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Why are so many people that play this game jerks? I’ve only got around 450hrs in the game so not a lot in comparison to most people. But in those hours played I’ve noticed a common theme. There are a lot of situations and circumstances that have increasingly made me rethink if I want to continue playing Quickplay or even the game as a whole. Not Fatshark’s fault it has a malignant growth esque community. So tell me, what’s your problem people.

Ran into a game yesterday where a BH went down and was instantly chastised by Sienna with requests that they learn how to block. This was a common theme throughout the map as the BH went down several times and occasionally ulted into the back of the elf on several occasions, who was understandably a bit miffed.

Rather than providing constructive criticism, old Salty was pretty much bullied.

Ended the map with the Elf on 1 health and last down, carrying a grim. BH decided to ult into the elf one last time while we were in the portal, losing us the grim and the tome. Although i wasn’t super happy we lost a tome (part of the weekly challenge), I couldn’t help but smile at the patience of the BH in making it to the end to take their revenge. A fine play good sir/madam.

Edit: In my ramblings I forgot to provide general experiences. I haven’t run into many people described by the unlucky ones who come across the pick of the litter, at least not in legend. I very rarely experience/observe anyone who actively criticises anyone who needs a bit of help getting to the end of a legend run. The people who do, normally need a bit of help themselves.

I dont know your region but in my 900hrs in game, i saw 4~5 toxic players only
One who tries kill other after he entering with no reason
One who quit game cuz he order other to take grim but being refused (he was host)
One who mock other becuz one guy dead
If you do champ and meet troll, go legend
Not much harder than you expect but there are players who are very kind

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Yea, from what I’ve seen. The scrubs tend to be in lower difficulties. The only problem with legend is that occasionally you will join a game with elite players. The might of been one person short for a premade. Prepare to be told what to do constantly and micro managed xD


1500 hours, only met a handfull of toxic players. Egotistical players, players with no foresight of what happens if you run solo never caring for the whereabouts of your team only to scream at everbody when they die and people with a complete lack of situational awareness - all the time.

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Well I got kicked multiple times for trying to save a run alone.


Joined a game were I was called “porch n***er” quite a bit…I just muted him after a while,
kept blaring rap music and talking about his “magnum dong” and how he used it on my mother. I would have left but I need one more grimoire for the daily.


Does blocking them on steam prevent you from playing with them? I know there has been several discussions on the issue but I can’t remember the outcome. Being able to blacklist the most toxic of players would be nice although I imagine a lot of people would abuse the system and use it to blacklist new players who are not as experienced.

As I’ve said, I haven’t run into anything you guys/gals seem to be dealing with on a day to day basis so it may just be that you’re getting unlucky. May also be down to location or platform as I’m based in the UK and play on PC and often (90% of the time) get grouped with friendly pugs from around Europe.

Blocking people does not keep them out of your games. My “elite” discord group has been keeping a blacklist of toxic players since beta, around 300 people or so now. If a blocking system ever gets put in place, we’ll all just copy the list to keep these guys out if they are still playing.


I joined a champ quick play 1 hp of temp health, chaos spawn, everyone down, managed to revive all of them (was handmaiden) kited boss so they could heal ended up successfully killing boss…got kicked.

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May have to ask for that list when/if blacklisting get implemented :smiley:

…unless I’m on it :open_mouth:

I think champion is the glass ceiling for people afflicted by the Dunning–Kruger effect.

Legend is far more hit than miss when it comes to chill peoples.

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For the most part I’ve ran into nice people in my quickplays, but of course every now and then there’s the odd toxic person. I do agree that overall people in legend tend to be much better, while champion is full of self-appointed rockstars that love talking s***, listening to music so they can’t hear anything, and generally being terrible.

i meet quiet people who just wanna complete the run in 95% of my legend quickplays. i’ve come across some people that kick me straight away after seeing my setup, that’s fine for me, i just shrug and queue up again. the worst people are the ones that talk crap in game and accuse people of being bad, but are actually only veteran level themselves, but they think they’re top stuff.

i will admit that a few months ago, i threw a ragefit at 3 of my party members who walked right into a path of a very obvious and loud patrol and cornered themselves leading to a wipe. think that was my lowest moment cos i was extremely tired after a day at work

Friend of mine carried a match with several poor players last month. He’s don’t talk much, so he never got on their case for going down over and over. They all died, and he got to the end of the map with a grim and tome. He got them all back right before the portal, and then they vote kicked him. They voted a guy that carried them solo with a grim out of the party. :poop:

Since that happened, he’s been a lot more proactive about kicking bad players. I don’t like kicking anyone. But I can see if you get burned by trolls too often, you can get salty about having trolly players in your party.

Aye, just had a Huntsman a few mins ago. Shot me in back enough times to make me lose 35% of my HP just in the start of the map. He was trying to get a kill on a Stormvermin… I was playing salty and could easily 1 shot SV. But his FF kept throwing my aim way off, horde comes, I’ve now missed the SV 3 times, more SV get pulled, horde surrounds me. He goes invisible and runs back leaving me to die, GG. I asked him on voice and chat to stop the FF, he gets salty and shoots a barrel next to me, I assume trying to kill me. We vote kick him, it was a 3 player premade. He joins back in and tries to FF kill us, we ended up having to take the game private and just play with a bot instead. REEEEEEEE

i thought it was impossible to kick a player towards the end of the map. has this been reverted somehow?

This was like a month or two ago, and on Xbox.

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