Why the current game is frustrating

First off V2 is great, I have dumped a ton of hours into this game (215 to be exact) and I love it, however the rose colored glasses are starting to fade a bit and here is why.

Numerous fixes implemented in the patch did absolutely nothing, aggro and anti block attack spam on RO is still an issue, skittergate still wipes hosts talents, people still dying randomly, etc.

The loot system is absurd, regardless of all these people suggesting we play for fun not cosmetics ect, thats fine and dandy, I am playing for fun, I love the mechanical aspects of the game, the environment, the world and character building the obvious love that went into production however, im sitting here farming legend opening on average (25-30) boxes a day of various levels with my two friends. My buddy with 96 hours in running legend with us currently has 4 cosmetics and 7 usable reds he has equipped and has yet to see a repeat item. I’ve been fairly lucky seeing reds (post the 180 hour mark when I got my first one) I currently have 6, but 4 of them are duplicates that I can’t even use, and 1 is the Executioner’s sword which unless you block cancel every first attack it isn’t even usable, this is frustrating and leads to just help further toxic behavior. Allow me to explain!

With the bugs and issues associated with the game accidents or issues are bound to occur or just simple mistakes as we are all human, but say you are running a legend map and get lucky and find 2 dice, this is it, you might get that sweet emps chest for that 4% chance at a red, and someone dies and loses a grim, with friends its likely not the end of the world, but with how rare loot is and how rare emps boxes are i’ve seen full fledged hulk mode rage when someone makes a simple mistake. Its things like this that breed a group of people that get so concerned about a “meta” playstyle and insta kick people from champion who aren’t “perfectly” set up because its “a risk”.

Essentially the fact that half the talents and traits don’t even work, half the weapons have phantom swings, and half the classes because of this are sub par at best really exacerbates this toxic behavior along with the coupled aspect that the rewards in game are rare at best and people clearly want to maximize any chance at getting them even if it causes them to appear elitist or toxic to players who may be fantastically skilled at the game but “under geared” or “under leveled” or “playing the wrong class”

At this point in playtime in V1 I was decked out, I had what I wanted, I looked cool, I was geared (enough) and got to spend time helping people learn how to progress to higher difficulties, this was my favorite part of playing v1 and im just stuck in this endless farm for usable reds and cosmetics with no end in sight and every day I just run into more and more people who seem angry or distraught doing the same thing.

On a final note, I also think the collective reasons the game is frustrating listed above is going to encourage people to cheat or try to, one can only farm for so long before saying “to heck with this”


My favorite feeling is seeing that red border around an item, only to click it and get another necklace. Up to four now, so I guess I’m set on necklaces forever…


If they let you swap a red + some orange dust for a random red, or a picked red I think this would basically solve the entire issue. Im fine with low drop rates if we can’t get repeats or can but can convert them to items we want.


It’d also be nice if cosmetics weren’t just on commendation chests. Having my characters at lvl 30 feels like a disadvantage as my commendation chests take like 3 legend runs per to get.


Exactly I have everyone at at least 30 (+1) so at this point the chance / per time spent in game that I will find a cosmetic has drastically dropped.


I know the pain OP. All aboard the feels train. Next stop, more disappointment.


Uh, I think the loot chest drop rates are completely fair. The game is well made and balanced. Also no glitches for this game. 5/7

I feel the game is great in general. It just needs a lot of balancing. So while i partially agree, i also partially disagree :slight_smile:

Don’t fall for the bait m8 @boat

Oh I know it was a troll. But my response is still the same! great game in general, needs balancing.

The broken talents are the most frustrating for me. I am surprised the game shipped with so many in such an obvious state, like the old Huntsman +1 Stamina talent that didn’t even work coming out of beta.


i dunno why the topic always shifts to reds/cosmetics when you list a ton of other stuff that actually is frustrating or at least a let down until it gets fixed or re-tuned. broken talents, phantom strikes and some sub classes just being way inferior is much more important than shinies that, in a lot of cases, look really stupid with the blue glow. the people focusing this much on red items and cosmetics are burning themselves out over nothing. if that’s all you’re hoping for when you play then take a break or do something else. the power cap is probably not going to increase, so once you have them that’s it, and the types putting that many hours in already have several perfect or very close to perfect items anyways.

i’d have lost my mind forever ago if i was only playing it for reds. instead i lose my mind getting matched with people who should be in recruit when we don’t have a full stack :smiley:


Its because reds and cosmetics are quite literally the only thing to work towards. I can have fun playing any of 200 games I own, I won’t play a game solely because its enjoyable anymore, the markets just too saturated.

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its the culmination of everything thats creating a toxic and stale environment to play in. Fixing droprates or adding in some system to recycle reds is just an easy fix to help alleviate some of the other issues which are going to be more time intensive to fix.

Figured I’d add this onto the list of things that need changing. Gotta love having a full bar for Emps and I still get a Generals. Why or how is this even a thing? This just adds to the pile of disappointment that is the onion of RNG loot in this game.

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I think its the 99% roll lmao, but yeah I get those and always yell “COME ON!” at my screen.

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Yeah this seems to be a problem atm, given what people are posting on the forums.


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And everyone has every red in a few days, crying for more content. The game is not only meant for vt1 veterans, but also for new people who need a lot more time to get used to the gameplay and mechanics. Double reds shouldn’t be possible, though.

It’s not full, bro. That is the fingernail of Ranald’s middle finger.

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Well i still think that the V1 Loot-System was better, it fits perfect into the Warhammer World, but the one thing i would change at it is just rolling for your chosen Character instead for all.

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