I see alot of whining

So, this post should mainly be considered a rant. Which is what it is.

I have a problem, and it is spelled “whiners”. I see alot of people, often the same ones, on different threads whining about how they are unable to pull through Legend and how they blame nothing but the game and its design.

These whiners main complaint is the “unbalanced nature of the Game Director”. How it throws too much at them at the same time. How suddenly the game “wants them to lose”. There is the occational guy responding to them with “git gud”, and I can’t help but to agree.

Apart from some glaring bugs which should be adressed asap (silent spawns, patrol behavior and % power vs X enemy), what do you expect? A cake walk through Sunny Lane Gloryland park? I love hard games. I live for them, such as the Souls series, Mortal Kombat etc. In any game I play I like to search for challenge.
V2 is one of the games that give it to me. Especially on Legend. The frustration is always around the corner. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about good frustration. The type of frustration you are supposed to feel when engaging a challenge, not bad frustration like game breaking bugs and all that jazz.

So, the Game Director is there to give us this challenging experience, that exponentially increases with every difficulty level.
There is also a gap between every difficulty, which means you will have to stay there a while to adapt and collect better gear, so you eventually can engage the next difficulty. Now. For those unable to clear Legend there is Champion. It rewards you with the same gear. It’s somewhat Challenging, but at 600HP you get your cake walk through Sunny lane Gloryland. Which is what you want right?

I’ve had alot of losses on Legend personally, and I certainly blame some things with the game, such as the bugs mentioned earlier. Sometimes it’s literally the bugs that cause a loss.
But mostly it’s Kerillian firing a volley in my back. Mostly it’s Slayerdin going yolo at 3 CW:s and a horde. Mostly it’s me not staying with my group. Mostly it’s others not staying with the group. Mostly it’s a complete lack of communication.

So, maybe the Game Director needs some tweaking. But tell me why some people consistently destroys Legend,running it solo even, while others whine on the forums about “how difficult it is”.


Spot on! They don’t call it “The End Times” for nothing!


And now someones going to write a post complaining about your complaining about complaining.


I’m with you. There’s a fine line between AI director completely destroying you cause RNG, and not being good enough to deal with certain situations.

Good teamwork, well balanced team make up, and constant communication usually beat the AI director with hax spawns.

Making a whine post about whining… Hah, the irony clearly has escaped this one. :smirk:

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game is bullcrap tho and this is spoken from someone who got a red, who got a hat and beat all the lvls on legendary.

I didn’t expect it to be a walk in the park, what i didn’t expect how ever is hordes and specials that materialized right in from of my face, or that chaos knight ending up being a silent chaos knight patrol that was perfectly stacked together and other bull nonsense like that, but maybe I just need to get good and develop ESP or something lmao


Hey man! I get your pain, and I feel it too. These bugs are a serious problem that needs to be addressed for sure. What I’m aiming at though are the people who blame the Game Director.

Consider if all these bugs with silent patrols, randomly spawning stuff and all that, were gone. If so I think the game as it is would be fantasticum. All I’m saying.

Haha. “I’m the dude disguised as a dude playing another dude”!

Hasn’t escaped me lol. I’m fully aware of it. Makes it more funny in my book :slight_smile:

-breaths in-



We all love difficult games. We just want to have a fair and complete game, artificial difficulty ruins a game because it results in exactly the wrong frustration.
But I feel FS is slowly reaching a good balancing spot.

Well to be absolutely fair with a lot of people in the “whine” section, there were people with a lot of experience in the game and extremely high winrates in legend. J_sat also had a few words on things that were wrong with legend at the moment.
I understand your point of view, but I doubt legend will be “ruined” through balancing, I mean… in the best case we have a fully working game without bugs, difficulty will still be adaptable through mods.

not true, many people don’t see games as a challenge, but something to just press a button and get instant gratification

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I’m not saying Legend will be ruined. Hell, it felt great playing 1.0.5 yesterday. I have my own share of gripes with the games, but none of them are related to the Game director. My main issue right now are some of the aforementioned bugs D:

Its disgusting how many loot-druggies just want their loot fix. I hope fatshark keeps the integrity of the game despite their cries

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