Intentional friendly fire


Anyone got sick about friendly fire?
Yea, even a good player does a few FF per game… but if the FF player keeps doing that time after time?

Today I met that type of troll.
When the rush started, he looked panic and started to spam arrow into horde.
But sadly his aim just sucked so bad, so that almost all of arrow landed on his teammate, not the skraven…
After the rush I asked nicely to stop that, then he started shooting me until I click leave game button.
He had friends in the grp, so kick vote would just fail.

Suggestion -

  1. auto-kick these type of FF

If a player exceeded certain amount of FF, he/she will get auto-kicked by game itself.(and can’t join back immediately)
The cap will be damage amount or consecutive FF count.

  1. Please show all players in the group via lobby browser

If I know the guy shot me past is in the game, I will never join the game.
But lobby browser shows only host name atm.

  1. Let me add him to something like blacklist, he/she can’t play with me again forever

These trolls might keep changing his steam profile name, so hard to track by hand.

  1. procedure to report them to devs/valve

I think these trolling players should get banned, but currently they are free.
Please give us a way to show them justice.



My friend and I had a sienna that was beaming us constantly all mission. I purposely rezzed her into a tornado to kill her, and then at the end we didn’t heal her and let her die again so we could rez her at the finale . After which she started intentionally beaming us. After that mission we disbanded the party. You’d think after the 20th FF call out they would get the hint.


Assholes are gonna be assholes. You’ll learn that most people are so fragile they can’t take criticism.

For instance, last night we had a Kerillian getting downed all game and I mentioned that during the horde she should, “come put her back to the wall during a horde so she wouldn’t get surrounded.” This person then snapped and called me a passive aggressive f***** and proceeded to friendly fire. I persisted and rezzed her when she got downed and helped the group anyways, but sometimes you’ll encounter these people.


Kicked players shouldn’t be allowed back into the game.

FF issue has been solved a while ago in other games.

Hosts should be able to insta kick players.

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In my game, the Host was his friend. GG

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Feels bad man… If you’re looking for people to play legend with let me know. NA servers, I have 4 30 charts, so whatever, smash some rats.

All friendly fire damage should be revealed at the end of the match; the fact it’s not is shocking. I also want to see totals for damage blocked (shield tanks need love too).


Players are just too eager to kill vermin to care if there’s someone in the path.

Also, it seems all the bad WS players are now bad beam players. Gj, we’re improving here.
edit: and Ironbreaker ranged only players


A solution to this very real problem would be to make it so that after a certain threshold of friendly fire has been reached, the vote to kick simply becomes an actual kick button. This way, if you decide that it truly was unintentional or someone just threw one bad but big bomb, they don’t just get autokicked. It is still up to you to decide.

I just hope that they make kickban mods available as fast as possible.
Saved me from a heart attack in V1. No discussion, no enduring trolling because of muh inclusion or whatever.
I had a top tier game experience this way. Till that can managed again, I guess you just have to roll with it/lease the map Instantly.

The more friendly fire they do they should get a stacking damage debuff. The more they shoot teammates the less damage they will do, maybe that will make people take a moment to aim instead of spamming arrows and fire into melee characters.

And to top it off after reaching a certain number of friendly fire damage their end stats should be removed and only show how much friendly fire damage they do, that way they cant stroke their ego with their uber kill count. :rofl:


Friendly fire should also deal self damage, because I’m just about to start shooting back.

Meh, on the other hand I’ve seen people decide that they’re not happy with bardin or the elf taking out all the horde and decide to walk in directly in the line of fire. If that happens, that’s your own fault. How much more obvious can it be? That flamethrower on bardin… yeah dont get in front of it.

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This has happened to me before. Was using a firestorm staff to do crowd control and had a Saltz constantly firing into crowds im already burning and then starts griefing me bad when I call him out for sponging kills off of me.

I get that this was meant to make the game harder, but this game has enough toxic players without leaving the door open for greifing

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