V2 is now at Mixed on Steam

Not sure how I feel about that.

On one hand, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game (nearing 300 hours), it does a lot of things right and can be very fun when it works well.

On the other hand, we are now almost at 2 months after the game launched and the game still has problems, such as:

  • Still no dedicated servers

  • Still no mod support

  • Still has a UI that seems to make a point of NOT giving you information

  • Bots are not useful at all

  • We still have some broken talents or abilities that conflict/negate each other, but there’s currently no way of knowing this unless modders tell us

  • Still next to no cosmetics

  • Still nothing to decorate your keep with (which they did advertise as being in the game at launch)

  • Still lots of performance issues (although it’s better than before)

I know there’s the huge 22gb patch coming, but it’s just a beta of the patch, it’s not live yet.

I’m not sure that Vermintide 2 is quite deserving of a “mixed” review, but I do think it might help wake Fatshark up that they have pretty badly, IMO, dropped the ball on launching this game.

I can’t speak for all of you vets from V1 or newcomers who enjoy V2, only myself, but I probably won’t be touching V2 until they fix more of this.

They really should have just released the game in some kind of beta state/early access. I’m sure most of us would have been fine with that and at least then they would have a legit reason for there being so many issues with the game.

A released game will always have some bugs but this is getting ridiculous. V1 had a really rough launch, so you’d think that they’d have figured out how to properly make a video game and sell it without having to use false advertising to sell copies, because again, we still don’t have some of the things that were supposed to be at launch, like Keep decorations and such.

This is getting ridiculous, and if worse comes to worst, I’m refunding the game through steam, and I will say that the game was falsely advertising some features to sell copies.

When your game outsells it’s predecessor’s lifetime sales in a matter of weeks, with the peak players at over 70,000 at one time, and now dropping to 9000 peak and 4000 currently online, you honestly should take a step back and look at yourselves.


The game is amazing and it will only get better. Take a break from it and come back in a few months or wait todays beta branch patch.

I bet most people who really enjoy the game dont leave positive steam ratings nor do they care that they are now “mixed”.


I am sorry to say that, but people and companies fail from time to time… well, more like here and there. This is how life works.


A company having a bumpy start vs literally advertising things that aren’t actually in-game are 2 very different things, friends. You don’t go to buy a Pepsi only to open it up and it’s Sprite. That’s called False Advertising. You advertised one thing, I paid for that said thing being advertised, and then what was advertised was not what was being sold. I can understand slow starts and bumpy beginnings, this isn’t that.


I’m impressed of that bots, they are very smart. No kidding, they just need prioritet for tomes

bots are better than some players lol. they block, engage enemies that try to backstab, snipe targets, and have the added ability to teleport to your location if you are too far away =)

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believe me, since V1 they haven’t gotten much better, granted they use to just stand over you and not rez way back when, but the point is that, just because they have amazing accuracy, due to them being, well, I don’t know, bots and all that jazz, that doesn’t excuse the point that they just don’t do anything useful, they stir up hordes unnecessarily, they refuse to pick up health items and tomes, one or the other, they don’t when you need them to heal and they also heal when it was just a waste, they often just stand there and let themselves get hit, not blocking, no pinging, the list goes on and on…

They always said that those will arrive a bit after launch, they released the roadmap for this…

Not sure this would have helped, lots of people hate the “early access” games


Curious: What did you expect? This is not a comment on the quality of the game at all, I think. It is quite normal for a FotM game on Steam to rapidly drop numbers after launch and frankly I don’t think VT is the type of game that will keep majority of gamers engaged for months.

Can we say that the numbers would be vastly different if the game was more polished?

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-A roadmap which has already passed the dates. We were supposed to have mods already and DLC. In April.

-This game might as well have been called early access, because that’s what it feels like to me.

-False advertising is what it is. They advertised something isn’t there, and we paid for it. Plain and simple.


wow. just wow.

tough life as a game dev, having to meet impossible standards now.


Yes, I can. Personally, friends of mien who were vets to this franchise, who have been there since V1, have stopped playing due to how they feel the game is unpolished. So from my personal experience, and using logic, a more polished game would have more concurrent players. Just look at Warframe, very bad at launch but over time, with more polish, it ultimately has garnered over 50,000 concurrent players.

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The release window extends well into May. Why do you think they defined the release as a window extending into May if they intended to promise mods to come in April?

Roadmap here: http://www.vermintide.com/roadmap/

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Not sure you know how to read a roadmap…
The blue bar means “this thing will arrive in a period of time between april and end of may, when is ready”
Not “Will be ready at the beginning of the blue bar”

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Then why not just say May? Why even include April if they know that they won’t ship it until then?

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What indication we have that they knew they couldn’t ship it in April? Maybe they tried, but couldn’t. Who knows.

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Is it an impossible standard to expect things to WORK the way they SHOULD and are clearly not when the game releases while it had a beta period with public testing? Just a small example, zealot’s passive “heavy attacks cannot be interrupted” flat out does not work. They acknowledged it a long time ago, no fix to date. Hopefully with today’s 22gb beta patch.
There are more things here and there, some minor, some not so much. Like bile trolls getting stuck somewhere and not going through their whole recovery animation when brought to half HP, meaning they are unkillable while they block you with the green mist. Players getting stuck with no hope of recovering without leaving. Today my friend fell through the floor of the first lifting platform on skittergate, was in hanging off a cliff animation. When we picked him up and reached the bottom, he took alot of damage for no reason.


Maybe A) The devs felt it was ready to be shipped or B) Annual earnings report is in April/May.

I guess nowadays, expecting a game to work properly is asking too much. Weird because I can go back to old video games for PS2 or Xbox or any Nintendo console, and they aren’t even as broken as this. Last time I checked, Super Mario Sunshine doesn’t crash randomly, doesn’t have character abilities that straight up don’t work, and doesn’t have stuff advertised on the box that isn’t in the game.


Yea because all these old games are way simpler. Last time I checked they didnt look as good, and were not as complex.

You are just arguing for the sake of arguing, please stop.

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