I just got kicked for

Trying to save a game after everyone died as HM. WTF

Just because you can’t block don’t kick me for trying to clutch


Probably got salty because they died thinking things would’ve been fine if ‘‘you’d just done x instead’’

Unless you lost books or something because some people believe only emp chests have reds… losing a whole run’s worth of time is worse than finishing a mission with some books missing though.

Mind you I’ve had someone verbally abuse me over not using dual daggers as a shade while destroying everything trying out the spear for her… that’s like calling out the wizard we had for not using their staff properly when their actual issue for going down constantly was trying to use the staff pointblank while surrounded.

My point being people will always give you crap now and then for the smallest things, either being petty or having a bad day.

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so it got down to me and bardin versus horde and chaos spawn. i was kiting spawn & half the horde whilst he took on specials and the other half of the horde. the other two members died with iron breaker ult still up for a start, i hate seeing that. he died shortly after losing grim, i spent 5 minutes trying to navigate the ambients whilst kiting chaos spawn, did a couple of revives (with not much following me by that point) but they kept dying. bardin asked me to leave during all that and eventually led to booting me. i swear some people give up too easy


Don’t let the bastards get you down, mate. These sociopaths do the things they do cause they want to solicit a response from you, thats how they get their rocks off.


Might be a strong word there, but a lot of the time people will try to substitute their own failures by pointing at others, that much is true.

I agree wholeheartedly with that, aside from the stupid boss-walls some bosses have, the game at least allows runs to be saved when not faced with impossible disabler spawns.


just venting xD

i’ve been kicked for legit reasons before… like hagbane FF death, but never for trying to play my role lol


That’s fine, it’s just lounge anyway. We all have to deal with ‘‘that guy’’ now and then, I’m still quietly amused whenever I think back to that one time I accidentally blew two people up when I was first playing unchained and overheated. :+1: Accidents always happen, if you make a mistake apologize where appropriate and shrug it off. If people persevere in judging you or the behaviour is clearly on purpose then they’re toxic.

Ive had someone once that just left the game like 2 mins after it started (vet difficulty) and his resoning was that he was too good for us. The best thing was he was downed the most because he kept charging into enemys and not blocking the attacks. We were actually happy that he left

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I haven’t don’t it in V2, but in V1 my group once intentionally skipped reviving some gung-ho random who kept causing problems. We didn’t mind carrying.

i got kicked once for accidently shooting my wiz with my swiftbow once, in the middle of a horde.

i shrugged, pressed join quickplay again in the keep, and i got the exact same group again. they apparently had triggered a chaos spawn right after kicking me, and were wiping to it.

i smiled my largest smile and left the game =)


I played on champ with my lvl 10 Kerillian. (Convocation of Decay)

I was forced to take the first Grim, because noone else did. (probably 2-3 premates)

My Teammates died the whole way long till the end… I died like 5m before we finished all (because no backup in the circle).

The Host means “re-tard” and i got kicked. So yeah… i really enjoy play with bots to get my 100 games on every character… so much better than with randoms…

Or you could just host yourself, you know? A kick-free experience, low ping comes as a bonus.


Host. He meant host. Which, while nice advice, requires some annoying workarounds for Quickplay.

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Lad, why do you even bother yourself with such matter if they won’t.

Just got flamed and kicked (left before that) as Slayer for not using my Careerskill often enough. Some ppl are quite sensitive on how to play. Dunno. xD


Of all skills I would say that is one of the skills that would require the most reserved use, considering his limitations?

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Thanks. :smile:

Well, it does require more thought than, say WS’s or Pyro’s skill, with similar recovery time. But it’s rarely useful outside hordes, and during them you need a bit of breathing room to have time use it. During hordes you should have the bonus up as much as you can, but intense fighting can take your mind off of whether it’s ready or not.

Oh, well, some people will complain if your playing is at all short of optimal. Those people are to be avoided and left to their own devices.

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Agree 100%. Joined a game the other day as Kruber with a 1h mace, we’re still in the Keep before even starting, and Shade player says “you need to ditch that and equip Halberd so you have some armor pen.”
Me —> bye

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