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So i have something that i wish was read by fatshark moderation @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge
Some context [no name for more sincerity]: I was playing with a friend in legend, we were having fun and all, we had won 2 games and starting another one. We launched a Quick Play got joined by 2 other player and the game begin. In the very first minutes of the game one the 2 player that had joined kept rushing forward and getting down. A horde came and he was stuck in the middle, while me my friend and the other where trying to fight. At this moment the guy that rushed and fell, insulted us. So because he was not having a nice behavior (to say it nicely) and we were having a lot of fun we decided to kick him. We keep on playing. And one minute (even less, like he did it on purpose via the steam recently played section) later the same guy connect to the game insults us with racial injure, as it happens there was a patrol, and while writing his obscenities he rushed in the pat and left as soon as the pat was aggro.

I get that the kick functionality can be use for bad also, and therefore you need to be careful with what you make with it as devs, but this guys instulted us, then joined again was even more violent [to a standard that would not be tolerated neither here nor on steams forums] and crashed our game. It should realy be not possible for someone to join after being kicked.

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Lol and i am supposed to feel bad about those players that kick all Elf classes as well?

People kick others for stupid reasons too!

That is what i said in the topic, read the topic in full please ^^

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put the game on privat after kicking someone for 1min.

IT also works the other way around, I’ve left halfway through because of a couple of truly demented players constantly getting downed for foolish things, only to restart QP and get put with the same 2 clowns.

Just prevent joining a game you leave halfway through(for whatever reason)


And bring in the leaver penalty while you’re at it - like some other games that are actually considered cybersports (I’m looking at CS:GO).

This is a bad idea until they fix their QP system or rework it entirely. Being punished for leaving after getting the same map a third or fourth time should not be a thing.

You’re referencing CS:GO, and in CS:GO you pick which maps you queue for yourself, meaning you won’t be stuck on a map you didn’t yourself put in the pool (unless your party are de_dust2 only players, for which you have my condolences).

If they were to implement a “map pool” similar to ranked in CS:GO where you can choose which maps to QP for (maybe with a minimum number of maps included to not abuse it entirely), then the leaver system MIGHT work (if we just entirely dismiss host/server/crash issues which have been a pretty big problem with this game, unless I’m misremembering the last couple months).

Please don’t ever add a penalty like this with the QP system (and the game istelf) in its current state.

Nah, not for skipping a map as a team - that should be a votable option. As well as the end game votes like in VT1 - that was a nice system.
I meant those guys who hop games and ruin them one by one because they are on drugs or something. That should be discouraged.

Did you even read the rest of my post?

Consider that you’re playing QP solo, and you get put in a map with 3 strangers. It’s skittergate. Fine, whatever, let’s go. You finish the map and leave this party of strangers, because you only put up with the beamstaff pyro, bh saltz and drakegun ironbreaker for the entirety of that map because it was probably a win so long as you just watched their backs for 40 minutes, even though it was awful.

You queue up for QP again, and find yourself in yet ANOTHER skittergate. Fatshark can say they put a heavy negative on the map you just completed for their algorithm all they want, this has not been the experience for me or the people I play with at all. You look at your line-up of pubbers, and it’s the same, boring, I-get-to-watch-them-kill-everything range meta, again. Nope, not happening, you respect your time too much for this deja vu, and so you leave.

But hold up, you can’t just leave just because you got the same long-ass map that you didn’t ask for, again. Which you won’t even really play, but just watch others play it for you, again. Enjoy the 2 hour ban, you literal shitlord, next time it will be 8 hours, then 24 hours, and after that we’ll not let you QP into skittergate for a week!

But just call the hypothetical vote lol, you say. Well hey, lookidat, this is the first skittergate of the day for these boys because we didn’t queue as a party of 4, so they wanna get their guaranteed emperors vault. Sure, whatever, good for them, but why would it ever be a good idea to punish ME for leaving that game?

I get that people joining and leaving and joining and leaving and joining and leaving are annoying, but it is not even close to as problematic as this “solution”. Don’t punish me or others who don’t want to sit through the same map 2-4 times in a row just because people join and leave games too much. Like what the hell.

Yes, I’ve read your post in its entirety, however the map queuing is not QP. Although it might be a good idea, I don’t think there is a real need for anything more sophisticated than a next map vote during normal play. You make a grace interim period, during which you’re free to leave if you don’t like the next map that the majority chose. That way you don’t really leave mid-run.

Anything more complex should be done on server level like it is in most games (like Battlefield). But oh noes - we don’t get any dedicated servers.

I say that if you’re not ready for a random map, don’t play QP - choose whatever lobby is out there or host your own fav map. What’s the big deal? Not like QP is the only way you can play the game.

But then again, this argument would be valid only if it was truly random - you could at least soothe yourself by saying “its just an RNG”, but no.

I dont know if that setting actually works for you, but yesterday I tried to play duo with my friend, set everything to private, but ppl could join regardless of that… This option just doesnt work for me… (same with other character recommendations, which is disabled for me, but the game still drops it up on qms…)

+1 to QP penalty once a player either leaves willingly during mission or gets kicked.

I play ESO from time to time and if people leave a 4-man dungeon group, they cannot get into another dungeon queue for 15 minutes. They can also ignore a player to never see that player again in a dungeon if that person was displaying toxic behavior or harassing other players with whispers.

I would like to see an ignore function (to prevent being paired with rude players) and/or a leave mission penalty if someone decides to leave during a boss + horde fight hoping to cause a wipe.

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We’ve been asking for this for a while. Unfortunately, blocking someone on steam has no effect on the game. I’ve already got a list of people we vote kick or leave if they join our game. Mostly people who spam the mic, screaming racist slurs or music. People who just FF for no reason and then pull patrols and die on purpose.

When in private, your steam friends can join too, so that may be linked ?

I had the situation where a toxic player waited for all game to re-join us after being kicked.

Put the game in private for 5 minutes, put it public again : BAM ! toxic player connects. Couldn’t get another 4th, so we finished with a bot and stopped playing for the night…

They were randoms, none of them were on our friendlists.

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