Feels like a beta?

The title says it all.
-Bugged abilities (Krubers “night vision” not turning off after the ult ends, Shadewalk not working, Sienna´s Burning Head targeting the wrong enemies etc.)
-Unpolished graphics and performance (random fps drops, geometry like the sigmar statue plopping in etc.)
-Enemies behaving weird (spawning right in front of you or even inside of you, flying through the air, unreasonable peaks in spawning etc.)
-Broken hitboxes (friendly fire hitting allies behinde you, enemy attack range to long etc.)
-Strange design decisions (no sound or visual effects for backstabs or the extra dmg on enemies after blocking trait, allies receiving damage while put out of action, almost as much RNG in the lootsystem as Vermintide 1, balance the game in a drastic way)

It´s been two months since realeas and I think Vermintide 2 underperforms compared to the first game.
(still a really good game though).


Lots of threads about this already, most people agree.

Lack of polish and the substantial amount of bugs are thankfully being addressed but a statement from the devs anywhere would help consumer relations since they haven’t really acknowledged how many problems there are and have been apart from in patch notes.

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V2 is an early access masqueraded as a ready release.


Sorry, i’am not really active in this forum. Didn’t noticed there where that many threads about this topic.

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It’s still fully enjoyable/playable. Fatshark’s been rolling out patch after patch. I also think the added enemies and abilities make this game a lot harder to stabilize over vmt1.

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It is a beta. Literally theres a beta branch right now.

The funny thing is you’re only scratching the surface.

I wouldn’t give it the dignity of calling it an early access game. It plays like an alpha, the fundamentals mostly work, but not consistently. Most early access games I’ve played have at the very least functioned pretty consistently, whereas V2 just doesn’t even work half the time. Not to mention every patch meant to fix things either flat out doesn’t or introduces 30 new bugs. The game is a disaster. It’s fun as hell, but it SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED at all evenin the current state. It needed an 8 month delay so Fatshark could have gotten their sh@t together.


No, it’s not. I can understand your frustration, i also think that the game could have used some more time in the oven, but neither me or any of my friends would have played it for 350 hours if it was a “disaster”. It requires more content and balancing, but it’s not a bad game.

The fact that is fun is proof enough of the qualities of the game.

Being fun doesn’t preclude it from being a disaster. Let’s be honest. A lot of our hours are wasted due to end level crashes, gamebreaking bugs, and other bs.


Then we have a different opinion on what a “disaster” is.

While these issues can be found, they don’t happend on a regular bases. A lot people on this forum are trying to paint this game as an unplayable mess, when in reality it plays mostly fine. Yes, i’ve encountered a few bugs and glitches during my almost 400 hours of play time, but i’ve been playing the game again the last week or so, and still have to find any “end level crashes, gamebreaking bugs, and other bs”. Im not saying that they don’t exist, but they are definitely not a common occurrence. At least from what me and my friends have played

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“It plays fine for me so I’m going to dismiss the multitude of posts from a wide variety of users who have valid and often quite serious complaints.”

If you don’t consider a sudden downturn in review scores and a vanishing player base to be signs that things aren’t as rosy as you presume, I question your taste and judgment. Telling FS that everything is fine when it’s not doesn’t help them, the game, or the community.


Bugs don’t matter that much on their own. Add half-baked crafting that takes forever, piles of time-wasting “features”(I love it when I get 75% of the generals bar filled and the last 25% when given by Ranald goes super slow and slows down the closer to the end of the bar it is, because “suspense”). Issues don’t happen on a regular basis?Don’t make me laugh. There’s silent patrols in more than half of my games, not to mention a bunch of randomly generated bugs ranging from UI glitches, through unsuspected damage spikes, teleporting bosses and mid level disconnects.

Game is playable. Most early access games are playable. That doesn’t mean shiz. I honestly wouldn’t be so upset about VT2 if it weren’t for the gull the developers have calling it a “full release”. It’s straight out unfinished, the patches have absolutely no direction and it seems the devs have absolutely no clue what to do with the game.

Please, rationale to me the removal of roadmap or the most recent weapon/class tweaks.

It’d be interesting, because so far even the devs can’t give an explanation to it.

You are speaking with a guy that has made ONLY 2 posts, both of which critiqued pretty harshly both the game and the developers, so no, im not “Telling FS that everything is fine.” But im also not telling them that their game is s*it and unplayable, why? Because it isn’t.

Have you even read my post? Im not saying that they dont exist, but if i play 20 matches and in one of them i get crash, im not gonna go on the forums and create an overly aggressive post saying how bad the game is. They exist, and they should be reported, with calm and logic.

Dude you literally just asserted that the issues people are constantly reporting,

Based solely on your group’s own, isolated experience:

So despite you admittedly having no perspective on the matters being reported you’re somehow knowledgeable enough about them to be dismissive and condescending. Your game isn’t as buggy as other people? Cool story bro… What about that do you think gives you the clairvoyance to tell everyone else their game is fine after they go 10 straight hours without a run that doesn’t have massive, game breaking issues?

You could have just said, “I’ve not had any issues.” By going with, “you’re all wrong/exaggerating because I don’t have any issues,” how did you expect people to react? Do you also think no one anywhere can be hungry because you have enough to eat? Every match is rolling the dice as to what bugs one might encounter.

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I agree, and i’ve made two posts about it as well.

Call me a lucky bastard, but i haven’t had a silent patrol in quite a while. But i do agree, if they still are a problem, then they REALLY need to get their s*it together and fix them.

Yeah that’s pretty suspicious, and i cant “rationale” an answer for you, why? Im not a dev, i dont know the ins and outs of the company, so all i can offer is a theory, which is that they simply couldn’t meet the deadlines.

Well i shared my prospective, if you got offended im sorry, it wasn’t what I meant. Also, don’t strawman my statement, i’ve said several times that those bugs exist, but perfection doesn’t. Also yes, people exaggerating, and in this thread alone, i’ve gotten more then enough statements to see that its true.

People aren’t exaggerating man, you’re just luckier than others in that you haven’t had to deal with as much crap from the game. E.g… For the entirety of 1.0.6, my game was completely bugged. Every other day, groups I’m in will get a crashed host, or I’ll crash. More times than I can count I’ve spent 10hrs playing without a single, unbuggy run. Every day, there are multiple enemy/director bugs costing runs or making runs take way longer than needed. 25-50% of endgame time is just burnt hours due to the game not being finished.

The game was advertised as a finished product but the product we got, on top of being a buggy mess, still doesn’t even have everything advertised.

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I think they are:

And more.

During 1.0.6 my game was pretty bugged as well. But it has gotten better, a lot better.

Yeah, lol i actually made a video about it, sometimes it can be quite hilarious.

V2 has more bugs and performance issues than any any early access game I’ve ever played.