one ironbreaker in it. As soon as I walked into the keep he turned to me and said something like “mace isn’t meta, use a different weapon or I kick” in broken english. And then he booted me two seconds later while I was in the middle of typing “huh?”.

You just can’t win with stuff like this. If you allow kicking at the end of the match people will boot everyone else and invite their friends at the last minute for a free chest. That’s why they implemented kick protection in the first place.

A simple ability to block people like this in future would do for me, so blocking someone in-game would prevent them from QP into any of your games in the future. Surely after the ignoramus has been blocked by tons of people and they don’t get many games they might finally figure out being a world class idiot only reduces their ability to get a game.

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I recently started playing the original Vermintide and it has features like this which are strangely missing from the sequel. There is no player blacklist, you can’t change equipment at the start of a mission because you can’t take your party into the next level without going back to the keep first etc.

As well as bringing back the blacklist I think they should add an option to block people on ANY of your friend’s blocklists. This would hopefully propogate the protection without everyone having to deal with the problem player at least once.

If I remember correctly, hedge said they are working on getting the block system in game. It’s most likely not on the top of their to do list right now though. I still think a karma system is the way to go…

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